Saturday, November 15, 2008

Population Control? Free Viagra?

Nobody's Fool: Someone tell me this:

Mexico is going to give all their old men free Viagra.

I want to know, since we are being told that people can't make a decent living in Mexico, they are coming here for jobs...

And since HERE in the states, Viagra is VERY expensive...

Tell me---- who is paying for these pills? And if these old guys start producing lots of little Mexican babies, who's daddy will not live to see them probably even reach five...what's the point again? Where will the mothers come for work and free education and medical care for all these little babies? Mmmmmm?

The government says that "Everyone deserve to be happy."

Personally, I think their government has an agenda, and it's the same one as giving people free maps and directions on how to get into the United States.

The plan? Take us over, with sheer population...and since all our politicians want our two countries to merge as quickly as possible, I wouldn't be surprised if we are working toward helping Mexico make as many babies as possible to work in the great new...whatever.

China has a big head start.

Okay..maybe they just want these homeless guys to have some fun, but what I found really funny is that Michael Savage...last night thought this was a GREAT idea.

Yeah, the "borders, language, and culture" guru evidently lets his principles go out the door when it comes to male pleasure.

I'm going to cut him some slack here, because the poor man was watching the weather channel and a girl with a dress that was 2 sizes too small.

Conclusion: I'm SO glad I'm not a man.


Friday, November 14, 2008

What's Happening Here? What It Is, Ain't EXACTLY Clear...

Who knew a man named Neel Kashari took 2 trillion dollars and he works for...Paulson? Say WHAT?
Nobody Knows: I don’t know if you have noticed lately, but our most photographed and famous politicians have been getting really scary this last month…with the looks on their faces. Never mind our election; these looks on famous political faces are giving me the willies.

Notice this picture of Hillary. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look so scared. You’d think with her upcoming job as Secretary of State she would just be beaming with the usual powdered-perfect; “I’m better than you can even imagine in your wildest dreams” puss on her strong stubby ankles.

Not so, I’ve never seen her looked so, so…frightened. Who knows? Maybe visions of Ron Brown are flashing before her very well oiled political synapses. You remember Ron Brown don’t you? He was the Clintons’ favorite courier to China. He personally escorted big companies all over the planet, for a big fee, and helped them set up operations in all those lucrative communists markets.

Somehow he crashed into the middle of a Muslim mountain while on a simple mission. And somehow on the way down he managed to get a bullet hole put through his skull.

And isn’t it a coincidence that two-thirds of Obama’s new “czars” (as he is calling his new appointees), were all in Bill Clinton’s old employ? What are the odds of that? Certainly you cannot believe that Obama hates the Clintons? Do you?

Let’s just say for speculative sake (Hey, everybody’s doing it!) that Bill Clinton has been working for Obama all along…what’s another plane crash in the world?

(Hey, if Jennifer Flowers can say she was scared of being killed by Bill, I can certainly speculate…it’s after all, just an opinion!)

Ha, Ha, Ha…N-S-A, N-S-A, N-S-A! Come back to the U-S-A!

In fact, now that I think of it, I had a big hunch all through the election that Bill Clinton was actually working for Obama, and did everything he could behind the scenes to make Obama’s nomination happen. We ALL know that Hillary and Bill only hang out for the photo-ops. Come on. The press protects Bill Clinton as much as they protected their beloved Jack Kennedy, who by the way, according to all that actually lived through the Cuban crisis…almost got us all killed.

In fact, as many of you know, I never thought that Bill Clinton ever left the White House---it almost seemed as if somewhere there was a leftist coup-d’e-tat. Bush has simply gotten up and read lines for the last three years. It’s as if his body was taken over by George Soros’s alien brother.

And what about President Bush? First his Daddy broke down….then on veterans day, Bush W. practically had one big nervous breakdown in front of those old veterans..
Was he crying because he knows that he let them down?

What the Sam Hill is going on?

Okay, we get it. They are scared we are going to be attacked. Obama is going to fire some intelligence agents first thing. Well, if we are doomed to another Al-Quada attack, shouldn’t they tell us just how badly they’ve screwed up? Don’t we at least deserve to get ourselves ready? What happened to our nifty five-color chart alerts?

How about a city by city synopsis?

Is that why every rich man in the United States and the world is grabbing as much money as they possible can----they know what’s coming?

Or is this all “disinformation” meant to get us all scared…so we accept whatever “communistic” policies they are going to impose on us in the name of globalization?

Today, down the corner, here in the middle of America, gas is now down to $1.77 a gallon.

What timing.

While the government plans to put us all in electric cars that keep us from traveling more than thirty miles from our homes by taking over our car companies, as far as we are concerned, they just lowered the gas prices so that we’d all get out of our houses and buy Christmas presents from China.

