Monday, August 03, 2009

Nobody Cares About Loudspeakers

Nobody Cares: About the opinions of a nobody…which is actually kind of nice because I can then say exactly whatever I want about most anything and it won’t matter one iota…and that’s always fun-----soooooooooooo……

Today, I was driving down some really bad sections of town, which in most cities means the {poor) Black-American neighborhoods, and I noticed that the houses all looked really well kept, and I was really happy to see that. The lawns were mowed, flowers were blooming---a real nice change from years gone past, BUT--- I was disturbed to see so many of the front doors and windows all had big black bars on them.

The houses were so little, what in the world could be worth stealing? But then again, even the poorest of the poor have big-screen HD TV’s now.

These are houses that in the fifties were owned by Italians, Irish and Jewish people…mostly white, families long gone now.

It was a beautiful day, so I had my windows rolled down when I heard it…and at first, I couldn’t believe my ears. It was a very loud voice being broadcasted throughout the neighborhood, on gigantic speakers that seem to be everywhere.

And as I kept driving, it still surrounded me. I couldn’t get away from it. It was literally, everywhere.

These loudspeakers had to be up on every corner. The man speaking was black, and so, as a “honkey” I had trouble understanding what he was saying, but just the fact that he was speaking to probably at least fifty city blocks, was a complete first for me. I never imagined in a million years, that I would hear a voice coming out through a loudspeaker in the United States…not anywhere.

(If you are used to this, realized…this nobody doesn’t get out much.)

The guy talked on the speaker for at least four minutes, and I hung my head out of the window to try and figure out what he was saying. It was all mumbled. But somewhere in the ranting was a “do not be alarmed, this was just a test…”

A test for what? Nuclear warfare? Gangsters killing? Big Brother? Come to the Aretha Franklin Bar-be-que? Watch out for a cop name Crowley, he was spotted on the corner of Riverview and Halls Ferry…I had NO idea.

So then I thought….well gee…why don’t we have these great big speakers in MY neighborhood? We have very loud obnoxious tornado sirens, but there is no way you could ever hear a human voice on them.

You tell me? Who is going to talk on this sound system, and tell the people in this neighborhood where to go and why?

It was VERY, as they say Orwellian, and especially with a ‘black’ man as President.

I had never thought that in America, I would hear such a sound, not even in a neighborhood with bars on their windows…the camera’s are bad enough, but really.

You’d think the man from Harvard would do something.

Then tonight, as if to continue my own questions, some police officer called Michael Savage on his radio show, and told him that Mayor Bloomberg was getting stimulus money to set up his own personal “brown shirt” army of men…outside of the NYPD. You could tell by the sound of his voice that this man truly was a veteran cop, and he was completely alarmed that the Mayor needed to set up this division of men. They weren’t “armed” but nevertheless.

Obama’s promised “civilian” guard is coming to New York.

The man, was on the same thinking as I was: What the heck? Is this what Obama wants, and is this what the “stimulus” was about? In America?

First come the speakers, then the young “civilian” army in uniform? What are they going to do…bark orders at them from the loudspeakers?

“Go to the door, count the people in each home, man in 333 is not in bed yet.”

In the meantime, in my own neighborhood, I noticed that my Muslim neighbors who are never, ever, ever, ever home, have set up a huge dinning room table in their garage, complete with about twenty chairs.

Well, one thing is certain: there is change coming to America, but not the kind most of us had hoped for.

I read somewhere that in Michigan, morning prayers are announced over a loudspeaker system…in a neighborhood that is filled with Muslims.

Someone told me that my Muslim neighbors have a house in Michigan.

On the news here, they want young boys to sign up to be policemen. They advertise for these “volunteers” every day.

Oh, and by the way…Castro has loudspeakers all over Havana, but, really, does anybody care?

I do.



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