Saturday, August 08, 2009

What Does It Take For a Brother to Get A Beer?

Nobody's Absurdities No....I've lost count, 70...I think.
It's Saturday night, and I'm sorry to say, I have no favorite e-mails from the week..BUT...
There IS one incredible absurdity that must be recognized and pointed out, since so far, I seem to be the only one who has noticed it.
Last week, we were bombarded with the, "Black Henry Gates gets attacked by racist white cop Crowley, when all Henry was doing was breaking into his own home" story lines.
This week, we should have seen, "Black Kenneth Gladney got beat up by a black union thug, (who's name is not revealed) who didn't want a "ni---r" passing out the American flag" story.
We should have, but we didn't, because as everyone knows, it's no crime for a black man to call another black man "ni--er." Even if they bust their head open while doing it, it's still considered a term of endearment.
(Notice: If there is a white man on the scene at all, the news people mention every black person within twenty miles. If there is no white man around, nothing is said of color.)
The second crime was MUCH bigger than the first, because it was a black union man really beating up a poor black man, trying to kick his head in...but it didn't muster even a peep from Obama...not even "I've invited the two men to the White House for Zero Coke, under the new solar White House Panels to discuss how the Union Members and the people who don't want to die by my Universal Heath Care plans have to all get along."
My thought is that it was the flag that got poor Kenneth in trouble. It's not a flag that Obama is really fond of, as we know from his travels.
Either that, or he really doesn't like beer, which could be, because he didn't drink a beer in the Rose garden with Gates and Crowley. Go figure.
Why did Obama invite a black Harvard Professor and a white cop, to the white house to have a beer to discuss the age old problem of "blacks being racially discriminated against by white cops" but did not address the just as "serious" issue of union thugs beating up innocent people standing around handing out American flags?
I can't figure this one out.
Is it because Kenneth is a poor conservative black man, not a rich, white hating, black man?
Doesn't Obama CARE about poor black men?
The Harvard Professor did not have anything done to him at fact, I have no doubt, after seeing him on C-Span this morning, he will soon get his own show on CNN or MSNBC...I'll even bet you on that.
Whereas, poor black Kenneth Gladney, was beat up so ruthlessly by a black union thug, that he ended up in the hospital, will be heard from, no more. He was on TV with Fox, for his 15 seconds of fame, but the only thing he will be now blamed for is making Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri cancel her Townhall meetings because she is scared of "violence."
Whew! Got out of that one, right Claire?
Message: If you are black, do not be caught selling American Flags anywhere near a Democrat or a union man. If you dare even try to sell that flag, they WILL HIT YOU BACK HARDER!
What does it take for a brother to get a beer around here?
Obama shows that if you are a rich black man, especially one that is racist, you can come right on over, anytime, and fit right in. You will get a pint of Obama Beer, flown directly over from his hometown of Kenya...(It's true, they do have a beer named after him in Kenya...)
Absurd, but not surprising.

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Friday, August 07, 2009

Can You Hear Us Now?

Nobody Wins:

Millions of Americans, mostly over fifty...are going to Townhall meetings all over the country.


Because they just found out that when their President talks about reforming health care, he's plan is just to eliminate the people who really don't matter much, which he admits, is most of them.

The citizens at these Townhall meetings all reported that no matter how hard they wanted to talk about the future plans...their Senators and Representatives really don't want to hear what the average citizen has to say about this. After all, they have more important things to cover like getting on their new luxury jets which can take them to their island resorts, which may I suggest, came just in the nick of time.

What will it take for our elite rulers to get the message that we don't want them in our Health Care?

I have a feeling they are about to find out.


Thursday, August 06, 2009

Astroturf, Pelosi, and Jefferson's Big Bad Wolf

Nobody Flashes: With Nancy Pelosi shouting “Astroturf!” as if her feet are going to set on fire just from the thought of all those old people ranting at her kind , benevolent, death reaper minions--one must wonder. What did Harry Reid slip into her drink at lunch?

Vodka mixed with lighter fluid?

I like Astroturf. And Nancy, if I’m Astroturf than you’re a plastic Easter egg, filled with spoiled-rotten cream cheese. Put your tongue back in your mouth.

