Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nobody Flashes: This Bud's for YOU!

Nobody Flashes: Upon hearing that the Obama/Gates/Crowley bear festival was going on today...Nancy Pelosi's family decided to protest on the White House lawn. As you can see, the resemblence is uncanny.

Drinking beer was not going to settle any race problems, they said, and more to the point, they claim every man they have ever known...drank so much beer that when the men come home after a night of drinking they didn't even recognized their own wives or remembered their names. They were appalled that Obama would even suggest such an absurdity.
But Obama is not going to be held hostage by a bunch of white women, oh no. He takes race relations very serioulsy so he made sure that since this meeting was going to solve all the race problems of the world, they would need plenty of beer, therefore an executive order was given to get a beer maiden from Germany to "keep it coming" so to speak.

In the meantime, another problem has occured. Henry Gates's Irish cousin, Bobby Dooby, was arrested on the White House Lawn for having just a little too much fun, and also, wearing the confederate flag in honor of her Irish cousin...Gates.

The President's message Is: Somehow, with enough beer, we can get through this. OR>>>

Just stay drunk and you won't care what happens! This Bud's for YOU!

I feel better now...don't you?



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