Friday, October 26, 2007

Nobody Likes Watson's I.Q Test

Nobody’s Opinion: Last week, James Watson, the Nobel-prize winner for his work on DNA made this statement:

“I am white and therefore genetically superior.”

No, that’s not what he said---actually he said he was “inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa because all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours---whereas all the testing says not really.”

Frankly, I’m glad someone brought up this subject. The bad news is instead of discussing it intelligently, everyone is too scared to even comment on it in this politically correct nation of, “do not offend” anyone.

Liberals are always on the side of science, that’s what they claim. And they scream “science!” to the hilltops when it comes to denying any kind of God. But when the science of Watson’s comment proves to be based on scientific fact, they unfairly silenced him.

But there’s more to this than meets the “racist” eye.

According to the scientific data based on the Bell Curve (Get the book.), Jews as a whole have the highest I.Q., the Chinese are second (fair warning America), the white European race third, and then the minorities.

And even though the scores have improved in our public school system, the minorities still score lower than the whites.

Which of course, brings the important question to just what is considered “intelligent”?

If you do not do well on an IQ test, does that mean you are dumb?

No, of course not. Look at all the blooming idiots teaching at Harvard with high IQ’s. Your local black janitor has more intelligence.

Now---as you look down at the earth from your “historical” Google telescope, the Jews are very smart, maybe due to their culture which forbid intermarriage for generations…but they were certainly not smart enough to walk away from Hitler’s ovens.

The Chinese have lived under communism for so long, they are happy to sleep in little cots and get up seven days a week and put Mickey Mouse on slippers---also not very bright. If they were so smart, why can’t they get out of that horrendous system?

The White European people, at this very moment, are just waking up from the slumber of Muslims taking over.
And Americans are not exactly the brightest bunch on the planet right now.

It really hits home when you realized that sometime while Americans were sleeping, the giant international globalists took over our whole government and decided to merge Mexico and America, and let us pay for it while they collected stock options and cushy jobs.

Sam Adams would just jump into the sea---forget the tea.

But, Thomas Sowell, a black man with an IQ higher than most of the people in Congress, has talked and written about this very issue for years. As he explains it, Africa was the only continent on the earth that was isolated for many years while the whole world was developing. The terrain of the continent made it tough for the people to actually be in much contact with the outside world---and the outside world had trouble getting in.

The fact that Africans are better at running, jumping, and winning basketball tournaments (it helps to be a genetic giant) is not hard to figure out if we are talking about evolution of any species’ survival. He also points out that Germans make the best beer.

Why are we all so afraid to talk about this stuff?

It’s also a fact that the white Anglo Saxon came up with the best political systems in the world. Genetically speaking, we could use a few less white lawyers.

But, let’s present another approach.

Harvard did a research suggesting seven primary intelligences; and here we can fill in some “black” names;

Linguistic; Condoleezza Rice, and the very loquacious Bob Parks.
Logical Mathematics; David Blackwell
Spatial: Spike Lee
Musical; Oh please!
Bodily-kinesthetic: Tiger Woods
Interpersonal; Clarence Thomas
Intrapersonal; Martin Luther King

Einstein once said, “Imagination is much more important than knowledge.”

In the end, we are all on a 'bell curve'. Some people are just smarter.

But as Watson has shown, even the most brilliant among us can be really stupid.

So, find out your genetic proclivity, use your imagination, work hard, and if you live in a free country….it’s pretty much an even field.

Historically speaking…freedom might just be more important than a nation’s IQ.

Elementary, my dear Watson.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

No Wonder We Can't Find bin Laden!

Nobody Flashes: Today, President George W. Bush, went to view the damage done by the fires in California, using the same binoculars that he uses when he is trying to find bin Laden.

"Hey, I think I see him!"

Some of us will miss that famous sense of humor of his.

Nobody's Perfect: Rudy Giuliani, who has always claimed to be a die-hard Yankee fan, is getting a lot of heat for coming out in support of the Boston Red-Sox to win in the World Series today. This statement has not gone over well in New York.

It was also reported that at one time, all the Mafia heads got together and tried to plan an assassination on Rudy, but it was stopped by one man. Whether this man was a Yankee fan, the FBI did not report---but Rudy did not forget to wear blue stripes as he made his annoucement
just in case.

Nobody Knows: If you are a lonely lady looking for a man, you need go no further than your local TravelLodge. The incidences of naked men walking around the hotels at night have significantly risen. (over 400 last year) Why this is happening, no one knows. They are saying it's probably due the stress of not being able to tap their feet in stalls anymore.

Nobody Cares: Even though only one in five women out of the whole US each year finishes the training to become an astronaut, and they comprise only 20% of the astronaut corps, for the first time in US history, there is a woman astronaut commanding the space shuttle, and a woman commanding the International Space station.

