Friday, April 08, 2011

Fund the Soldiers or Kill the Babies? Mmmmmm

Nobody Wins: America was worked up to a gurgling great-bellied political tizzy today. All the networks acted as if it was the end of our world as we know it if a budget wasn't passed by midnight. It came down to: Should we keep paying the boys overseas to die for freedom in the Middle East (and hopes that democracy will spread in Bush's 50 years), or continue to pay for the one abortion every 95 seconds going on at Planned Parenthood, which needs only a meager $363.2 million a year to save women lives. (unless they happen to be unborn women that is.) Heeellloooo? If you picked Planned Parenthood to be funded over our troops, then maybe you should consider: What exactly is your purpose on this planet? Go ahead, there are LOTS of books out there to help you. I don't get it. The last two times the "budget" wasn't passed was because the Democrats just didn't feel it was worth even doing---Nobody Cared at all. But today, it was made into the greatest Congressional fight since Ali and Frazier: A fight brought on by the tea party, who want to end all life on the planet. Yes, and Harry Reid's wife, daughter, and great granddaughters just might die. He pretty much said as much late into the wee hours before the final vote, which got them to throw out the question of whether or not to fund that lover of life and liberty..Planned Parenthood, and talk about it some other day. The old Scarlett O'Hara ploy. I guess Harry just can't afford good insurance on his wife and daughter. They HAVE to go to Planned Parenthood, he's so poor...wait...I'm sure Harry's family is on his really great Congressional Health Plan, so why all this worry about Planned Parenthood? Did Harry Reid just LIE to the American people? Sure he did. And he not getting any better at it. And excuse me...Doesn't Obamacare provide all the very same things that Planned Parenthood does? Why are we funding two programs? Somewhere in the middle of the afternoon...Harry Reid gave it another shot. He scowled and gave his best and most scariest warning: The Cherry Tree Festival...might not go on. OH NO...not that! Anything but that! Minute by minute panic buttons were being pressed and Americans were told that, all the parks would close down, you would not get your tax refunds until 2033, and all non-essential people would not get paid, which in real life means, two-thirds of all governmental workers, and all of Congress and our President. Everyone would still work, just not get a's their progressive dream. We'd just all start bartering, tennis shoes, IPODS, and garden vegetables. Alex Baldwin would have to actually shut-up. The drama continued to build throughout the day...Congressmen and women all giving their opinions on the hard work and frustration...each party blaming the other.
Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) said [Thursday] that the new Republicans elected to the House of Representatives last November came to Congress “to kill women.” She also likened Republican efforts to prohibit federal funding of abortion except in cases of rape, incest or where the life of the mother is endangered to actions taken by Nazis. And she voted for Obamacare because she thinks the idea of a small panel of people deciding who gets to live and who needs to die is just a wonderful way to practice democracy. (Okay, I said that last sentence)
In the the 11th hour..the whole show was done in dramatic fashion. They, the great Congress, came up with a total of $38 million to cut...which is like me telling Bill Gates that I will give him a down payment of one dollar for Microsoft.

Joseph Farrah explains it this way... • 1 million seconds equals 12 days • 1 billion seconds equals 32 years; • 1 trillion seconds equals 32,000 years.

We are 14.7 trillion in debt. Let's put them all on American Idol and make them sing.

Harry Reid gave himself a victory dance tonight. But this nobody saw a great dog and pony show, that made you think your congress was working really hard folks--- Trust us, we did a fantastic job of sending out cronies hour by hour to built up to the final moment of ...YES...we agreed on something! Please love us again!

They are all in so much do-do they can't get out of it...might as well put on the old political show to make the masses think something is REALLY going to change. I wouldn't doubt it if they were all playing cards all day.

"Ah...come on. One more game...let them all anticipate it. They will be so happy when we don't shut it down...Come on're turn to deal."

Yes, Harry is happy tonight. "This is historic, what we've done," said Harry Reid.

I agree Harry....historically idiotic even for you.

I'm going to go have a cup of hot tea.


Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Glenn Beck & Alex Jones: Two Frogs in a Pond of Conspiracy

Nobody's Fool: Glenn Beck, one of the most popular pundits on all of cable land announced that his program, The Glenn Beck Show, will be ending this year, and he is not giving out much other information about it. more chalkboards? The news came as a shock for those of us who watch his program. Nice words came from both the Fox management and Glenn on the decision, so we are left to wonder..what happened? Did the FOX Saudi stock holders say, "that's enough?" Does Glenn see an opportunity to make more money launching his own cable network? Or is it because he needs a rest since he has been working at breakneck speed and his body wants a break? I suspect: all of the above. The one thing you can count on is Glenn will not stop at whatever he has planned. He's not going away, but will probably go to a cable channel of his own. I see a Ted Turner Beck coming around the corner...which might be good, or bad, because Glenn is not exactly "fair and balanced"--- he is not a newsman. He's a person who trying to put the world together in his mind...and while he doesn't always get it right (as in the 'birther' situation) his enthusiasm alone gets him attention. His ratings have dropped. I stopped watching him because he was talking too much about God, not that I don't like God, but no one on the planet knows what 'god' thinks, not even Glenn Beck. Also, he was relentless about the horror that is coming our way. Plant a garden. Start going back to grandma's way...can your own food. He's a step away from telling us all dig for oil. Tell me, if we get attacked tomorrow...and I had already gone out and planted green peppers, my green peppers won't be ready in a couple of months...Yeah, I can hold out--plastic flower salads might get me through. My point is, Americans, no matter how real the dangers, are having enough trouble just wondering what to have for dinner that night. All our lives, we have been spoiled...we can't believe that nothing bad will happen to us. Robinson Crusoe, while a great book, is just not an American concept. Glenn, just recently, has figured out about the "global world government" that many of our richest leaders have been trying to enforce and put in place. George Soros right now, is holding another Britten Woods II,--"lets' control the media, the money and the world" ---right out in the open. I was rather pleased to hear Glenn talk about the Muslims wanting to take over America. I was also glad to hear him finally get on the "global' subject, because it's the reason I started blogging in 2005. One day I just woke up and saw the danger in the globalists, and that was because I had been listening to Alex Jones late at night on Coast to Coast...loooooog before Glenn. When I first heard Alex, I could not believe some of the things he was saying. He was a lot like Glenn Beck in that respect. He was putting puzzle pieces together and just wanted to tell the world what he was finding out, and it wasn't good. Like Glenn, Alex brings his heartfelt concern with what he finds out.--- he is out to warn the world that all is not what it seems. And Glenn, sometimes gets it wrong--- they are only human. Don't we all? At the time, Alex accused George W. Bush of being somewhat...let's just say, a man working for "global" interests. And then he said our government met in secret places every year, in the woods, and dressed up in robes, and met in cabins to discuss us all. Baloney I thought!--- Until I saw the proof on video. You know, it's one thing to know that our leaders are meeting in the halls of Congress. It's another thing to see them met in so much in secret, like the G8, (now 20)the Bilderberg meetings, and the special private meetings with lobbyists down the street of the White House. Obama does this secret meeting stuff all the time outside of the White House, so he can say he isn't meeting with lobbyists and there is no record of it. see them dressed up in robes and praising a giant really have to wonder...WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? The other day, I was listening to a very angry Alex Jones, who was complaining, and rightly so, that Glenn Beck had stolen all his hard work...the work and research that took him years to compile, and Glenn was using it on his show, and not given him any credit at all for it. Well, that's exactly how many recording artists felt when millions of people downloaded their songs without paying a nickel, when Napster was all the rage. It's a brave new internet world, where copyrights, and ideas can be taken, rehashed, posted, played, enjoyed, all with the click of a mouse, and one man builds on another man's sweat. And I agree...Glenn should give him at least a shout-out. In journalism, you are not suppose to take more than a few paragraph of another's work, without giving credit to the author, and I have to admit, Glenn Beck has got a lot from Alex Jones. I've also heard Michal Savage complain about the "stealing" of his ideas. The good news is: Alex Jones is finally coming up in the world. He has a great website, and a spot on Drudge. He got some exposure on Jesse Ventura's TV program. On the other hand, Glenn is taking Alex's work and spreading out to the people that don't listen to Alex Jones. In the end, the more people know, the more we can make plans on what to do. And the man, who should get the MOST George Noory. Nobody talks about him too much, but George has orchestrated it all...presenting every conspiracy, political, or not on his show. Trouble is...his show, Coast to Coast, is on at night while everyone is sleeping... And he is now the number one radio host...beating out even Rush Limbaugh. Oh, you didn't know that? the words of Fox Molder...The Truth is Out just have to kiss a lot of frogs to find it. ..rrrrrrrribbbbit. Glenn Beck, the ultimate frog horn of alarm...will not stay gone for long. Unless...he knows something we don't, and he's planning on hiding in some bunker. And in that case...I'm listening to as many frogs as I can find. Yes, follow the frogs. I hear they have a nice one at the Pentagon now, and that's another conspricay that NO one will EVER figure out.