I was reading Thomas Jefferson today, and I came upon a letter he wrote, where he commented on the “Good Sense of the People.” He was giving his opinion to a friend about the Shay’s rebellion.

Jefferson was a big believer in the press keeping the people informed.
"Were it left up to me to decided whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without government, I should not hestitate a moment to prefer the latter."

The good news is, despite all the propaganda that Washington has been dishing out minute by minute, trying to make a case for their Universal Health Care… on our side of the tracks…the radio and talk show hosts, the political pundits, and the millions of common bloggers, have done such a good job at getting out what is in this Health Care Bill, that the American people are finally saying…”NO!”
You will not kill me, whenever you feel like it because you’ve spend all my hard earned money that you took and used it for the dictators in Africa, or CEO on Wall Street, or brand new jet planes for Congressme to take them to some multi-billion dollar fancy bunker somewhere, in order for you all to hide in.


(And Hillary wants to join the international criminal court? She might want to rethink that one.)

Anyway…sometimes, you just have to quote the masters.
Here are a few quotes from Thomas Jefferson about the subject of people rebelling, from a letter he wrote to Edward Carrington from Paris on January 16, 1787.

“I am persuaded myself that the good sense of the people will always be found to be the best army. They may be led astray for a moment, but will soon correct themselves.”

“The people are the only censors of their governors: and even their errors will tend to keep these to the true principles of their institution. To punish these errors too severely would be to suppress the only safeguard of the public liberty.”

And my favorite;

“I am convinced that those societies (as the Indians) which live without government enjoy in their general mass an infinitely greater degree of happiness than those who live under the European government. Among the former, public opinion is in the place of law, and restrains morals as powerfully as laws ever did anywhere. Among the latter, under pretense of governing, they have divided their nations into two classes, wolves and sheep. I do not exaggerate.

If once they (the people) become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I and Congress and assemblies, judges, and governors shall all become wolves. It seems to be the law of our general nature, in spite of individual exceptions: and experience declares that man is the only animal which devours his own kind; for I can apply no milder term to the governments of Europe and to the general prey of the rich on the poor.”

Yes, the rich literally want to devourer the poor, to bury us all in Astroturf would be just too expensive. They'd prefer that we all stand real still on real grass, like sheep, and be quiet.
Are you starting to see the resemblence between the BIG BAD WOLF and Ms Pelosi?
Mr. Jefferson says: "Wolf!"


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

We Need Some Sam Adam's Woop-Ass

Nobody Knows: Today, many in our Congress are calling the protesters of the Obama Health Care system...mobs. I think we should remind them that if not for the first American mob, they wouldn't even have a job.

The Boston Tea Party, was our first bonifide mob, and oh what a wonderful mob it was! Our schools used to teach it as a brave event.

And oh my goodness,..did they dress up!

One night, our founders, and the people of Boston got so fed up with all the abuses by the King of England, that they threw millions of dollars worth of tea in the harbor in protest.

And what was wonderful, was that this mob was the King of England. If he hadn't have been such a jerk, these poor people would have just sat around and been happy.

If the American people had not fought the King of England, the whole world as we know it, would be a lot different.

For it's ONLY in freedom that people can invent, create, and work to solve the problems of mankind..America's many successful projects has literally lit up the world. All nations have electric, cars, planes, phones, Internets, and most of this if not all of this technology has come from us....and like a string of falling domino's...if not for the mobs of 1776, most of that would not have happened.

As history has shown...tyranny historically produces...nothing. Saudi Arabia is proof of that.

The Boston Tea party, was a proud tradition of our American History...and guess what Michelle and Obama?...the Boston Tea parties are going to keep coming...and if you want to know who manufactured the tea parties...look in the mirror and know...that you may have just made your biggest mistake.

And I am glad. In fact, go ahead Obama and do your Castro imitations, the more you spin, the more you sound ridiculous.

Like that video of you that someone found, where you tell how you are going to get rid of health care insurance...and then put up that the video had been altered.

Yeah. Right. Good one. You think we don't know the difference? And I thought you were smart, Barry. Keep this up! It's great!

America is finally understanding the words of communism, socialism, tyranny, and insanity. Our system is so full of corrupt and Mafia/gangsters that it is undeserving of it's people. They can no longer hide their corruption. It's in full view.

Free people of the world are BEGGING us to stand up to Obama and his bag of communists, you hear it in the voices of the ones who are allowed to speak.

