Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Universal Translator

Nobody Flashes: One of the reasons our school's are not doing so well is because there are now over two thousand and seventy-six different languages being spoken, and English seems to be--- not one of them.

So much money is being spend "helping" out all those students who do not speak English, that teachers are quitting in droves, because they feel that money should go to THEM...instead of interpreters of Portuguese.

Why bother teaching anymore? One nation, under the new Tower of Babel Educational system, goes beyond the usual tolerance of "support every vice and diversion under the sun," NEA administrator.

Tolerance only goes so far.

Just ask any Democratic Presidencial candidate...they all think that to ask all the people in the nation to speak one common language would be equivalent to asking all Hollywood actors to profess their love of President George W. Bush.

So, we obviously need someone to invent an instant I-POD translator. One that we can embedded into every student, which will give electric shocks whenever they speak any other language but English in their classes. Due to this new invention, they will hear in English...and will have to speak English, or else suffer tremendous headaches.

And next time you hear Newt Gingrich say he thinks English should be the official language of the "government"...remember, his last speech was in Spanish.

The idea is to leave the masses totally confused, so that the ruling elite can control them better.

And for that, they have God to thank, after all, he thought of the idea first.

Now, if only some of them would look back, when the tower falls.


Friday, September 14, 2007

Who Exactly Owns Us?

Nobody’s Opinion: Okay, I’m back and feeling a bit cranky, so bear with me. The sight of Hillary Clinton staring down her nose out of thick, black eye-glasses so she will look smart, is enough to put anyone in a funky mood.

Sometimes, getting away from it all has its good side. Last week, I thought it would be nice to just pass by 9/11. Like a child trying to forget a nightmare, I thought I’d just make let the day go by---go play with the dogs.

But then I got an e-mail from a good friend. It was filled with never-before-seen pictures of the twin towers falling, from every angle imaginable. Just the fact, that I had never seen such moving pictures anywhere until now…made me realize just how much our “media” is controlled. All I have ever seen is the same old, same old thing. You know, the planes hit, the towers fall down. Just like a Hollywood movie.

But these pictures drove home the horror of it all, in a brand new way to me. Our biggest buildings, in our biggest and oldest city, destroyed as surely as if a bomb had been dropped.

God forbid, the hard working nobodys really get mad. God forbid, America be reminded of how weak we looked on that day, and still do.

And despite the treasonous actions of those at the very top (Clinton AND Bush) not one person has lost his job. Not one.

We were told to go shopping, and go on with our lives.

We waited.

During that attack we heard hourly reports of our President trying to fly around and hide…somewhere…in some bunker…and the news that our Congressmen were already in the bunkers. The poor guy was running scared it seemed.
Yes, they all ran like rats to the sewers.

Then, we waited some more.

Much later, we heard a President announce, “They will hear from us soon.”

Not what we should have heard is; “America declares war.”
There was not much passion in that short speech looking back on it.

Great, we thought---they are going to do something…so we waited…how long? Nine months? Where was our answer?

As far as I’m concerned it still hasn’t come. Bush got Saddam and his sons, which made him feel better, I’m sure---but not much revenge for us.

What you won’t see on our TV, is that now Dubai, has the tallest building in the world. It’s really stunning. Trump, our famous American flag-waving man from New York, is building a hotel at the base of one of Dubai’s famous man-made islands.

How nice for him. How nice for them. Dubai is now the best place in the world. The great New York is gone. If we were the America of yesteryear…we would have been at least half-way finished with another twin towers larger than the first.
Hey, we got lights!

Didn’t Bush once say, with disgust, that we were “addicted to oil?”

If we were the America of yesteryear, we would have been at least half-way finished with another twin towers larger than the first.
But hey! We got blue lights!

So, when the President comes out and says that if we do not stay in Iraq, we will be attacked again on our own soil, and then the VP repeats it---I believe them, no matter what Colin Powell says.

Oh, you remember him…the man who went into the fight, but then now says we have more to fear from not letting the immigrants come in and take over? That smart guy.

Now the President has proceeded to push for open borders with Mexico, which means any terrorist can walk right in and nuke any city, which is why; most American’s are disgusted with him.

The only answer to this oxymoronic situation and stance on the President’s part is: President Bush is at the mercy bidding of the Saudi’s, who will continue to supply us with oil (which by the way folks, we need) only if American soldiers continue to fight and protect the interests of the ruling Saudi Sunni’s.

A nobody like me can only surmise that there are already terrorist in place here in the US right now, and if we do not continue to sacrifice our lives over there for the Sunni’s, then they will give the permission for the attack to occur.
What else can explain this madness?

That’s why President Bush says nothing.

In the meantime, the billionaires, who basically seem to own our whole Congress, have nice mansions in Dubai. When the end comes, they will be far away safe, having a drink in the lobby of Trump's hotel.

All I can say is; if you haven’t seen The White House, better go quick. It won’t be there too much longer---it’s been sold.


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Nobody Takes a Vacation

Nobody Cares; Due to the a few unforseen circumstances beyond my control; such as certain demon freinds of mine deciding to drop in and help me drop out...

I am going away for a week.

Whether blogwonks will still be here on Mensnewsdaily, I'm not sure...I have no idea...things get curiouser and curiouser...

Nevertheless, if any of my readers care to catch me at anytime, I can still be read at

Or contacted at

My freind and I are going into some dark, mysterious place where I plan to play Lucianno records all day on 9/11, while I send various prayers, spells, and maybe a few songs of my own to the heavens. Despite what Christopher Hitchens says, a little hope and prayer never hurt a soul...though I do adore him.

God be with you all till then, be strong, and send a prayer to the soldiers.


PS. The Gargoyle that took this picture was obviously drunk.