Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Insanity Plea...

Nobody's Fool: After he found out that Barak Obama had won the Presidential election, young Rodney Liberman needed to get a good disguise quickly since his name showed up on 5,458 ballots in the Ohio elections...he doesn't want to go to jail.

He has wisely decided, to plead...insanity...


Friday, December 12, 2008

Bad Moon Rising....

Nobody Flashes: The moon tonight is exactly 221, 560 miles away from the earth...the closest it's been for about fifteen years.

Here we see it got just a little too close to my living room cabinet.

And yes, it's true--during a full moon, people and animals DO go a little nuts.

That still doesn't excuse Barney Franks.

I hear tell, President Bush refused to let Obama and his wife move across the street from the White House today.

Detroit Union bosses got really out of whack, upon hearing that they might have to stop paying all their workers who don't work, because a few good men in the Senate voted the "wrong" way.

There are still a few men in the Senate that DO work...and that's upsetting them.

Some investment banker stole billions in Hedge Funds (sorry, when I hear hedge funds I think of my backyard gofer eating my bushes) from rich people in Palm Beach.

And the biggest proof of all that the full moon has an effect on the brain chemistry of mice and men: Colin Power is trying to pick a fight with Rush Limbaugh!

Proving that Colin's just a big walking bag of ...moonbait.

Hey...if that makes no sense...blame it on the moon.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Al Gore: Creating a Greener Cesspool, or How to Get Gored by Al Green

Nobody Cares;
Al Gore is very excited!

He is throwing an inauguration party in Washington D.C. and everyone wants an invitation, because, it's going to be the greenest and coolest party ever attended by anyone who's anyone!

Even people who nobody even likes!

Barbara Streisand might even bring President Bush! Everyone is told to wear a green tie to get in the celebration, which means, all black ties wearers will be forced to stand outside in the cold!

Here's an except from Al's Green Party's invitation: he want to "bring together a diverse coalition of environmentally forward organizations, entrepreneurs, scientists, and advocates celebrating a commitment to growing in the new green economy."

Well, that leaves me out.

Personally, I think old Al is onto something that much more creative than anyone could have ever imagined, which is why he gets the big prizes, and carbon dollars.

On the night of Obama's most green inauguration, it has been figured out by people who really do the hard work and never get the credit, that there will only be one toilet for every 6,849 'customers.'

Therefore, due to the overload of mass sewage that will be poured out onto the very soil of Washington D.C. that night...the fertilizing affect of this "greenhouse" will leave, next spring...

The Greenest city on the planet.

Not to mention, millions of green ties lying around on the ground---I'm just saying.

At least, that's Al's Plan. Unfortunately, anyone who gets a ticket to his ball, will be asked to donate vast amounts of money to his cause, because this predicted carbon footprint of human "gas" will probably melt the South Pole unless tress are planted at Al Gore's Hawaiian get-a-way as soon as possible.

It the new "creative" green capitialism, being born in the only cesspool of America capable of having the right soil.

After the party, buttons will be handed out saying "I got Gored by Al Green. "

Watch for it: on e-bay.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Windy City Blows A Big One...

Nobody Knows---how any governor could have the nerve to sell a Senate Seat?

Okay, how much does it cost to become President now? Wasn’t our Presidency just bought by basically…tons of money: more than 700 million? Or was that billions?
(All these trillions, and billions, and millions…I can’t keep track.)

Half of it was from foreigners?

What am I missing here?

Yes, the real face of how our current government of crooks usually operates was revealed for all to see this week, when the FBI taped Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s conversations.

When scandal of any kind breaks out, I always try to figure out: who does this benefit? I’ll tell you that…in a minute.

Anyone who’s watched movies about Al Capone should not be surprised that the governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich is a regular, unequivocal, dirt bag. After all, throwing the welfare of sick children under the bus for his own profit…you want the guy to suffer.

But remind yourself…all our politicians have basically thrown all our kids under a bus, and they do it year after year. The horrible schools, the drugs, the Ritalin, the deficits…the gay children books…please.

And anyone who has worked in Chicago, or is older than 16 will tell you, Chicago belongs to the mob. And the mob in Chicago was always Democratic, from the smallest beat cop, to the crooked judges, to the big Bubba of Mob defenders: Richard Daley.

You think it’s an accident that Harry Reid, is representing Las Vegas? Who built Las Vegas?

According to Michael Corbih, a mobster who wrote an eye-opening book called Double Deal, it was built on the union pensions of Chicago. He ought to know: he took the money there in bags.