How CAN we let them down?

Today, an American President ask citizens to snitch on those other citizens that did not agree with his new march to communism, just like Castro.

He wants a list, he wants to collect names, bank accounts, data, DNA, and everything he can to control the masses. He is on a mission to erase America forever..

Universal Health Care means he can and will kill many of us, and just like Hitler, he will stand on his mountain and you will not hear the screams, he will not either.

I suggest we start taking the 1776 flag to these meetings and talk about our history. Take anything that makes you proud of America, since he is not.

That drives them crazy. This it the time to go bug your Representatives.
Before they hide. And they will. They've already bought big jets to take off in if the going gets too tough.

I don't want an electric car. I don't want to be told how much water or food I can eat or drink. I don't want a black person who hates me to tell me that I can't have that cancer treatment. I don't want Obama to corrupt my grandchildren.
I don't want to wonder who is "spying" on me. I don't a government to tell me I HAVE to have vaccines I don't want, or need. I don't want an internet to start charging me for e-mail and watches my every word that I type.

I don't want to have to "volunteer" my time for the community.

And most of all...I don't want to live under a communist named Obama.

And trust me, you don't either.

What we need is some Sam Adams Wop-Ass. Enough...of this being obedient and quiet.

They work for us, and we must NEVER let them forget it. We need to start acting like the owners of our own country, instead of slaves of an rich elite arrogant Kings and Queens.

We need to bring out Sam Adams, and a big can of American Woop-ass.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Two Powerful Men: More Ugly Chairs

Nobody's Perfect: Today, Bill Clinton and Kim Jong Il met again, as old buddies and friends. Many things were discussed...and even though most of the world wondered if this trip was really all about Kim Jong IL NOT nuking Hawaii, instead of releasing Al Gore's "reporters" ...many other subjects came up:

Clinton: You know...Hawaii was where Elvis made one of your favorite will destroy that beautiful site forever..

Kim: You did NOT bring what I asked.

Bill: I've given you just about everything under the sun that I possibly could! Why, you couldn't even do this if I hadn't have given you those nuclear SAID you would not use them! And then you went and sent nukes to Pakistan.

Kim: Of course I did. You lie too! And to your own people.

Bill: Well, at least I don't starve my own people.

Kim: No, you just make them really fat, and make money off them. If you would give me a trillion, I could do the same.

Bill: Well, I couldn't get Priscilla to come over here to live with you...why don't you take MY wife?

Kim: Do you think me such a fool as to even accept such a suggestion? Your wife is your problem, and lately, she is getting on my nerves. You should have gotten rid of her long ago. Then you sent MS Albright over, I was expecting Priscilla. She looked like my brother during the Korean war. Not very sexy. I want Priscilla, or the daughter, what do you think I am? And Jimmy Carter was...too annoying. That man has the face of a peanut farmer.

I also want to own GM, and Fiat. At least 80%. Tell that to Obama.

No, you have insulted me for the last time. I want the world to see me smiling and you looking...very afraid. I want you to give me Hawaii.

Bill: Well I can't. Obama wants Hawaii. He has a house there.

Kim: So, you can go now. I will give you Al's Girls, in exchange, you will pay.

Bill: Well, you could throw in those two strippers I saw at your house last night...they looked like they could use a good meal.

Kim: No..Priscilla, or else. And by the way, next time I talk to you, my name is James...James Bond Il. Don't forget it. Now look taller than me.

(nobody makes up this stuff)


Monday, August 03, 2009

Nobody Cares About Loudspeakers

Nobody Cares: About the opinions of a nobody…which is actually kind of nice because I can then say exactly whatever I want about most anything and it won’t matter one iota…and that’s always fun-----soooooooooooo……

Today, I was driving down some really bad sections of town, which in most cities means the {poor) Black-American neighborhoods, and I noticed that the houses all looked really well kept, and I was really happy to see that. The lawns were mowed, flowers were blooming---a real nice change from years gone past, BUT--- I was disturbed to see so many of the front doors and windows all had big black bars on them.

The houses were so little, what in the world could be worth stealing? But then again, even the poorest of the poor have big-screen HD TV’s now.

These are houses that in the fifties were owned by Italians, Irish and Jewish people…mostly white, families long gone now.

