Friday, March 24, 2006

Connect the Dots with Chinese Chocolate

Nobody's Opinion; Yesterday the big news was that for the first time in American history a United States senator appeared to make an annoucement about Jesus, with two Chinese men standing behind her as guards. They were nodding at everything she said, in agreement with Hillary Clinton and her Christian outrage. Hillary had Chinese chocolate all over her face. Let me explain:

During the O.J. Simpson trial (I know, I'll try not to make this too painful.), a lawyer was trying to explain the concept of "circumstantial evidence" more succinctly for the average nobody to understand. He used the example of a mother who goes into her kitchen and finds out that the chocolate cake she just made is gone. Her five-year-old son comes pouncing into the room with chocolate icing all over his face.

"Did you eat that cake?"
"No, I didn't "

What's a mother to do? The cake is all over his face, in fact, he probably hid some in his closet for later. That's chocolate circumstancing evidence. You can't prove it, but the evidence is strong.
Late last night (on Coast to Coast with George Noory) the news came out that Hutchison Wampoa Ltd, a company run by a Chinese billionare named Li is getting a no-bid contract from the White House to inspect cargo for nuclear weapons before they enter our country. The port is only 60 miles away in Freeport, the Bahamas.

Recently the Clintons bought a house in the Bahamas. Since the port will be run on blatent insistence from the Bahamas' government, by only the Chinese, I suppose the house the Clintons bought will of course be white, and the decor will be Mao dynasty. Chinese chocolate will be served by Chinese servants dressed in Wal-Mart.

This is a company that is associated with the Chinese military, that sells whatever it wants to Iran, North Korea, al-Qaida or anyone basically who wants to nuke the United States. You want a nuke? It's OK by the United States, go ahead Beijing, we are addicted to that Chinese Chocolate. Carter sold this company the Panama Canel. Bill Clinton gave them Long Beach.

Let's face it, this is a big story, and yet, today only one person talked about it---Glenn Beck. (At least that I know of.) That in itself is a clue to just how well entrenched this addiction is. While we get news about the injustice of innocent citizens being arrested in bars down in Texas( Rush), a wife killing her husband (cable channels), or a judge's decision to be easy on a child molester (O'Reilly), the plans to bring down the United States with some sort of big event is slowly being implemented with the help of our elected officials. (and retired ones)

While the Dubai ports deal was shouted from the rooftops, this new ports deal with the Chinese is going out like a whisper. Why?

I don't want to die, do you?

It's almost as if the Chinese are fighting the Arabs for who will get America. Who is the highest bidder? I'm getting dizzy looking from East to West, East to West...

It seems the Chinese are winning with the help of the media here. No wonder they wanted Bill for President. He is on a first name basis with all the stars of Hollywood.

When Clinton sold the California ports to the Chinese while he was in office, it was NOT big news. While Newsmax reported Clintons ties to the Chinese monthly, no one else in the mainstream media even touched it. This stuff is being hushed up big time.

No one seems to want to accuse Bill and Hillary Clinton for what they really are; Chinese Chocolate eating traitors, bent on the downsizing of the United States in order to make way for the Chinese takeover version of Bill and Hillary in charge of the world. Bill Clinton once said, "I Won't Rule Out Another Run for President." This was after his second term was over.

Bill and Hillary are crazy about Chinese Chocolate. In fact, Bill is so covered in it, he's completely black.(twice over now) The evidence, is overwhelming. They have been in bed with the Chinese for decades. In fact, without the campaign money from the Chinese military, Bill Clinton probably would not have become President, it was such a close call.

He likes to plant Chinese students in his audience and have them jump up and shout at the end, "Bill Clinton was the best American President in history!" I just love it when that happens. It sounds so cute in broken English.

During his Presidency all his cabinet members were real buddy-buddy with anyone who was Asian. Madeline Albright helped North Korea build nukes by giving them lots of plutonium. Bill Richardson (now Governor of Arizona), energy secretary under President Bill Clinton, made sure China got our nuclear secrets. John Huang, his (Bubba's) campaign contributor, was given a job at the department of Commerce with access to all documents. Ron Brown made one too many trips to China. Janet Reno prosecuted no one but little a Cuban boy, who's mother wanted her son to get out of a repressing communist country.