I mean, the Chinese have got to be ticked off about our great debt…it’s the least we can do…buy all their junk.

After Christmas, it will go back up again---you watch. And they will say it is “normalizing.”

What crock. In fact, there is so much crock being spewed on our televisions sets lately that will probably be the next thing people will be canceling after the newspapers fall to the wayside--- their cable subscriptions.

Google is now searching our sites for the flu, Madeleine Albright is at the G-20 summit for Obama, Medvadev and Hu Jintao are setting up Cuba, and the One World Government is being formed at the White House right before our very eyes.

Now every day in the news, we will be hearing Saudi names in high political positions.

All I can say is…Arnold, if you want to be President, be prepared to change your name.
I suggest something simple...King.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

It PAYS To Hit Rock Bottom

Nobody Wins: Some people have research interns that work for them, and then some people just type stuff they want to remember: Guess which one I am?
As we watch the United States and all it’s big companies “fail” all at the same time, as we watch the government stick our children for the trillions of dollars that they will NEVER be able to repay…consider some old “facts” from a nobody’s archives, and ask yourself?

Who did this, and why?
If you look back on all the mistakes made, you might come up with the incredible idea that the order of the day was maybe--- actually: to hit rock bottom.

So, here are some old facts-----


In 1992 the Earth Summit in Rio wanted to make the United States provide housing for people all over the world. The Rome Conference on Food, held in 1996, said we should feed the world. The words used here are “human habitat and sustainable development.” The agenda includes putting limits on American consumption, land use, transportation, and energy. They want to drastically restrict our use of automobiles, fuel, refrigeration, air conditioning, and meat. They want to put 50% of our land into wilderness.
(Okay, so that's why I can't find a chicken!)

Bill Clinton studied under late Carroll Quigley, who was his history teacher at Georgetown Foreign Service School. In his book, “The Tragedy and the Hope,” he approvingly described the small elite group which he said actually runs the United States. He called these people the, “network”
(So, who's the tradgedy and who's the hope?)

The United States Government gives tax subsidies to Business’s who move their manufacturing bases overseas. Their profits are taxed at 5 ½ percent, as oppose to our 25% over here.
(Gee...who thought of that idea?)

China gets billions of dollars loans from the World Bank because it’s still listed as a developing nation, and the United States finances these loans. China is selling surface to air missiles to Iran, and the Taliban.
(This one goes beyond the rock.)

The US taxpayers will pay China 5 billion dollars to help them build 70 nuclear power plants in the next 13 years, all for Westinghouse, who will get the contract. China makes no difference in military nukes or power plants. We are paying for them to arm, thanks to the Export-Import Bank.
(So, tell me now, WHO runs Congress?)

Che Guevara met with David Rockefellers and Malcolm X in 1964.
(Too bad he missed Obama. )


So, how long until we hit rock bottom?


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Old Firefighters Need More Hose!

Nobody Cares: Today, we find out that the government means to bail out just about everyone on the planet...the banks, the credit cards, American Express, AIG, Ford, Chrysler, GM, Kenya, all CEO's, Barney Frank and all his lovers, the Congress and all their family members, the gays in California, Obama's illegal aunt, all people who can't pay their houses, all students, Henry Paulson, Saudi Arabia, Africa, England, Canada, Mexico...

Have I missed anyone?

Oh yeah, my local firefighters.

One of the issues on the ballot here in North County St. Louis was a tax raise to pay the pensions of our firefighters, whose "retirements" had been wiped out by Wall Street.

They said that it was to our credit to give more money so that when our house caught on fire a nice young Mexican would come to our rescue instead of a very old decrepit, one foot in the grave firefighter, who would not even be able to hold the hose.

I never found out if this much needed compassionate "tax" was passed, because they stopped sending the local paper right after the election so that no one would find out the results.

So, if the firefighters want a bailout because they lost all their pensions...might as well put all government workers in that pool as well...

The postal service, the teachers, the millions all over the world for the new Obama Peace Corps..the millions working for the environmental department....

The message: Get a government job before it's too late!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dance Like a Hula Girl, Laugh Like a Hero

Nobody Flashes: I was so busy today, sitting around the hospital waiting for my husband to go through all kinds of tests, that not until I got home and turned on the news did I realize it was Veteran’s Day. And there was Obama, being all patriotic...the man who just months ago refused to salute the flag, making a wonderful patriotic speech about all the men who gave their lives for our country.

Well, it’s about friggin time. Something tells me he’s going to need the military whether he wants to admit it publicly or not.

Anyway, I was cleaning up some old photos and I found this. It’s a picture that my dad sent to my mom before they were married, while he was stationed somewhere over in the Pacific. My guess is that it was taken in Hawaii before they shipped out to Guam.