It was a beautiful day, so I had my windows rolled down when I heard it…and at first, I couldn’t believe my ears. It was a very loud voice being broadcasted throughout the neighborhood, on gigantic speakers that seem to be everywhere.

And as I kept driving, it still surrounded me. I couldn’t get away from it. It was literally, everywhere.

These loudspeakers had to be up on every corner. The man speaking was black, and so, as a “honkey” I had trouble understanding what he was saying, but just the fact that he was speaking to probably at least fifty city blocks, was a complete first for me. I never imagined in a million years, that I would hear a voice coming out through a loudspeaker in the United States…not anywhere.

(If you are used to this, realized…this nobody doesn’t get out much.)

The guy talked on the speaker for at least four minutes, and I hung my head out of the window to try and figure out what he was saying. It was all mumbled. But somewhere in the ranting was a “do not be alarmed, this was just a test…”

A test for what? Nuclear warfare? Gangsters killing? Big Brother? Come to the Aretha Franklin Bar-be-que? Watch out for a cop name Crowley, he was spotted on the corner of Riverview and Halls Ferry…I had NO idea.

So then I thought….well gee…why don’t we have these great big speakers in MY neighborhood? We have very loud obnoxious tornado sirens, but there is no way you could ever hear a human voice on them.

You tell me? Who is going to talk on this sound system, and tell the people in this neighborhood where to go and why?

It was VERY, as they say Orwellian, and especially with a ‘black’ man as President.

I had never thought that in America, I would hear such a sound, not even in a neighborhood with bars on their windows…the camera’s are bad enough, but really.

You’d think the man from Harvard would do something.

Then tonight, as if to continue my own questions, some police officer called Michael Savage on his radio show, and told him that Mayor Bloomberg was getting stimulus money to set up his own personal “brown shirt” army of men…outside of the NYPD. You could tell by the sound of his voice that this man truly was a veteran cop, and he was completely alarmed that the Mayor needed to set up this division of men. They weren’t “armed” but nevertheless.

Obama’s promised “civilian” guard is coming to New York.

The man, was on the same thinking as I was: What the heck? Is this what Obama wants, and is this what the “stimulus” was about? In America?

First come the speakers, then the young “civilian” army in uniform? What are they going to do…bark orders at them from the loudspeakers?

“Go to the door, count the people in each home, man in 333 is not in bed yet.”

In the meantime, in my own neighborhood, I noticed that my Muslim neighbors who are never, ever, ever, ever home, have set up a huge dinning room table in their garage, complete with about twenty chairs.

Well, one thing is certain: there is change coming to America, but not the kind most of us had hoped for.

I read somewhere that in Michigan, morning prayers are announced over a loudspeaker system…in a neighborhood that is filled with Muslims.

Someone told me that my Muslim neighbors have a house in Michigan.

On the news here, they want young boys to sign up to be policemen. They advertise for these “volunteers” every day.

Oh, and by the way…Castro has loudspeakers all over Havana, but, really, does anybody care?

I do.


Sunday, August 02, 2009

Houston: We've Got Communists

Nobody’s Opinion:

It’s 1999. You live in Cuba. You have Castro’s health care, which is completely operated by the government, and it’s free.

Your doctor’s office is spare; the office has lamps missing light bulbs, and has very little medicine. Cuba does have some great medical universities and hospitals, but they are mostly visited by rich tourist (like Michael Moore), and Castro and his advisors. The population doesn’t get near them.

Shortages are everywhere at the local hospitals, and sometimes, they can only perform emergency operations because of it. You are so thankful that your relatives in Miami send you money and much needed medicine, you don’t know what you would have done if not for your brother in the United States.

Your doctor gets an apartment from the state, but he doesn’t make enough, so he helps his wife make ceramic earrings at night…to sell to the tourists.

Everyone has a food ration book. Every one gets bread once a day and chicken maybe four times a year. Most live on vegetables, and a state sausage.

Every community has a Block Committee for the Defense of the Revolution. (An Acorn so to speak) They have to see to their “socialist” tasks: recycling, night patrol of the street, health campaigns, and vaccinations for all the children. Everyone is watched. And everyone has to look for “anti-socials”

What are “anti-socials”? Those who don’t work, or study, who hustle or rob, who do nothing for anyone, not even themselves. You must work. If you don’t register your house, or obey the rules on everything, you are fined. (Sound familiar?)