Hillary Clinton said she always wanted to be an astronaut. Bill Clinton pulled strings to get John Glenn up, even though he was too old to officially I'm sure Hillary used her clout as "most powerful woman in the United States next to Oprah" to manage this stunt, in order to promote the idea of "First woman President."

Frankly, I think we should grant her this wish, and none too soon, before it's too late. Let's put her on the next shuttle so she can be the first woman to Mars.

Nobody Wins; According to a recent survey, Americans are not getting enough sleep because we are all sitting up late at night worrying about our money and mortgage problems. That's why, on the same day, Charles Rangel (D-NY) has come out and suggested to raise taxes on the rich, so Americans can sleep again.

Nice to know the medical community and the Federal Government are getting their "messages" coordinated, isn't it?

Nobody's Fool: "I like to know what I'm doing" ---Mae West said, explaining the mirror over her bed.

It might have worked for her, but it would probably scare me to death. Give me those binoculars.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Evacuating Nobody Opinions of Fire

Nobody’s Opinion: Did you ever wake up on the right side of the bed, only to wish for the good old days when you woke up on the wrong side?

The headlines today said, “Biggest Evacuation in American History”. Over one million people, grabbing their horses, doggies, kids, spouses, pictures, and pup tents, are scrambling out of the way of the biggest fire ever set in southern California.

If you listen to the news, it’s not all that bad---really. Katrina was much worse.

Arnold Schwarzenegger the governor of California, and his wife Maria Shriver, did their best to ease the pain by asking for the thing all the politicians ask for after every disaster---send money.

Well, we all know what happened in Katrina when we sent money. It went somewhere. It was last seen heading for South America, via New Orleans.

Maybe it’s in representative Jefferson’s (D) fridge.

Charles E. Allen, the Chief of Intelligence at Homeland Security, warned us again today against an attack from bin-Laden and his boys, while at the same time it is reported that over 800 National Guards were taken off the border and sent to help fire victims.

Right. Smart. Start a fire, create a diversion, and get those nukes across without any trouble.

And if anyone dare suggest that pretty obvious scenario, you will be called a conspiracy nutcase, while Harry Reid, (D) today suggested that global warming is responsible for the fires.

No one called him a conspiracy nut.

What does he do again? Someone remind me. Guess he didn’t know that bin Laden is an Oxford educated engineer.

Not too long ago, everyone would be talking about what caused these fires, and who started them. Since it seems obvious to most everyone, that you can fool one person into believing that they were started by lighting, two people---that maybe a squirrel tripped over an electrical outlet after being kicked out of Goldie Hawn’s house, three or four people---that the Santa Ana Winds are being created by George Bush with a huge fan blower out in the ocean---but you can’t fool all of the people of California...not this time.

I imagine this time an awful lot of “environmental” guru’s who have lost their homes and their Porsches will maybe get some guts and say, “To hell with the extinct rats.”

Still---no one is asking the most important question of all…is this a terrorist act? Is this arson? Did you get those criminals on your cameras? We are into the third day.

San Diego had a “normal” fire in 2003, someone said. What they don’t say is that fires of this magnitude were never “normal” before. They stated happening during Bill Clinton’s Presidency.
That’s when the earth titled.

The last year Clinton was in office, half of the United States was up in flames. Remember the terrible fires at Los Alamos? Did anyone see Sandy Berger walking around with stuffed underwear? They didn’t make a big deal out of it then, either.

And when Katrina hit, there was a record thirteen hurricanes that year, as if someone was driving hurricane golf balls and just trying to get it in the hole. How strange—to hear reported this week that the technology to actually “guide’ hurricanes is now developed.

Jamie Lee Curtis, surprisingly, spoke for side of reason. If you keep putting millions of people on land that is just a tinder box in the first place, you are not only going to end up with a lot of charred houses, sooner or later the Colorado River is going to have to be refilled with water.

Soon the chant will be, “We have a right to work and drink!”

Illegal aliens are going to be drinking water that isn’t even there yet. What---they do that now?

Well, there is a new device that turns urine into drinking water. The Mexicans can just line up on the river bed and pee.

The rivers in Mexico are all peed out.

Maybe it wasn’t a terrorist that started the fires---maybe it was just a poor Mexican forgetting to pee on his fire, after cooking breakfast.

Meantime, China is going to the moon, Congress is trying to pass another amnesty bill, and they are still trying to pass the Sea Treaty.

Hey, I think I’ll go back to bed, and get up on the wrong side tomorrow.

Nobody’s Perfect: Fox news sent Geraldo to the scene.

Nobody Knows: When the fires will become boring news, and we go back to Brittany.

Nobody Cares: The cost of this whole thing will go, as always, on the rest of us nobodies watching. Soon we will have Hillary Care fire insurance.

Also, why am I the only one upset about the cooked birds, squirrels and bunnies? I guess you have to be a polar bear to get noticed.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Who Wants Rome to Burn?

Nobody's Flashes: Okay...the one question that is on every man or women that still has any sort of intelligence is: Who is starting these fires?

