Friday, December 11, 2009

My Captain Kirk Moment

Nobody Reports: Captain Kirk is obviously expressing all the thoughts in every nobody head in the world...just pick your subject.
First off, America has been overtaken by a cartel of Chicago communists. Lead by a raciest President that by all accounts was put in power with the help of the Federal Reserve, George Soros, and our last main street America is forced to sit and watch their country go into some kind of cyberspace globalized 1984...time warp come true. Anyone over 55 and sick, will just have to get sick and die.
Second place: Must we be forced to examine Tiger Woods multi-superhuman sex life every single second of our lives? Do we HAVE to hear about every single famous person who commits adultery just because it keeps us from noticing that our country and our futures are being stolen right before our powerless eyes on the weekends and midnight?
Third Place; How often do we have to put up with all our favorite sitcom TV characters putting down conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin? And how about all that clever new homosexual kissing being done all over the TV, written into primetime scripts so the kids can see? How much do they have to use nudity to get you to watch their programs? And how about those vaccine alerts every minute of the day?
Is there anyone else in the world but me that thinks Sex in the City is...BORING?
Fourth place: How often must we watch any President get off and on Air Force One? Our Presidents are now KINGS. They start wars without Congress, appoint Czars without Congress, and have more control than any King George ever dreamed of...when does that stop? Huh?
And speaking of Congress....who ARE these people?
Maybe we should all make a sign with that wonderful saying on it...and just take over the Capitol, the White House, and the Supreme Court and start over. Just have millions surround the place, and demand they get out.
I mean really...the whole place is completely hopelessly...ruined.
Okay--- my Scrooge moment is over...WTF.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Are You Maggots Pulsating with the Other Masses?

Nobody Wins: Dear fellow Maggots:
China, Canada, and John Holden now all say the earth is too full of people. It's disgusting. In fact, to the rich elites, we...the people of the earth...are like...maggots. In fact, John even suggest we are "pulsating."
Now, which of the above pictures best describes, "Pulsating mass of maggots"? Those are the exact words that the elites are using to describe the masses of unwanted people ruining their lovely planet...thereby, making less room for that wonderful new oceanic species of...floating flub to exist.
Or is that actually, Barbara Boxer's floating vagina? I'm not sure.
I love it. James Corsi, one of my favorite fighters for Truth and the American Way, has written an excellent article on WorldNewsDaily about the beliefs of Our Obama King Tut 'I'm the Commander in Nobel Peace Prize Chief's" science advisor...John Holdren.
You see, this guy is right out of some Nazi's playbook. He thinks the main problem with the earth is that there are just too many "maggots" on it, and government needs to limit people to having more than one kid. In fact, he thinks, like the Nazi's, that "undesirables" should not even be allowed to reproduce.
I might agree with him...when it comes to all the undesirables in our government, but judging by the size of the Kennedy and the Bush family alone, it's a little late to prevent them from messing up the planet.
Anyway, here's a few of my favorite quotes from John, and my usual Nobody's Opinion:

"Whenever several persons live together in a small area, rules of behavior are necessary. Just as we have rules designed to keep us from killing one another with our automobiles, so there must be rules that keep us from killing one another with our fluctuating breeding habits and with our lack of attention to the soundness of our individual genetic stock

NOBODY Says: "fluctuating breeding habits? How do you fluctuated your breeding? Is this a new position? Does he mean that you shouldn't "interbreed?" Am I going to kill you with my "fluctuating?" Is this like Black Friday at the mall? Is fluctuating breeding like fluctuating your shopping? That's the trouble with fascist liberal Nazi's, they speak in nano-nonsense.

Also, what does he mean by "individual genetic stock?" That's too scary. This means they will allow only the elites, who are from the rich and famous "individual stock" to breed. The rest of us maggots should just be drowned, much like puppies and kittens.

Here's another one of the great John Holden's remarks:

"if we cared little for human emotions and were willing to introduce a procedure which most of us would consider to be reprehensible in the extreme, all excess children could be disposed of much as excess puppies and kittens are disposed of at the present time."

