Friday, July 03, 2009

Flocking Eagles

Nobody’s Opinion: A great American once said: “Eagles don’t flock, you have to find them one at a time.”

It wasn’t so long ago that I voted for this great American Eagle. Twice. And I was thinking about him today when Sarah Palin, another great American Eagle came out and announced her resignation as governor of Alaska.

She reminds me a lot of Perot. Strong, Independent---a true American all the way.

The “Glenn Beck” in me, wanted to believe that she was just lining herself up to run for President, but the pragmatist in me was thinking, “Is this another Ross Perot moment?” If you remember, Ross once felt so threatened by unknown factors and powers, and harm coming to his own family that he got out of the scene altogether.

Ross Perot, was real down home. He was practical, knew business, and there was no doubt in every one’s mind how much he loved this country. But he was not willing to sacrifice his family. He said that “black helicopters” had visited his house. The media made him out to be crazy.

So, I can’t help but wonder…has Sarah withdrawn for her very own survival? Is Sarah waiting to see if the American people will wake up out of their lethargic mood, and quit acting like fish? (Her analogy) before she runs for President?

I thought her speech today was spoken like a rare and honest patriot. She was trashed all day long of course--- nothing new here.

This continous dripping mantra coming out of everyone's lips that she is not capable is such nonsense. What exactly did Obama do before coming President?

Fall asleep in church? Write a book? Get high on Cocaine?

Run this by me again?

There are lyrics from an old song that I was thinking about today.

“People tell me believe half of what you see, and none of what ya hear” (Heard It Through the Grapevine) This seems pretty good advice to me lately, and I think when it comes to Sarah’s resignation, it’s wise to follow.

After all, we have witnessed a complete, fascist-like takeover of our banks, our businesses, our schools, and our freedoms. We have NO idea what’s really going on…but it’s big, and as we are all feeling….it’s not good. It's putting a real damper on this, our beloved holiday of Independence. Our country is not ours anymore, and we know it.

So, you have to ask yourself, Obama wants electric cars. He wants to monitor every single breathe we take, and tell us what we will get paid. He wants us to volunteer, and also die under Universal Health Care, in order for others to live.

He plans to be the Master of Triage. He will pick who will live and prosper, and who will not.

Many of us believe that Sarah Palin is the last real American politician with any fortitude left standing. And her state, Alaska holds our biggest oil reserves. If North Korea launched the right missile on Alaska, the “left” could then take digging for oil in Alaska off the burner forever.

Wouldn’t that be convenient for them?

Both parties hate Sarah, because both parties work for the rich elites. They are globalists. They could care less about America--- its world markets on their minds.

The Bushes want Jeb. He has a Spanish wife and can speak Spanish, which will give him the edge. Romney will lose out the nomination again, but he will be put up as the front runner for a while.

You know, I was looking forward to the biggest tea party in St. Louis ever on July the Fourth. But…the city wouldn’t allow it to happen.

I have a feeling this has gone on all over the country. Permits to “gather” were just not given out. We are being silence in such clever ways.

Our tea party is being held so far away, many people can’t afford the gas. I hear Sheryl Crow will be singing downtown under the Arch, and most likely will be asking all the people to only use one tissue in the port potties.

Thankfully I won’t be there to hear her nonsense. I will be like most of the people in the neighborhood, sitting in a chair in the backyard, spending the time with family.

Ross Perot also once said: “If you see a snake just kill it—don’t appoint a committee on snakes.” (I really miss that man)

We have nothing but snakes in our government. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a flock of eagles to clear them out.

Will God help us by getting all the eagles to flock?

I don’t know, but we'd all better start acting like the eagles we are...instead of, what did she call us...guppies?
Okay, all you guppies...grab that beer...salute our founders, salute our soldiers...
And have a good night. It's going to be a loooooong fight.



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