Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Two Powerful Men: More Ugly Chairs

Nobody's Perfect: Today, Bill Clinton and Kim Jong Il met again, as old buddies and friends. Many things were discussed...and even though most of the world wondered if this trip was really all about Kim Jong IL NOT nuking Hawaii, instead of releasing Al Gore's "reporters" ...many other subjects came up:

Clinton: You know...Hawaii was where Elvis made one of your favorite movies...you will destroy that beautiful site forever..

Kim: You did NOT bring what I asked.

Bill: I've given you just about everything under the sun that I possibly could! Why, you couldn't even do this if I hadn't have given you those nuclear reactors...you SAID you would not use them! And then you went and sent nukes to Pakistan.

Kim: Of course I did. You lie too! And to your own people.

Bill: Well, at least I don't starve my own people.

Kim: No, you just make them really fat, and make money off them. If you would give me a trillion, I could do the same.

Bill: Well, I couldn't get Priscilla to come over here to live with you...why don't you take MY wife?

Kim: Do you think me such a fool as to even accept such a suggestion? Your wife is your problem, and lately, she is getting on my nerves. You should have gotten rid of her long ago. Then you sent MS Albright over, I was expecting Priscilla. She looked like my brother during the Korean war. Not very sexy. I want Priscilla, or the daughter, what do you think I am? And Jimmy Carter was...too annoying. That man has the face of a peanut farmer.

I also want to own GM, and Fiat. At least 80%. Tell that to Obama.

No, you have insulted me for the last time. I want the world to see me smiling and you looking...very afraid. I want you to give me Hawaii.

Bill: Well I can't. Obama wants Hawaii. He has a house there.

Kim: So, you can go now. I will give you Al's Girls, in exchange, you will pay.

Bill: Well, you could throw in those two strippers I saw at your house last night...they looked like they could use a good meal.

Kim: No..Priscilla, or else. And by the way, next time I talk to you, my name is James...James Bond Il. Don't forget it. Now go...you look taller than me.

(nobody makes up this stuff)



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