Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nobody Flashes: Bubbles, I-Pods, and Mel Gibson

Nobody Flashes:
Tell me Michelle Obama doesn't have one of these.
I will admit, I'm the last person on earth to get an I-Pod. Even my older brother has one, and he grew up with Elvis.
But...this might just do it for me. With the right software ($6,500) you can turn on your bath, choose the exact temperature, the depth, how many bubbles you want...all by using your I-Pod...
Now, that's something worth spending the money for, I say.
Apple needs to work on getting Mel Gibson into that tub for 3-D, with a glass of wine, and some really good jokes, and lies...and a nice long...backrub...
Hey...get your own fantasy, and have a great Sunday.



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