Monday, April 04, 2011

Nobody's Perfect: Obama the Executioner VS Hillary the Hun

Nobody's Perfect: It was hard not to comment on the fabulous failure of Charlie Sheen's road show this week. It was also hard not to celebrate the retirement of Katie Couric from the CBS nightly news, but, I found these two flaming pilgrims mere twits on a baby's dimpled butt-cheek compared to the real life mistakes of our big and bold socialist leaders. Obama makes the list again this week, (I cannot seem to keep him off) but he has good company in our favorite gal about the world, Hillary Clinton. Most of us have noticed that for the FIRST time in Obama's administration, Hillary Clinton has been on the front lines running the United States in foreign affairs in the East because, if there is a mistake made, Obama can blame her. Hillary, the maniacal man-hater, has found one man she wants to stick up for: Assad of Syria. Assad has killed 40,000 of his own people in Lebanon (according to WIKIPEDIA) ...which puts him right up there with Saddam, but Hillary said that Assad is a "reformer." In other words, when his people rose up against him recently, she stuck up for him. Now, does this have ANYTHING to do with the Golan Heights that Israel won far and square after being attacked by Syria in the Yom Kipper War? Is this against the Jews--- because this is land that Obama would like Israel to give back? Or is it because satellite images project plutonian in Syria? This from Charles Krauthammer:
Clinton's statement is morally obtuse. Here are people demonstrating against a dictatorship that repeatedly uses live fire on its own people, a regime that in 1982 killed 20,000 in Hama and then paved the dead over. Here are insanely courageous people demanding reform---the the U.S. secretary of state tells the world that the thug ordering and shooting of innocents already is a reformer, thus effectively endorsing the Baath party line---"We are all reformers," Assad told parliament---and undermine the demonstrators" cause.
Hillary is no pimp of piety. Obviously she was told to stick up for Assad by her boss. And speaking of her boss, Hillary's racking mistake is nothing compared to her boss's decision, made today, that...well ..I'll just keep Gitmo opened and those terrorist that I said I would put on trial in New York, are going to be tried by military court. He announced this absurd reversal on the same day he said he was running for reelection, which of course reminded everyone how he had promised to close Gitmo on his first day in office, and how he lobbied hard to give a "fair trial" to the terrorists of 9/11 in New York, causing more years of extreme heartache to all those that suffered on that day. Obama's political instincts are sharp and so, he passed the buck of blame on this to Eric Holder. Bob Holder said this in a press conference: "Do I know better than them? Yes. I respect their ability to disagree but they should respect that this is an executive branch function, a unique executive branch function," Obama has a lot of "executive branch functions" doesn't he? In other words, a dictator can branch out as many functions as he seems fit. No wonder he likes Assad. Obama's Youtube reelection video was so lame, that you would actually think MR. Perfect wants to lose. Or, is he just waiting for the big moment to recapture his popularity? Nobody thinks, with these two running the show, Obama might never have to run for reelectoin ever again.