I just have to laugh out loud every time I look at this picture because it’s obvious he thought this was going to charm the pants off my mom. Forget rose petals on the bed…my dad’s idea of seduction was a good jitterbug and a hop and a skip, and a big sailor’s grin, and well…I will say no more. I’m proof that his plan worked.

My dad was a Seebee…which was a precursor to the Seals. God, the man could swim, and dive--- with the grace of an eagle. The Seebees, he told me, did underwater mining work and they went in before the troops and put up all the “stuff.” He didn’t go into detail.

Anyway, my dad, his dad, and his brother all ran down and signed up the day after Pearl Harbor. He wasn’t old enough, and he lied about his age. I believe he told me he was sixteen. I don’t know how old he is in this picture, maybe eighteen. And right now, while looking at it, I can’t think of a better photo than this one to describe my dad’s easy-going, not a care in the world, personality.

This lone picture pretty much sums up the man. Life is short, so you might as well have a good time.

All throughout his life, dad had a smile on his face. Most of his life was spent playing golf, laughing, and having fun. It exasperated my mother to no end, because she was the biggest worrier this side of the second coming.

Of course, I’m just like her. My brother takes after my dad.

He also had the biggest laugh around. When I was a kid, I used to be so embarrassed to go to a movie with him, because everyone in the place was aware there was a nutcase sitting in the front row, whose laugh’s closely resembled a flock of twenty geese heading for home---that’s how loud he was.

And one day, a day he had shot a 67 on the back nine, he was in such a cheery mood--- I asked him about the war.

“So---What happened Dad? Were you in battle? What did you do?”
“We went in before the troops. We planted mines. I swam a lot.”

“Come on Dad, that doesn’t tell me a thing.”

“One night, me and my buddies got drunk on Sake”


“Our commander was so mad at us, that he made us go in and clean up the bodies off the beach the next morning. We had to pick up hundreds of body parts and put them in bags. It took us all day. I puked all over the island.”

“God, that had to have been terrible dad.”

“Yeah, especially when you’re finding the arms and legs of your best friends---that was hard. I had trouble finding all the pieces to my best friend Bobby. I never did find his legs.”

After this conversation, any complaints my mother had about my dad seemed minor. I figured he deserved to have the best time of his life forever. They really were a perfect match. Compared to what my father went through in the war, my mother was a cake walk.

I wish that I could have found out more about the war from both of them. The one thing they had in common was their hatred of MacArthur. My dad said not too many men who served overseas respected the man.

My father’s older brother Robert was killed at Midway. He never spoke about his older brother, but at the mention of his name, his face would go quiet…and his eyes would go glassy.

So, I suppose some day, some women much like myself on Veteran’s Day in the future, might dig up a funny photo sent by her dad to her mom. Sent from Iraq or Afghanistan, and she will wonder--- Did her father see his friends die? Did he have to hold them bleeding in his arms?

Did he pick up the pieces of his dead buddies body?

It’s hard to get those memories…she might never know.

Because that’s how they protect us…the fathers, the brothers, and now mothers and sisters…to keep us safe…they suffer the pain for us, they keep the horror of mankind quietly intact and put away…. it’s the ultimate sacrifice of love.

God bless them all---hero’s every one.

So….hmmm…Hey, I think I’m going to frame this picture and put it up where I can see it every day…I noticed lately that I’m laughing a lot more, out loud, in public…people are starting to stare.

Well Dad…it’s about frigging time…don’t you think?


Monday, November 10, 2008

The First Presidential Talk

Nobody's Perfect: Once again, a hidden tape, left over from the Nixon's White House, was found STILL recording today, and the conversation between the two "Presidents" has been revealed here below:

Obama: These have to the uglist chairs I've ever seen...

Bush: Yeah, Laura picked them out of some of the old junk Hillary left, what can I say?

Obama: So, why didn't you send me Air Force One? I had to take American to get here, you know...I really didn't mind, but my wife wouldn't shut up.

Bush: Hey...we're having a hard time getting the press out of the bathrooms.

Obama; So, when am I going to see some of those trillions you got, man, that whole thing went off brillantly...

Bush:Yeah, we did a good job on that didn't we? It sure took a long time, but at last we've got the whole thing I think, locked in. And by the way, ignore the's the best advice my daddy gave me...all that matters it that you do what you want, I followed it, and it's pretty good advice.

Obama: I hear Barney bite somebody...ha! I hate dogs. But, I'm told I'd better get one by the PR guys...actually, I'd rather have no pets.

Bush: Hey, I love my dogs. Actually, they've been my best friends! Just be careful you have control of all the photo's of them...that wasn't the first guy Barney has bit! (Heeeeeheee)

Obama: I'm thinking about putting myself right away on the dollar that hard to do?