(What did Michelle Obama promise us? Everyone will work?)

But there is another Cuba, the one of tourists, and cruise ships, and hotels, and this has created a very rich class. The regular Cubans are not allowed to mingle. Most of the tourists are from Europe, Canada, and Latin America.

In Cuba, like most third world communist countries, there are the very rich and the very poor…no middle class.

The schools always taught Engels, Lenin, Che Guevara---but Castro teachings are the mostly repeated, every day.

There are not many cars, mostly buses. At the beginning, the revolution seized church property, banned Christmas. (Sound familiar?)

And Castro, when he talks, sites his achievements in government statistics…about all he has done for the Cuban people. He brags about the many vaccines given. Castro is a great speaker, and can go on and on rattling statistics of the greatness that the state has achieved-- his voice on loudspeakers and TV stations throughout the land, every single day. (Wait…who else does this?)

Today, in 2009, Raul Castro said that Cuba will NEVER give up communism, and he won’t have to, will he? If Obama stays in office--- and if his Marxists tendencies continue…the two countries will finally merge.

Didn’t President Bill Clinton jump to Castro’s call when he wanted little Elian? Of course he did. Any citizen in the United States would have told Castro “no way, Jose” ---his mother died trying to bring Elian to America. But we watched Elian taking by midnight military raid…in the middle of the night…much like old Cuba.

And our media spun it so well; we thought it was all about “father’s” rights.

And we said…nothing. Do you not see how controlled we have been? We have masters of media manipulation. Masters...

I got this 1999 Cuban scenario from the article “Evolution in the Revolution. Cuba” by John J. Putman, in the June, 1999 issue of National Geographic. Find it and give it a read.

And frankly, if you read these very straight forward observations of Cuba, you will understand just how the communists have been slowly taking over our country.

My first big warning bell came when our high school children, during the Clinton years, were made to do “mandatory” community service or they wouldn’t graduate from high school. Kids that were so far behind every single nation in the world…made to do hours of mandatory community service….answering telephones, picking up trash.

Then came the “mandatory” hour of recycling classes.

This is communism, nothing else…and Obama is big on it.

In Hillary’s book, “It Takes a Village” (A communist title if there ever was one.) the philosophy was for the state to get the mothers into the work force, and the children just as young as possible, into state nanny care schools. …which were set up without fanfare by President George W. Bush---he continued Hillary’s very communistic plan.

You see, children’s brains are still forming up until four-years old. If you can get them that young, you can brainwash them to obey the state for life.

Obama targets the young. There is a reason for that play set in the White House. Come on…his girls are much too big for the swing set, it’s a prop.

He wants to get rid of the old, that’s why he keeps gently telling us the old should be good and just die off. Once the last of the boomers are gone, the nation can be changed forever…not to mention how it will help the bottom line.

So, why do our Republicans leaders go for programs much like Castro’s?

Most of them are just puppets of the corporate rich, who love to deal with communism. That’s why they love China. It’s much easier--- they all say it.
Now the ‘social engineering’ is for people to be “molded” and “trained” to work for nothing. They don’t even want to pay the people---why people should “volunteer” to serve the world.
It's every companies dream. It's the only way we can compete with China.

No wonder they want to get rid of “1984.” Slavery is coming back in style and being sold to our young with a big Apple, and Blueberry Smile!

You know, many feel that we can stop this; we’ve had “progressives” before and came back.

But Obama believes in communism, and he is using the anger of “blacks” to implement his plans. With the megalomania that he is displaying, I don’t believe he will leave the Presidency. Like Putin, Like Chavez, like Castro, he will want to be there for life.

I believe (it’s best to expect the worst then be happy when it doesn’t happen) that Obama will “allow” a catastrophe on American soil before he lets that happen. FDR did not want to leave. Neither did Clinton, or Bush, but Obama is an angry man…as is his wife.

He will not go quietly.

If the time comes, and Obama does not want to leave….it up to the people to make him, we must stick to our constitution.

If we, as a people, ever needed to unit as one people, it’s now. The plan has always been to divide and conquer. Let’s not let them do it.
If Honduras can do it, then so… can… we.