I wish some reporter out there would actually count the times that Bill and Hillary Clinton have met with officials of the Chinese government. I'm sure it's more time than they have spent with each other.

Wen Ho Lee, was let into Los Alamos to steal super-secret documents to go along with the missile technology. Cool directions I suppose on how to launch nukes at us.

Coffee with Hillary at the White house was an everyday thing for John Huang, who was also given a job at the Commerce Department where he was allowed full access to all secret documents. He was working for Chinese intelligence along with the Riadys, who also have connections to the Chinese military, not to mention best friends and business partners with the Clintons.

In fact, the Riady's have connections to Rwanda real estate. Hmmmmmm? Wonder how much of a commission Bill Clinton made off that deal?

Janet Reno did nothing. Janet Reno is still alive. Ron Brown on the other hand, was not so lucky.
He made one too many trips for chocolate lovers to China.

Bill Clinton helped China get into the U.N.'s "Favored Nation" status.

His administration helped Russia to improve Krypton missiles, and since Russia is addicted to Chinese chocolate so much, they gave our stuff to the Chinese. (We even paid for it)

My God, I could go on and on. Why nobody comes out and points out this vast chocolate trail (like O'Reilly?) is beyond me. I guess they are too afraid. Maybe they have too much to lose.

They think it's all "circumstantial evidence."

The sad thing is that only the American people can force our elected officials and news men to connect the dots of the chocolate trail of communism. If we don't, we will be on a diet of rice.

The Clintons are in bed with the communists, have been for years. And even though they have manipulated their fellow democrats to think that their agenda is just a mild form of Marxpox, they know exactly what they are doing.

Remember, they are both lawyers. They know how to cover their tracks.

Is it any wonder that most of the print media is leftist propaganda? Don't you get tired of the Clintons and their former cabinet member's always in the news putting America down? Isn't it as obvious as the stars in the sky?

If we were in the old Athenian democracy, they would be hung for treason.

The Chinese Chocolate drips from these two megalomaniacs with every step.

We look to our current President to stop the addiction. Either he loves Chinese chocolate too, or he is hostage to some Chinese guards of his own.

Unless we the American people rise up and protest, the takeover of America by the Chinese with the help of a President who just couldn't let go of power, will be as unbelievable as the ovens of the Holocaust, and Chinese chocolate will remain on the White House menu forever. (Make that red house)

Nobody Cares: The ice caps are melting, and we are told we should run. The insurance companies probably have a hand in this somehow. They are flying helicopters with giant hair dryers over the ice caps to hurry up the process.

Nobody Perfect: Once again Madeline Albright wins the contest for imperfection. She has come out today to lecture us that there is no such thing as good or evil. Good news. That means that she can invite some al-Qaida prisoners into her home for dinner and cocktails, and President Bush will not have to feel bad when he sees another picture of himself as Hitler because according to Madeline's theory, Hitler was not an evil man.

Madeline needs to cut down on the chocolate cake.

Nobody Knows: Did you know that bin Ladin wanted to hit the World Trade
Center because he thought the hub of financial information was there, and by destroying the building the whole economy of the United States would fall?

He didn't know that they had moved the system a year before to Tony Soprano's house in Jersey. Coincidence?

Nobody Wins; I did not win the lottery last week...Again.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Stormy Tacos

Nobody's Opinion: It's easy to get confused about where everyone stands on the immigration issue. Hillary is saying we need more protection on our borders. Bill Richardson is feeling the heat from those in his state to just DO SOMETHING. You would think from hearing the democrats that George Bush is ignoring the problem.

But for us nobodys out here that don't have time to get into the details, here's the deal; the republicans are trying to pass a bill that would help out a little. President Bush has said that he has no intention of giving the millions of illegal immigrants that are here amnesty, which is only fair.

This has democrats screaming. What the democrats are pushing for is a way, and quickly before the 2008 elections, to give all illegals immigrants a way to become citizens by paying a fine, then taxes, and a simple promise to learn how to read the words " taxes" in English. They can get two deals for the price of one with this method. (money and more votes) They'll just call it another name; Path to Citizenship. That is so you won't think of it as what it is; amnesty.

