Monday, June 22, 2009

Einstein---Gesturing Humanity

Nobody Knows--that this is probably the most famous picture of Einstein ever taken, and it was just actioned for $74,330 dollars.
Well, not many people know. We're too busy waiting for North Korea to nuke Hawaii, Iran to gas it's people, Goldman Sachs to lose money, Congress to disappear for good, everyone who is not a politician to lose their jobs, gas prices to go up again, and Obama to try a few hot-dogs, with ketchup on July the 4th, so that we won't "tea-party."
Oh, some of us wish Paris Hilton would come back from Dubai. I said: SOME of us.
I have this same picture up on a bedroom wall, and I bet my $9.99 poster looks about as good as the original...I certainly wouldn't have been stupid enough to pay that much for a print, unless of course, there were copyrights.
The copyrights have probably expired by now, but you never know. When Mickey Mouse's copyright expired, the Patent Office just extended it for all eternity. It pays to be somebody, as any nobody will tell you.
Did you know that this was taken at a birthday party, which was being held for him at Princeton? I didn't, until just a few minutes ago.
Wonders never cease. I thought he was making a face after meeting FDR, or Charlie Chaplin. Or maybe he just heard he was going to be a papa from one of his many "girlfriends." I like to imagine that he suffered from insanity like most highly creative people.
Or maybe he was thinking..."What! There IS not big bang? There are fifty dimensions?! "
But, let the man speak for himself---Einstein, reportedly ordered five copies for himself, and then sent one to a good friend with this quotation on the back:
"This gesture you will like, because it is aimed at all humanity."
So, Einstein didn't think much of "humanity?"
Can you blame him?
I wonder what kind of faces he would be making now?



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