Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nobody But Shai Wins With the Electric Car

Nobody Wins: I don’t know about you, but I’m not particularly fond of batteries. It doesn’t matter what you use them for, the two strikes against them is that they NEVER last very long, and they’re much too expensive for the little time that they last. I don’t care if they are AA, AAA, or computer---daily, and minute by minute all over the planet there is someone’s whose cell phone battery has run down, and they have to wait till they get home to charge it back up.


Personally, sometimes I wonder if they make these batteries bad on purpose. I remember when Edison invented the light bulb, he could make them burn for a year, but…of course, that would not make much money, so now, they have a definite shelf life of at least…a few days. Electric cars are coming our way, and what we are now experiencing in all our other battery run products will be multiplied one hundred fold when cars run on batteries.

Therefore, here’s my nobody suggestion: Everyone should carry a mule or ox, …or horse in the front seat of your car…just in case your battery runs out, because, I hate to be the one to tell you this--- there is a new man on the block---Shai Agassi.

Yes, at only 41, Shai is the man who will electrify the world. Not too long ago Shai belonged to some nifty company that was making electric cars but nobody wanted them. But, have no fear---Shai met Bill Clinton, and Bill changed his whole line of thinking.

The only way to get his baby on the market was to have all governments mandate that gas cars had to go and thanks to Bill Clinton, Shai quit his old job and pitched his idea to Israeli President Shimon Peres. His (and Bill’s) suggestion was to have the government create an agency to make it happen, not as a company but as an arm of the government.

Original thinking.

Shai was born in Iraq, but is a Jew. ( I know...) Israel wants to go to electric cars, which is fine for a country that is only nine miles wide. But in America, the electric car, which in all practicality won’t be developed as any kind of improvement for years, will end up being just another way to control the movement of all society, and shift all workers to back into their homes…or a job at their local fast food restaurant.

They are already building us all bicycle paths, where people will be on those "people movers" that you see the fat cops riding at the malls.

I can't wait.

But…like the old saying…one man’s country is another man’s cigar box.

America is not going to shrink in miles anytime soon, despite the efforts of Al Gore. It may be really nice to go around the tiny countries of Europe in those nice Harry Potter trains, but here in America, we now have dogs, that get really neurotic if you leave them in “kennels.”
Therefore, we need our cars to not stop in the middle of nowhere. Anyone who's ever been trapped in a car with a dog and kids will tell you that.

And SINCE it take a half hour at least to charge a cell phone, how long is it going to take you to charge that car battery when you’re at a “battery recharge” station and your due at your work in ten minutes? That's a sure way to cut down on the work day!

And will this place have clean bathrooms? Just flu will multiply.

And since our little tiny AA batteries cost an arm and two fingers, how much is recharging those big car batteries going to cost?

You do not hear them discussing this in Congress. In fact, you do not hear them discussing much except the minutes leading up to the next lunch break.

Edison once tried to invent electric cars. There was a reason he stopped.

Shai’s going to have a problem designing that front-seat. But look on the good side, many men will be quite happy saying to their wives, "Sorry honey, you're going to have to sit in the back."

As for me...I'm going to train American Eskimos' to pull my sledge for the upcoming global warming ice age, they can keep thier electric cars.

I'll be ready. In fact, I just might go up to Alaska and say "Hey there Sarah! How's the fishing?"



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