That will shore up the democratic base, because since the "minorities"...Wait...What's the politically correct word now for the African race? I can't keep up with it. Do we say black? Do we say African American? Do we say black minority? What?

Anyway, since the blacks are coming up into the middle classes, more than likely many of them as they grow older and wiser will leave the democratic party. So the Spanish will be welcomed. They will now be on the lower rung.

The democrats are pushing (even while they are insisting on a problem) for all illegals to be legalized.

Hillary brought up "Jesus" to identify him with the poor souls just wanting to eat. She used his name to promote her idea of free immigration, they will be now using the motto, "It's the Values, stupid." for the next campaign. They will be bringing out all kinds of bibical references that you have never heard of. You certainly did not hear this religious passion while they were in the White House.

Like the prisonerson death row, who find Jesus in their last days, the democratic party will be in every Church they can find, while at the same time, kicking the religious symbols of Christianity out of every public and private display. They only need Jesus to resurrect themselves. then, he will once again be crucified after the election.

Paul Begata said it well the other day at Harvard. He said that Clinton would hold up the Bible, to help him get votes. (Well, that's what he meant.)

The truth is, nothing is going to be done about it..immigration. Not a thing. Both parties are just going to give good press and say a lot, but no, the plan is to let it continue. I find it hard to believe that everyone is so surprised that neither party takes much action.

Just like the drugs that seem to make it here, so will the immigrants. And in that case "Its the economy stupid."

Nobody's Perfect; I continue to make mistakes trying to learn how to put up images. I really wanted to blog in the first place because, well, really a citizen who deeply cares about the future of America, it seems the only place we can get heard in on the internet.

I found out the hard way from watching the government change in my lifetime, that our country is in troulbe, and the changes are coming now real fast. It's scary.

We are being manipulated by both parties and the middle class nobodys are being used. It's not fair. It's not American, and there is a plan for us. There are experts in high places deciding what food we should eat, how to make us a cashless society, and even how to demographically place us in our schools, our lives, and our property. And if you do NOT think that the Sin City of the world is not being planned, then you lived a very charmed life.

So, I'm in a crabby mood today. I'm finding it hard to forgive myself for not being able to figure out computer stuff.

It hasn't stopped me from being opinionated.

I bet Tony Blair is somewhere over the Atlantic, just as crabby as this nobody. He sided with Bush on the war, now, they've found a scandal to get him out of office.

Nobody Cares; Scandals are what the powerful people use when they are mad at somebody and want to take away their power. Tony Blair took some kind of illegal loans for his election that wasn't reported.

Our congressmen make Martha Stewart look like a kid stealing a cookie. With all the committees they are on, the boards of universities, big companies, etc. etc., dinner with a lobbyist are pennys compared to the millions they all make in office, and out of office, they are STILL representing us as if they never left. (Clinton, Carter) It's a joke.

The mergers that are making the rich richer...are done in powerful corners, putting huge monopolies into play and putting the little man out of business.

That's not free enterprise. Capitalization works, until the government takes the ball away and makes the playing field unfair. Then it becomes no better than fascism.

Nobody's Opinion: We have stormy weather ahead, Katrina was just the start. The next storm will be in 2008, and it will be the biggest in history.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Nobody's Opinion; The democratic dogs were out in force today, on all the news channels (CNN, Fox, MSNBC) howling about the MAJOR OFFENSIVE launched by the President. He spent another hour or more on TV this morning telling the American people about his policies, and his belief that freedom is a universal desire for all people everywhere.

All the democrats were having cat fights over how much audacity the man had, going on and on about how we have been defeated in Iraq, and he doesn't want to admit it...blah, blah. No one has the right to impose "freedom" on any other country, and I guess that's why Clinton stayed out of Rwanda. Freedom to the democrats means every other country in the world has the freedom to attack us first.

But there were two interesting things that came up in the talks; 1. When President Bush starting talking about the history of our own country when the constitution was being formed, it was very obviously and rather badly edited out. (mmmm) 2. During questioning some lady said that her husband had served in Iraq and had taken footage of many of the wonderful things actually being accomplished by the soldiers, but NO ONE would show the footage! She asked him what we can do as Americans to get this good news out?

George W. didn't answer...He thought for awhile and said, "You can blog."