Bush: Nope. Just use your pen. But, I'd make it a fifty, the dollar won't be around much longer.

Obama: Heck George, I don't have much to say, I've been here too many times before...espeically when Bill was having his late night parties..

Bush: Well, we have to's part of the job Obama, you know that. Hey, wanna see the bunkers?

Obama: You got any new toys down there?

Bush: Yeah, I think you'll like it, we added a new hot tub that holds over twenty people. You know, the guys at AIG wanted to party in it, but I said no...those people get too crazy.

Obama: Yeah...well, let's get out of here, I hate all these guys looking over my shoulder.

Bush: Yeah, hey, we're the Presidents...I think they've had enough.


Okay, so we will never know what these two said to each other, but if you judge by their faces, it wasn't much.


Sunday, November 09, 2008

Observations From the Vet's Office..

Nobody’s Opinion: It’s pretty sad, when you finally met someone in college that wants to discuss the world and all its issues, and the discussion comes thirty years too late.

Yeah, I had to wait that long.

I was sitting in my local vet’s office yesterday, waiting patiently for the “doctor” to fill some antibiotics for my parakeet, when a big speckled dog, came slopping up to me, with his big head begging for attention. On the end of his leash was a young man, who looked almost the same as the young men did when I went to college. We started talking about the election, and he told me he was going to the same local university that I had attended years ago, and was majoring in psychology with minors in social studies, and women’s studies.

As if women can be studied. You’d think they’d learn by now.

In my day, those were considered the “easy” subjects. Still, the young man reminded me of myself when I went to college---eager to converse about everything and anything. I was so idealistic that once, when I was visiting a boyfriend at Yale, I would have given anything just to live as the ivy on the walls so that I could listen to the thoughts of the great men that taught there.

I used to sit for hours in the campus lunch room hoping beyond all hope, for a decent conversation on someone’s class they'd just had, or a book they'd just read… I never had one.

Later on, after I was out of college, I dated my brilliant history teacher, and I still didn’t have one, even though we met for lunch every week for five years.

Intelligent men do not want to have intelligent conversation with pretty women. My teacher seemed heartbroken when I finally broke it off---and he was “intelligent.”

I exchanged e-mail addresses with the young man, but I’m reluctant to contact him…because by his conversation, I know he is being brainwashed by his teachers.

How did I find this out? He was appalled that people still believed in the old fashioned concept of private property.

Say what?

Really---he actually couldn’t believe that people wanted to have their own private property. He loved Norm Chomsky.

I wanted to ask him if he did not own his own house, then where in the world did his half horse of a dog roam…but I held myself in check.

Then I remember my college days. You’re young. You have all these questions, and you want to understand everything. I craved for intelligent conversations about anything.

I would have talked about UFO’s...SOMEBODY HELP ME!

“Please! Somebody say something!” They never did.

I wanted to major in Philosophy, but that ended soon enough, when my philosophy teacher was such a jerk, I stopped attending classes.

Three years later, he finally failed me, which shows you just how I was right about the man. He waited three years…and I only attended the first three classes.

He always gave me an “incomplete.” What?---was he expecting I was going to return and apologize for insulting his idol?

You see...on the first day of class, he wanted us all to write a thesis on Socrates. Well, no one knew a thing about the man. He didn’t assign us anything to read, and so I wrote my Rocky Balboa Theory, which is: Socrates was such an ugly hunchback of a man that he had to develop his brain.

I still stand by my reasoning.

The next day Dr. Fuss really laid into all of us about how not one of us could write a decent paper. And he was right. But, it wasn’t the fault of anyone in that room. We were all lower middle class and had gone though 18 years of a sheer garbage disposal of a school system that hadn’t bother to teach us much of anything.

But was it the teachers’ fault? Nooooooooo, he blamed the kids. We were of course, each and every one of us stupid. We all grew up and demanded gas guzzlers.

I figured any man who could so blatantly blame this on us was a moron. I realized after a few classes that he had no intention of teaching us anything. He had tenure.

Looking back, it took me thirty years to realize that the university that I went to was completely indoctrinated by “communistic” teaching. It was my college boyfriend who got me into reading Nietzsche, Dostoevsky, and “Three Who Made A Revolution.”

I thought, at the time, I was reading the real answers to life. I was young. And as we saw by the communistic flags flying in front of the White House after Obama was elected, it hasn’t changed at all, but gotten much worse.

As I was talking to this kid, I remembered back on my college days, and how I would have given the world to have walked into the campus lunch room, and run into him when I was thirty years younger and talked about the meaning of it all…

But of course, he would not have talked to me; his mind would have been on sex.

Not his fault--- it’s just funny how life is all screwed up that way…that’s all.
And no amount of women's studies is going to change it.