The mobsters all look pretty much like boy scouts now, of all nationalities. And the years of watching Tony Soprano become an endearing lovable TV character have pretty much softened the masses to putting up with corruption, and that’s NOT good.

Many have wondered how Blagojevich could be so arrogantly defiant to Obama. Probably because he knows Obama is just as big a crook as he is: two mob bosses fighting for control of Chicago, how…so…typical.

Except Obama doesn’t LOOK like the typical mob boss.

Obama is, after all we’ve seen, just an actor on the stage. His very stance and words evoke trust and the willingness to follow him anywhere.

But so did Ted Bundy’s.

What we are witnessing is Obama flexing his skinny muscles. He basically didn’t want this particular white crook (who he has worked with and known as well as his Reverend) to be able to appoint his replacement, which is not Obama’s right legally.

He wants a black crook…to be specific, Jesse Jackson Jr., to fill his spot as Senator.

And there was Jesse Jackson Jr. today---scuffed up so clean, and talking about how he was so honest on TV today, and putting it out that he wants to be a “public servant.” He wants to be the governor of Illinois. And he never knew about corruption in Chicago.

So help him God.

Personally, I’m concerned. If Obama and Jesse Jackson Jr. can’t tell a crook from an honest man, (Even when raised by one) then how are they going to tell when talking to a “radical” Muslim that he wants to kill us?

Today, Obama said that he wanted Blagojevich to step down, because “won’t be able to do his work.”

So… who did all the Senatorial duties for Obama while he was off campaigning for President for two whole years? Why don’t they let that person just stay there?

Obama’s leaving quite a big trail of dirt bags in his past---too many to count. And Obama, unlike Clinton, is cleaning up his dirty image early. He wants America to think that he is NOT corrupt, and so he is going to prove it by cleaning up the corruption.

He knows America is getting really sick of all these rich political criminals. Many of the black that voted for him are getting upset.

They needed a sacrificial lamb to gain back trust.

It’s PR control. It’s a chess maneuver. It’s very brilliant, but nothing new.

And if you believe that Obama was not part of the corruption of Chicago-- then I suggest a visit to Las Vegas…where you’ll get better odds.

Or better yet, just ask an old mobster in Chicago. After all, the big windy city has a lot more wind to blow---bundle up.


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Wish Upon A Star...Or Santa

Nobody Flashes:
Yeah, that's pretty much how I feel when I am forced to think about any politician from Illinois.
.....I'm putting up my Christmas tree...which is comparable to building the empire state in three days..
So...short blog tonight,due to the fact that I can't find any room for my favorite strand of lights.
Everyone have a BETTER day, and wish upon a ME!


Monday, December 08, 2008

Go Ahead...Get the BIG Gun!

Nobody's Perfect: When our mayor North St. Louis County advised all the citizens to go out and stock up on guns, due to the fact that he was pretty sure that crime was NOT going to go down...why, we got on the National NEWS!

FOX to be exact!

It was quite an exciting day. Finally our little patch of America had become famous, even if it was news to most of us that our local major thought crime was so bad we needed to protect ourselves... because he sure couldn't guarantee our protection.

He has a point...I've seen some of the police force---but honesty from a mayor? Almost unheard of! We are proud.

So, my cousin Bobby decided he'd make a few bucks selling his latest invention.

He won't tell me what it is: or exactly what it shoots, but I'm pretty sure if I get one and just stick it out the front door, I'll be safe. Lifting it might prove a problem, so I intend to just set it on my porch and aim it at the corner Muslim's house...the house that ONLY has Muslims in it, on special family meetings of forty or more of mostly men. They come, park their big expensive SUV'S, party, then they all go away. As far as I know, they are plotting the next major attack.

Now, before the NSA comes to my house, please note: (This is a joke guys.) Honestly, American citizens are not the enemy here..

So...even though this house is dark for months on end...someone feels that they should keep up appearances and mows the lawn.

I find that pretty funny.

President "elect" Obama, upon hearing the news that all Americans were running down to their local Wal-Mart and buying guns instead of HD TV's, made a "public service" announcement that we really didn't all have to go out and "stock up." In fact, he wished we wouldn't.

Why not?

This shows you how out of touch he is with the American public. Many of us are already stocked. But, just in case it's not enough, I suggest getting one of Bobby's really big guns. It might only be a fancy potato gun, but I really don't think it matters...