In other words lady--- fat chance in Hades that the major news stations will put a nobody on
unless you can be used to promote the communist party. ( Cindy Sheehan)

So, since all our politicians will not do anything about the propaganda being perpetrated to lose the war, (because that would be censorship) AND the news media refuses to play any good news,( not good ratings) then the only solution we have is to do like our founders did when they wanted to get a message to the British.

Dress up as illegal immigrants and throw our television sets in the trash?

No, it's simple we can boycott the news, just like we boycotted all of Hollywood. Now, even Spielberg has lost so much money that he had to sell Dreamworks. It doesn't matter HOW good looking George Clooney is, his movies will always bomb. Just think---if we stop watching the news on TV, and get our news on the internet or radio, then they MIGHT wake up.

In desperation to get us back, they might even send Jane Fonda over to interview the new schools opening up around Afghanistan and Iraq. I'm sure some American boy who DOESN'T know anything about the Vietnam war will let her sit on his tank.

Hey, Mel Gibson proved it could be done.

And by the way...Just how DO they know how many people are watching a program anyway? If you know this answer, please tell me. Do all the TV sets now have chips? How else did they find out that we were all switching channels on commercials. Now those that control the signals have it timed that EVERY channel goes to break at the same time. Those dogs!

Nobody Knows; Speaking of dogs, Madeline Albright made a speech at Yale university called "Public Service in the Age of Globalization" The communists want to recruit as many young rich kids as they can to serve humanity. The poor kids pick up trash... The rich kids get government jobs. And what a coincidence it is that Harold Koh, who is now the Dean of Yale, was Assistant Secretary of State under Madeline Albright. Don't you just love it how these people all stay in power?

If you send your kids to Yale, be sure to include lots of flea powder.

Nobody's Perfect; Chavez today, that dog in Mexico, who I can with all sincerity call a dog since he called the President a "donkey" (forgetting what party he was in.) was showing his great integrity today by saying "The North American empire has invaded Iraq just to look for oil and now threatens Iran because of Oil." As he continues to get rich off of selling his oil to us donkeys in America. What integrity.

Ok. Nobody says, "The South American empire has invaded the United States just to look for jobs and now threatens President Bush for more jobs."

These empires are getting confusing. While the American Empire is giving lives of good men to Iraq for their freedom---The Empire of South America is giving their poor, their drugs, their pregnant, their sick, which is liberating them.

Gee, seems that we are spreading freedom everywhere but here.

There was another empire long ago brought down by the purposeful infusion of drugs, and that was China. The British empire made millions off the opium trade. What empire wants to brings us down with the infusion of drugs? Who is making millions off the drugs on our streets?

And think; how long has this been going on baby boomers? mmmm?

Funny that Chevez's speech came out RIGHT after Bush's speeches. Isn't e-mail amazing?

Nobody Cares; Why is it that when we are all talking about this gross dependency on oil that the news is let out today that despite layoffs, GM is going to make even more SUV's than last year? And they are all going to be sold to my neighborhood. The blacks here in Missouri think that the SUV is the hottest thing since NIKE' Air Jordan's, or boom boxes. They ALL have one here.

They all have degrees in Chemistry and Lincoln Navigators.

I think the democratic dogs better learn some new tricks. When the democrats want us all ride bikes, so as not to pollute the air, they might lose their base.

Unless the blacks can get free gas of course. And if Jesse Jackson has his way, that may be possible.

If that happens, Michael Jackson will not be the only one in the world trying to change their skin pigmentation.

Who let the dogs out? Ruff, Ruff!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Was this Helen Thomas after the White House Conference today? Does anyone know?

Nobody's Opinion; He's ba--aack! George W. Was in full fighting form this morning and it was wonderful to see. He was a leader again, and having fun, in full confidence and even joking with the White House Press Core. Of course, George W. Was NOT suppose to be this upbeat. It spoiled many a talk show. Chris Mathews was besides himself. Liberals on every channel were appalled! I don't know about you, but it was darn good to see. Even if you are a liberal and can't stand the guy, you must admit, there is nothing better than someone who has passion.

And George had that today. I'm SO glad he finally stood up for himself. I just hope he keeps it up. The country has needed a real pep talk for some time now. Today, President George W. Bush gave one of his finest speeches. When he speaks from his heart, we really do believe that WE can win. Whatever. That's what great leaders do. Churchill did it. So did Reagan.

