Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What if Obama Had to Use His Universal Health Care?

Nobody Wins: Obama's Health Care

Just imagine: What if, Obama, the President of the United States, had a stroke one night, and had to go by the same health care that he wants for the rest of the country….here’s what would happen:

6:13 pm. Michelle is in her personal office, upstairs in the White House, shopping online. She hears someone coming down the hall. She gets up only to see her husband stretching out his hand to hold himself up against the wall.

Michelle: “What’s wrong, honey?” Obama doesn’t talk, he can’t speak…he is trying to talk, but can’t.

Michelle; “Oh my GOD…come in here and lie down!” She gets him to lie on their bed. She picks up the nearest phone. “Hurry…I think my husband is having a stroke…he can’t talk…HURRY!”

6:15 pm Within minutes the paramedics rush in. They put Obama on a stretcher…they hurry him outside to the ambulance. Michelle, in a panic runs to get her coat…she is shouting at the secret service…”Don’t tell the girls!”

6:22 pm President Obama is loaded into an ambulance. Michelle jumps in the front seat as the medical examiner explains she cannot sit in the back.

Michelle: Turns to the driver and says, “What are you waiting for? Let’s GO!”

Driver: “I can’t---all the hospitals are full. We have to wait for permission.”

Michelle: “What do you mean? This is the PRESIDENT!”

Driver: “Sorry, Mrs. Obama. Your husband has agreed in good faith to use the same Universal Health Care System as everyone else.”

Michelle: “But, we can’t SIT here…every minute counts!”

Driver: says nothing.

6:33 pm Still sitting in the driveway.

Michelle: “Well god, let’s just drive for God’s sake.”

Driver: “I’m waiting for a go ahead, they have to call me.” But, to make Michelle feel better, the driver slowly takes off at about 2 miles per hour.

Michelle: looks back at her husband and sees he is having hard time breathing.
“Don’t let him lay him on his back! He smokes…he has a hard time breathing on his back.”

Her orders are ignored.

7:30 pm. The ambulance arrives at the hospital, but no one comes out.

Michelle: “Well, go get someone!”

Driver: “Sorry, Mrs. Obama, we can’t go in.”

Michelle: “Why not?!” she screams.

Driver: “Because there are only two doctors on the site, and they are working on two men with gunshots wounds. They had a bad drug fight in the city tonight. They haven’t told us yet that they will take him.”

Michelle: “Well, let’s go to another hospital!”

Driver: “The nearest one will take us forty minutes to reach, but, it’s up to you. I’ll have to get permission.”

Michelle: “No…no”…she gets out and runs into the hospital.

Finally, after waiting in the parking lot, for what seems like an eternity, someone comes and takes Obama to a waiting room in the emergency ward.

10: pm: A nurse comes in, and hands Michelle some paperwork. “Please, fill out these government forms…We need to know what happened so that we can put it into our computer system.”

Michelle: She throws the paper at the nurse, “He’s the freaking President! What’s wrong with you people! I want a doctor NOW!”

Nurse: “I’m sorry Mrs. Obama; there are no doctors on the premises right now. What’s seems to be his problem?”

Michelle: “He’s having a stroke!!! He can’t talk!! He’s also having hard time breathing!! Get him off his back!!” They do not do this last request.

Nurse: “Well, we’ll get him down to x-ray.”

10:55 pm. Obama goes for MRI, and Scat Scan of his brain, only after permission was giving. This takes two hours, and Michelle is not allowed in.

12:15am---An intern comes in and tells Mrs. Obama that the brain damage doesn’t look promising…but because he was a smoker, he is now placed on the “let expire” list.

1:45 pm. Obama is sent to an intensive care room, where Michelle is told a doctor will see him in the morning.

The next day, three neurologists say he’s brain dead, and should not be kept alive.

Michelle: “But he is talking to me! I just spoke to him! He asked me why they were doing all this stuff to him!”

Doctors: “Well, that’s a common response, he is still brain dead. No reason to keep him alive, we COULD of course, but we don’t do that anymore.”

Obama passes away, in a coma, seven days later of--- starvation. The autopsy found his lung had collapsed during the stroke, and the extensive brain damage was caused by the delay of medical attention and lack of oxygen to the brain due to the collapsed lung. Also, due to the doctors being tied up in the operating room, where two illegal immigrants suffering gunshot wounds, they got first priorities over the President, under the new health care system.

Joe Biden is now President.

The next day he bombs the Ukraine.

God help us all---We have a “Dr. Death” in the White House. If only our politicians had to go on the same system that they want us on.

You think its bad now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.
(Scenario based on actual experiences by nobody.)



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