Sunday, April 03, 2011

Nobody's Opinion I was flushing around in an old 1995 book I had in my library today called, The Practical Guide to Practically Everything, when I came across the Chapter on Careers:

Here's what it said, and I'm NOT making this up:

THE YEAR AHEAD: BE PREPARED for more job turmoil, less job security. .. Remember, in 1995, Bill Clinton was President, and the economy, according to everyone at the time was the best it had ever been. Yes, Bill Clinton, it was being reported daily, had bought down our deficit and gave us a surplus, the first in years! So...Why does this say, in 1995, that there will be more job turmoil? How did this guy know?

He knew.

ADVOID manufacturing jobs, which will continue to slump...

Okay, how did they know that? This is 1995, BEFORE the big crash. It's almost as if this guy KNEW the plan coming, and was really telling us what to do. Trump is right. We have no manufacturing here, and it's been slowly dissipating for many years due to our fine officials in Washington, who did not protect our manufacturing base, which every other country in the world does but us.

It was suicidal, so why?

The biggest employer is our government, and those that work for the government just manufacture huge, gargantuan salaries--- among other nefarious things. But to write this in 1995?

They knew.

SEEK out jobs in the fast-growing service sector.

Now you get the feeling they were purposely taking all of America to a 'service' economy for some ultimate far-off goal. This was not the FIRST time I had read that the United States of America would become a "service" economy..KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, K-Mart, Wal-Mart--- there are mostly only service jobs now in the private sector. I had been reading about us becoming a service job economy for many years in various career books in the libraries as far back as 1990. Most of the "service' jobs now, are in the government.

It was like they were preparing the masses, to know, that in the future..America would be just "service.' No manufacturing. Let those Chinese do it. We've decided.

They knew.

APPLY for an internship to land a job...

While working free for a short time is nothing new, it has been taken to fine art. Arianna Huffington just got reprimanded for not paying her many writers on her Huffington Post. Volunteering is the new mantra...don't get paid...donate all your services for free. Be a good person. Cleverly they are using the churches to push this "we want free slaves" idea. How many jobs nowadays have internships besides the government? Enquiring minds want to know.

DON'T EXPECT more than a 4 percent raise...

How about, don't expect any raises? How about--- expect to lose your job sometime soon and then work the rest of your life at a part- time job?

PROTEST because women still earn less than men...

Oh please...this one is getting old. But it's the new/too old, feminist agenda. A lot of women in America make MORE money than the men, at least around my neighborhood. They are destroying the "men's' jobs, which are mostly in construction, and that we will have a nation of women at work, in 'service' jobs, and not at home raising kids. Send those liberal bleeding hearts to Afghanistan, they need women workers there.

ANTICIPATE fewer perks... Fewer perks? Is no more eating out, taking vacations, buying new cars, sending the kids to college, going to movies, etc... considered a perk? I don't know too many people riding in Limo's.

Forget the perks, unless you're on welfare, then you can take that trip to Las Vegas.

SURF the Internet for new job listings...

Charlie Sheen is looking for Warriors who can hold machete's..tweet him.

DON'T ANSWER every question at a job interview..

This means, do not, under any circumstances whatsoever, tell the interviewer you are a tea party patriot or a birther. In the words of Professor Dumbledore...The consequences could be severe.

RELAX if you get fired.

If you are any color but white, you have no worries. The government will take care of you. (Wait, my cousin is white and the government has supported her and her three kids, and her grandchildren for just about forever.) have to be lazy, and dishonest. I will say...'If you are lazy and dishonest." relax...get fired.

BUT...If you are white, you are to become an extinct species...and if you don't believe me, look up any information on how the white man is going to be the minority by the year 2025. They are TELLING you now, just so you know.

They warned you back in 1995, so they are warning you now.

What's next? My advice is to watch as much Sci-Fi as you can, and Glenn Beck. We are being shown night after night that most of America is going to be attacked, by comets, sunspots, ice storms, global warming, the 12th Imam, weather manipulation, Lindsay Lohan, when it good boys and girls and do whatever the authorities tell you. I guess they now know, no one is reading 2011's "Practical Guide to Practically Anything" because if they were... They would be not only trying to get fired, but would be volunteering to work for FEMA's food services, in order to be ready for 2025. America going to be destroyed in 2012? I need a new guide book. .