Sometimes it IS size that matters! I think our mayor might have said that but if not, I'm sure Bobby was thinking it.

(Okay, that's NOT my cousin...that's my uncle's cousin.)

For all I know, it could be YOUR cousin...who cares?

It's a cool looking gun...don't you think? If I had a gun like that, I would walk around the house and pretend I'm Ripley in Aleins...

Hey...I'm just saying...walk softly and carry a big gun (stick) --- so said Teddy Roosevelt...

So did Ronald Reagan...

Obama? You might take a tip from our local mayor and tell your citizens to--- stock up.

After all, since bad news came out today about the Chicago Cubs going up for sale, they might not EVER make it to the World Series, and that would cause major riots.

Give our mayor a call...go ahead. We ARE proud.


Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Sea Gulls of K-Mart-The Blood of Our Fathers

Nobody’s Opinion; I didn’t know it till after the fact—but it was the strangest sight I had ever seen---- what in the world?

Sea Gulls. I was seeing sea gulls, in the middle of the afternoon! A whole flock of them, flying at my head while I was standing in a parking lot. There were at least 300 of them. They circled as if lost…hungry. I could have reached up and touched them.

Not such a strange sight in the harbor of Boston…but in the middle of a K-Mart parking lot, in the middle of Missouri?

Sea gulls? The nearest water was the Mississippi, about 45-miles due West.

Those of you who have read me before know I’m quite the bird lover. Once when my little yellow parakeet died, I couldn’t part with him. He’s still in my freezer. Before you think that’s strange, let me remind you that Mina Edison (Thomas Edison’s wife) used to have her pet birds stuffed when they died. She kept them all in a cage on her porch out her back door in Ft. Meyers, Florida---so since I am not married to a taxidermist my little Sunny is still in my freezer.

It will be a good joke to whoever cleans it out after I’m gone.

One must leave some mysteries, don’t you think?

Anyway when I saw those poor birds, I was, of course, in a regular flutter. I looked at my husband and said, “Oh, the poor things are lost! They’re hungry! What in the world are they doing here in Missouri? Let’s go get some bread; quick…we must feed them…poor things!”

Well, you know how well that went over with an ex-Navy Seal. He gently grabbed my arm and took me into the store…to do our ornament shopping.

I think he kept me in there a long time on purpose, because when we came out, they were gone. BUT…there was a whole other flock of about a thousand other birds…

Good thing I wasn’t alone. People on the side of the road would have been witnessing a strange woman pouring bird seed in the small grass turf between the stop signs.

But, getting back to what I didn’t know was much more important than the strange sight of seas gulls in the middle of suburbia. It was the fact that today was the 67th anniversary of Pearl Harbor---the day that over 2,350 Americans lost their lives, which started WWII.
History, is very blatently being put on back burners: on the front burners panels.

Some days I don’t even look at the calendar. Sometimes I get so lost in whatever project I’m on, I forget what day it is. I usually find out from the radio or TV. But I did look on my calendars today, because my husband remembered it, and sure enough, not one calendar in the house had it marked.


And the subject did not come up on TV either. No, today it was Obama, Wal-Mart, and the economy.

I remember…when Ronald Reagan was President, you could not have not known that this was Pearl Harbor’s anniversary. During the eight years of Bill Clinton, we had a furious writing of historical history trashing. Clinton had people working full time, rewriting all the history books, because, well…as Dick Morris once said, “Because he could.”

And sadly tonight, as I read all the famous Townhall bloggers, none even gave our Pearl Harbor a mention.

Kim Komando, on the other hand, was the only patriot I could see.

I did not check the liberal papers, but I did think it strange that the Post-Dispatch internet site, actually gave some respect to the day…which shows you how desperate they are for sales.

It’s sad. Obama may have said something…I tend to not watch him when he comes on. But it’s clear, that the memory of Pearl Harbor is going into our background as the veterans slowly die off.

I felt so guilty that I forgot. After all, my dad, and his fathers and brothers fought in that war--so many of our bravest gave their lives.

And right now I’m thinking --- how synchronistic it was for me to have seen sea gulls today, circling over my head---today of all days.

Hey, I grew up in Florida, and spent many a day on the beach, and never had this happen.

And I also wondered how many sea gulls were circling over the Pearl Harbor 67 years ago?---circling over the brave, and the dead.

So, I don’t think I’ll ever forget this day ever again. The sea gulls of K-Mart have left their mark on my brain.

I sure hope those beautiful babies found their way home.