You get the feeling that George, unlike Clinton, Kerry, Gore, or Hillary really likes the American people. Whenever the democrats talk its always for THE WORLD as if the whole history of the American people should be forgotten. It gets real old fast.

Today, the snow that covered my yard sparkled with joy. It seems crazy, but seeing a President stand up for what-EVER he believes was refreshing, and put a lighter step into my day

George...give us more.

Nobody's Perfect; Michael Savage and Imus have something in common. They have both suggested that Saddam be put back in power to control the people. Oh, right.

Oh...Saddam just LOVES this.

Now, lets admit it. Both these guys have HUGE ego's. I like Savage, he makes some very good points. He's human, he right most of the time, but like all of us, at times we say things that are completely coo-coo. I think he needs to get out of San Francisco.

As for Imus...Good thing he is on too early in the morning or I'd probably sign up for the next one way trip to the moon. Not only is this guy hard to look at...And they know this because they set him up in that HUGE studio so your poor eyes can go to something else, but...He has the opinions of someone who's suffering from maybe too much cactus juice. When HE says Saddam should be put in power again and with conviction, well....Let's just say I'm waiting for something to grow out of his ears. Some kind of green plant. There really is some kind of desert bug crawling under that hat.

Nobody Cares; The Clintons put it out today, bascially that when Hillary becomes President, Bill will let her have the final decision on policy. The liberals find this disturbing. The republicans are gleaming that Bill was going to make over a million on the Dubai deal, while Hillary was against it. The independents (like me) just don't care, who runs the show, just as long as the show stays OUT of the White House. They had their days, and in the words of X-President Bill Clinton they should "Just get over it."

Nobody Knows; After the press conference today, somebody's saw this lady and SWORE it was Helen Thomas...But I'm not sure. Could be. (see picture)

Monday, March 20, 2006

Scaling Mount Potato

As Americans go forth into the future with the world glancing at our every move, it's obvious we have to consider being more considerate in one area that seems to be ours alone:

We are tipping the earth with our weight.

This could cause the environmentalists early strokes, not to mention too many meetings in icy places with Al Gore. It wobbles anyway, and I for one am tired of wondering just where the sunset is going to be on any given night. On the right side of my bird feeder or the left? If it gets any worse, we might have to ban diet soda from all public places.

Oh, haven't you heard? People who drink diet soda are fatter than those who drink a regular one. Diet food is making you fat. In fact, too much of any food makes you fat. The trouble with Diet drinks and diet food is sometimes a person will drink ten cans a day, thinking there are no calories. And they wonder why they float.

It was also reported today that Oprah is detrimental to your mental health. Oprah alone has caused the earth to tip with all her diets. She is yo-yo potato supreme.

Even Tony Soprano was on the scales in the first episode. And look where he ended up? In the hospital. If he had been fifty pounds thinner, he might have dodged that bullet.

It wasn't always this bleak.

In days of old the lusted body of perfection was a woman that looked just like our average American woman...slighty plump. Go figure.

Remember how much fun it was to go to the museums when you were a kid and make fun of the fat naked lady statues? Not anymore, they look like us. We drag our husbands and lovers pass them least they compare.

But, back then, most people on the earth were starving..(wait, maybe that hasn't changed) so being fat meant you were rich enough to eat cake, and twenty course meals. So fat was in fashion. In fact, they ate all day long, only taking breaks to change their wigs.

Good upper arm culluite could have men howling, and swollen ankles were enough to drive men wild. A good amount of thigh flab was all you needed to be worshipped and immortalized on canvas. Oh...The good old days, when a woman dreamed of being fat.

Now, thin is in. The rich eat and they pay exorbitant funds at the best restaurants in town for a plate of food that would have the daily dietary supplements of a hummingbird.

But more important to the rich than that is how the food looks: "Oh my darling...Look how creative you are? My dear Chef...This is the most delicious dish! You are an ar--tissue!!Why the chicken looks like a hummingbirds egg, and on the side is two little adorable peas to surround the palette with culinary delight of the birds droppings. It is exquisite. You are a genius!"