Nobody says: "Excess children?!"

See, I told ya. If only these elites could just get rid of that "emotion" that you get from having to actually "kill" other people, making a rational decision, that killing many millions of people could actually save the planet,---he'd feel so much better.

Right now, I'm thinking Dick Cheney should be planning a military coup, and get rid of the cockroaches in the White House, starting with one John Holdren.

The bugs are everywhere!

Good wonder Obamatut is giving noble right wing speeches on "war." Just the fact that this guy is a friend of Obama, never mind that he is his 'science" advisor, should prove that Hitler has been reborn...and if getting rid of people is on their minds...

I suggest we all start buying some cows to bury ourselves the maggots that we are.

Or, I have a better idea--- maybe the maggots should just take over the White House.

LONG LIVE THE MAGGOTS! Let's have a maggot revolution! Invite the ladybugs, and some caterpillars, and wasps, and flees, and ticks...some poisonous spiders,...a few snakes...

I'm starting to pulsate!


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Nobody Reports Global Masks

Nobody Reports: Finally, some action has come out of the billionaires at the Copenhagen meetings on Global warming....
The United States has declared that most abundant gas, carbon monoxide, to be a dangerous pollutant, and to prove that we mean to curb our heavy breathing, we have asked Tiger Woods to try not to have so much sex---
And also, we have agreed to put masks on all the Presidents on Mt. Rushmore, whose large exhales of carbon monoxide has been found to be melting ice caps and send them hurling into the continent of Australia. Sorry about that guys.
These masks will also be an inspiration to a nation of polluters..and "President Obama" hopes this will be the beginning of a global participation in masks, to be worn by all living animals, human and otherwise.
A global mask tax has been suggested to help those who just cannot afford a mask, pay for them.
Anyone who is caught without a mask on will be subject to a heavy fine, and a trial at the global international court of "global warming crimes." Al Gore has personally ordered a criminal court building to be erected, run by solar energy of course, and to be ready by 2010.
The taxes raised from the sales of these masks will more than cover all the carbon footprints caused by the elites this year, and they hope to raise another billion to cover expenses next year...which is rumored to be held again in Copenhagen thanks to the generous contribution of the local prostitutes.
A lot of exhaling will be going this is a step to progress!
It's good to see something coming out of all those great minds, don't you think?
(Nobody makes this stuff up.)


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Barbara Boxer...Mental Case

Nobody Knows: When you live in a country, where a "senator" named Barbara Boxer makes this idiot statement---

"Denying women abortion coverage is like denying men Viagra."
---You have to wonder just how many millions of people in that country think that statement has any logic whatsoever, and if there ARE millions that see "logic" in it, then we are surely doomed to be destroyed by aliens, and I'd say very soon too, because any aliens worth his salt would be and rightly so, that with leaders like Barbara Boxer being so incredible stupid, the planet Earth might be a danger to the universe...our leaders alone are making a major toxic mess, and the people just can't seem to control them.

First place, no one is denying women abortions. Abortions are legal here. Most everyone, who wants to, will FIND the money for an abortion. But, forcing others to pay for abortions, is downright criminal. Boxer wants you to think it's part of being "healthy." Like a part of health care. Like removing a tooth.

Second place, Viagra is a drug..costs about seven dollars. How anyone can compare a drug to a baby is beyond human comprehension, but that's how long and hard this propaganda feminist brain-washing has been going on.

If Barbara Boxer believes its the "women's right to choose" then she should stick to that. It may be the woman's right to choose, (by that argument) but it's NOT the women's right to make others pay for it.


Monday, December 07, 2009

The Perfection of Whitey Ball

Nobody’s Perfect: It was the bottom of the ninth…Kansas City…1985 World Series, game six between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Kansas City Royals. Whitey Herzog’s boys were about to win the World Series again for him. We had Ozzie, and Willie McGee, the great Jack Clark, and the perfect John Tutor. Not to mention probably one of the best second basemen ever to play the game, Tommy Herr.

There was a hit, and a “missed” call by an umpire whose name would go down in history as the worse call ever made by an umpire…Don Denkinger. The game would have been over, and the World Series won, if not for that call.