Let's face it, the Santa Ana winds have been around for quite some time now, and as we watch most of southern California go up in flames...the news reporters, do not dare ask or point out the obvious fact that someone is starting these fire. No ones says a word.

That fact alone shows that we are now quite the brainwashed nation. Never question, never suspect, never challenge...just go on about your life and give unto Caesar.

Someone obviously wants Rome to burn. From al Queda, to Mexico, to the communists, to many of those in the top of our own governement...take your number and stand in line. It's anyone's guess.

All our hearts go out to the people who are losing their homes and memories. The most the rest of us can do for them is pray.


Monday, October 22, 2007

The Sex Factor

Nobody's Opinion; Walk into any room, stand very still, and yell the word “sex!” out loud, and everyone in the room will turn at you, and stare. They might even laugh.

Now, walk into any room and yell the word “fire!” You might get the same reaction. People will search around for smoke, maybe shrug their shoulders, but if they don’t actually see the flames, they will continue to act bothered by the whole thing.

“You mean we gotta leave the room?” you will hear. Some of them might even take twenty minutes to finish their latte before moving.

But link any politician running for office to a sex scandal, and everyone goes berserk. Endless days of “ominous” sounding headlines will fill the news for months. And it a sure fire way to get people to pay attention to the wrong thing.

For instance…say “Monica Lewinsky” instead of “U.S. Nuclear Secrets go to China” and you guessed it, the public is all concerned about Bill Clinton getting “sex” in the Oval office, which actually, even though it was pretty sleazy, didn’t hurt anyone, physically.

(Until later, when millions of young teenagers around the world started thinking oral sex was really “cool.”)

In fact, I would say the Monica Lewinsky Scandal saved Bill Clinton from having to answer questions about something that he should have been tried, and hung for: taking the decisions about our nuclear and weapons technology transfers away from Congress, and putting it in the hands of the Commerce Department, so that Boeing and Loral could go ahead and stock the Chinese military with all the little goodies they wanted; all the very latest in our nuclear missile technology along with the computers to work them.

Technology which China has now given according to many, to Iran.

Clinton did not get impeached for “sex.” He should have been impeached for high treason.

And this is also how, by the way, our great North American Merger of three continents are being put into place…out of the hands of Congress, and into the hands of the Commerce Department, where the people have no say in the matter.

And while this is going on, the subject of “sex” is a good thing to keep people preoccupied with. That, or “Will Brittany get her kids back?”

Tell me, do you care?

This is nothing new. Thomas Jefferson was plagued for years with scandalous headlines about his affair and subsequent children with his slave, Sally Hemings.

Alexander Hamilton had his affair with Maria Reynolds, which pretty much did him in.

Recently, many think the Mark Foley “dancing with page boys scandal” gave the Congress over to the Democrats, who have had their share of scandals in history too.

As Hillary will tell you, “Timing is everything.”

Long ago, during Bill Clinton’s Reign, the speakers of the Houses were dropping like ripe acorns off the tree of adultery: Bob Livingston and Newt Gingrich being the most famous.

Personally, I’ve always wondered what crime Dick Morris committed to get the “toe sucking” headlines with the prostitute…that’s one of my favorites. Toes are sensitive things and in my estimation, should get more headlines, not less.

So, what “sex scandals” are they going to come up with in this most important of elections in our time?

Charles Rangel (D-NY) said about Rudy Guilianni last week;

Sons respect and admire their father, but they love their mother against cheating goddamn husbands.”

Could this mean that Chelsea Clinton hates her dad?

No, Rangel was referring to Rudy’s son, who is still mad at dad for leaving mom, probably over the embarrassment of her involvement with the “Vagina Monologues,” and now it seems Rudy is very faithfully married to a woman who will be made out to be the next Lucretia McEvil (Vanity Fair did a pretty scathing report in September) while the real Lucretia, a woman who’s husband has probably had sex with every available woman in Arkansas, D.C., and Thailand, could care less as long as she can use his popularity to get elected President.

What scares me is not Rudy’s third happy marriage, but the fact that the Clintons are married only on paper, and pretend they're married for political gain, and that’s not mentioned anywhere.

Politicians play to win, and the word “sex” is the best Orwellian Bell that can be rung in the ears of the proletariat to gain points for the other side.

Did I just hear someone yell, “Help!”?


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Who Is The REAL Fox?

Nobody Flashes: Last night the Republican candidates were on the race in Orlando. Of course, the candidates that were not considered the front runners were pretty much ignored.

Still, as far as debates was refreshing after listening to Hillary describe her great health insurance on C-Span all day. She made it sound like the second coming.

And the candidates showed tonight that whoever gets picked, will more than match Hillary in debate...unless it's John McCain. Somehow he looks like Bob Dole.

The question now is...which one of these candidates is the true conservative blood hound, and which one is just pretending to be conservative?

Who is the real fox? Hillary...or Rudy?