Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nobody's Perfect: Muhammad BP

Nobody's Perfect:

Right after 9/11, try to recall, if you can, just how many times President George W. Bush said,“We must take the fight to Iraq, in order to fight over THERE, instead of here.”

Most of us were having trouble with that statement, because, well frankly, we just didn’t see too many Saudi’s in our neighborhoods standing ready with guns in hand at our local corners to blow us all up. That’s how isolated they made the twin towers destruction appear to us.

It was a one-time fluke. “Who knew?” said Condi Rice.

Later we found out quite a few people knew, but were not allowed to talk about it.

Here it is almost nine years after 9/11, and yesterday, I went to buy my usual Powerball Lottery ticket at my local BP gas station, (leave me alone---don’t even go there.) and there before me was yet another pair of grinning Saudi men, boisterously bantering with the all-white Anglo Saxons before them, paying for their gas and lotteries tickets.

It was then I realized that now, every gas station around my house inside a ten mile radius are owned by Saudi’s. All of them.

Oh, they are courteous to the Americans; they smile at you when they take your money---but in their eyes, you can see their disgust, especially if you happen to be a blond woman.

Okay, it’s a free country, right? Get over it I tell myself.

So there I was, dreaming of how I should win 72 million on my birthday when I noticed the paper. Right up front, there it was. Not USA Today, not our dearly un-beloved Post-Dispatch, but a paper for only those who can read Arabic. Right there.

Up front.

So I said to myself…this is NOT good. Just how many Saudi’s are now here?

If I had seen a French paper, all in French, I would have said the same thing, but as I looked at these guys, it looked as if they had just gotten off the bus, so to speak.

Yes, welcome to America, guys.

Then I got to thinking how right after 9/ll, all our local gas stations closed down. Poof. Just like that. Actually, it was shocking to me. Stations that I had gone to for over twenty years…one morning…just gone. Like a bad one-night stand.

Whole stations, left to rot in the sun, in the middle of a crowded highway. It didn’t make any sense.

BUT…around the corner brand new superstations were going up all over the place..which were really great, until you realized that they were owned by Hugo Chavez. One really stupendous one called Chevron was a favorite until we found out that we were actually giving money to a guy who called our President the Devil.

Who knew?

So, what’s that make us I thought…Satan worshippers?

After the news got out, people stopped going to Chevron…so, within a few months; we saw a new station, under a new name. They think Americans are stupid.

They judge us by our politicians.

So I got to thinking about it. What if…the Saudi’s plan is to buy up every single gas station here in America?

Every one.

What a perfectly stealth way to overtake a society. Infiltrate the infidels…control not only their gas prices but the very stations where they buy that gas. Get as many relatives as you can over here.

You can make a lot of road bombs with all that gas.

After all, both President Bush and Obama just love that Saudi King, and he has a lot of relatives.

Maybe that’s why we had to have a President called Barak. And here we all thought it was our Congress and Monica Lewinsky that was holding our politicians hostage.

If you see this happening around YOUR neighborhood, maybe we ought to ask ourselves: its one thing to not drill for our own oil, but it’s quite another thing altogether to let every Saudi and their cousin into our country to own the gas stations that sell it to us.

So…Mr. President….what good was taking the fight OVER THERE, when you let them come freely into our country, to infiltrate and set up camp here?

You tell me, next time your dad jumps out of a plane. I’d love to hear it. In fact, you are being blamed for Obama being elected in the first place you know.

Somewhere in that paper that I couldn’t read was a statement I bet…

“We must take the fight over there, so we don’t have to fight it here.”

No wonder they want us to get electric cars.



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