I remember it well. The year was 1985, and I had a big crush on the first baseman, Jack Clark. A replay showed that the ball thrown by Jack Clark to the pitcher Todd Worrell was in time. The batter was out. But the umpire called it safe, and the Royals went on to win the game. The psychological damage caused by that one terrible call, was so overwhelming that the Cardinals mentally gave up and lost the next game by 11-0.

Not even the great Whitey Herzog could muster the boys after such a criminal act.

Herzog, the Cardinals beloved coach, argued the call relentlessly, but to no avail. Jack Clark went into the dugout, took a bat, and demolished whole toilets off the locker room walls, or so it was rumored.

Everyone who watched that call knew it was wrong. Replays plainly showed the umpire's mistake. The Cardinals by all accounts had won. But, all it took was one man to steal it from them.

Was Denkinger paid off? Well, my dad always told me that some times baseball was fixed, and he would know. He used to work at the race tracks taking bets…and told many a story of how the rich always fixed the games. Any game, any sport. He quit that job because he just couldn’t do it any more. And that was years before…

But I want to say something about the great news today…that Whitey Herzog, a man who had coached the Royals, Rangers, Angels, and the Cardinals for so many great seasons was finally nominated into Cooperstown, and it’s about frigging time!

Here in St. Louis, we had Joe Torre after Herzog retired. Let me tell you, Joe was no Whitey. Joe was boring compared to a Whitey game.

Herzog would not only get the boys to be the very best at what they did, he could take any baseball game, and make it just--- damn well, unbelievably exciting.

That man could entertain. There were double steals, surprises, perfect pitching, and of course, the REAL home run before the lines came in. Whitey played chess. He played the moment. He knew what the fans wanted, and he delivered every single time---and we all loved him.

He WAS a master---- of men, and baseball.

Whitey had four rules: 1. Be on time 2. Bust your butt 3. Play smart 4. Have some laughs while you’re at it.

And for this nobody fan, Herzog was more than perfect. I don’t have time to look up his stats…but I can say, that as I looked back on that time of my life, when every game seem to be a lesson in life, I was so lucky, to have spent a good portion of my life, hooked on Whitey Herzog baseball.

Whitey, I love ya. You are the man.

Not many people in this world can claim to be perfect at much of anything…but in my book; Whitey Herzog was just about as perfect a man and a coach as one human can attain to.

Congratulations on your induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame, Mr. Herzog!

Thanks for just being the very best, every single day of your life.

(Yeah, I know, I pretend that he can read me…give me a break, I’m tearing up.)


Sunday, December 06, 2009

Nobody Reports on a Monday: The Most Expensive Gift

Nobody Reports on a Monday:
I was running around doing Christmas shopping today, and so was the rest of the of course, we can all be assured that insidious and evil plans were being hacked out in Washington D.C. because Obama and his merry men, knew we are not paying attention.
But, we are AMERICANS! Why let that little nonsense bother us? Right?
While many of us were imitating Copenhagen's finest by running our gas guzzlers from store to store, a smart person would just go online to shop, which is where I found this.
Go ahead, wrap it up...I'll take it.
In fact...Tiger Woods might want to run right out and get at least ten of these things, as "please keep quiet" Christmas gifts, or maybe just get a box full. Evidently, his list is getting longer by the cell-phone minute.
And specking of phones, this is the most expensive IPHONE being sold, at $230,000 dollars, it's a real steal. Real diamonds in the logo's, and on the least 53 on the front alone...and 149 grams of solid gold.
What's not to love?
So,'s just a phone. And it is also a reminder that God was very wise in making me a lower, used to be middle-class woman, with little money to blow on nonsense, although I DID buy a statue today that I did not need in a million years---because it was one-of-a kind and only ten bucks.
I bought it because I just felt like it---And that's also why some rich globalist in Copenhagen is probably using this very call his wife from his hotel room, while the hookers are in the tub...
Because he just feels like it.
See? As Tiger says...we are all human. Some of us God just loves more.
I'll let you figure out who.