That's why the rich drink so much at dinner. They'd really like a quarter ponder but it's just not done, so they get drunk and go home and eat a pound of bacon.

Nobody's Opinion; Now it's reverse. It takes money to be thin in America. It doesn't take diet and exercise, just a four-star chef and being able to go out and eat the best picked organic steak in town seven night a week. When Rush Limbaugh was asked how he lost all that weight, it was easy. He hired a chef. Sure...we can all do that.

Why are the rich so thin, and the working classes so massive?

Somewhere...It became evident to the government that the population was growing too fast. They had to come up with something quick to feed the masses. They had seen what had happened in the French Revolution. Instead of gullotines, we have cowboys who can castrate a bull in less than it takes to say cheese. The ruling class knows this lesson well;

Keep your people well fed.

They had to do something so they pumped up the cows, chickens and pigs with steroids and hormones. Young boys are now having hot flashes. Barry Bonds can say "It was in the food."

And since it costs a lot of money to feed these animals actual grain...They decided to mix in hoofs, tails, ears, and other sweet morsels. They would just grind it up and put ketchup on it.

Hey, it works for us. Mad cow disease won't hit us until we are too old to remember what may have happened.

Nobody Knows: Once I got to go to the most expensive restaurant town. I was on a date with a much older man who was NOT interested in my opinions. I was definitely not prepared for the upper classes. Being raised on the big Sunday chicken dinners I expected to see big loaves of bread, big steaks, maybe some fries. I had been starving myself all day to take full advantage of this rare event.

But when the waiter presented me with my entree' I smiled...for about a full ten minutes before I said, "Do I eat it or snort it?" You've got to be kidding, I thought.

It somehow felt good to know that the rich truly were stupid. They pay fortunes just to be entertained by obsequious waiters and food that looks like a Picasso painting of bugs with about as much calories as a stick of gum.

Yes---the real secret is...The rich really do eat better.

Nobody Cares; Last weekend the whole nobody starving family went out for dinner. It was not even five o'clock and the line at the local lobster feast went clear around the building. You would have thought they were showing naked lady wrestling along with the meal.

Did we get upset? No. WE are Americans! We knew that four steps away was another franchise. The line at this steak house only went half way around...But the girl at the counter told me "It will only be about ten minutes." Right.

I should have said to her, what President Bush kept repeating today in his second speech on Iraq; "This is unacceptable." But I was too hungry.

Were we going to starve? Was a four dollar coupon for all you can eat in the local paper going to keep us from surviving? Heck no. This is America. We are able to walk at least three parking lots for food if necessary. We're tough. Besides, getting back in the car was wearing us out.

Once inside and seated (after a twenty minutes wait), it was twenty minutes before the water boy came by. Then another 20 until the waitress came to bring drinks, then another 20 till she took the order. By the time we actually got our meal we weren't hungry anymore because our family alone had demolished twenty baskets of bread and over 10 tubs of butter. After the salads I was thinking---why? Why go on? What's the point?

I KNEW I was going to stuff the rest down, no matter how bloated I felt, because I was paying one third of my weekly salary for one meal, and not one cent of that is to be wasted! (Wait, I don't have a weekly salary.)

Bring on the chocolate cake! So what if tomorrow you have to walk around in your pajamas? In the old days, you would be called a real sexy HUNK! Besides, you're a nobody..Who cares?

But back to the main point:Off of every major highway system in America are thousands of restaurants with enough food to fill all the crators of the moon. And that is why we are tipping the planet. It's causing the flooding, and hurricanes.

The only sensible suggestion is to put our franchises (being done this very minute by concerned environmentalists) on the other side of the world, to fatten up the people on the other side so the earth will tilt back, and stop all this global warming nonsense.

I suggest the next time any American sees a pound of fries in front of him or her, they should emulate our great President and say;

"This is unacceptable." God bless America" And bomb them with ketchup.


Nobody's Perfect: I own an apology to all bloggers. I'm still trying to figure out (it's my first week) how to put up links. I understand this has something to do with HTML, which sounds like a laxative, or a government agency for suffering turtles. Or maybe it stands for Human Torture due to Microsoft Language. I'll be working on it so that sooner or later if I want to tell you something and you say...Really? I can prove it. It's really unacceptable of me...But sometimes so is Microsoft.