Monday, May 04, 2009

Nobody Reports Her Condition

Nobody’s Opinion: Well it’s come to this: I’m all pooped out. I was feeling really guilty about this…and then, there I was, putting on my makeup late on a Saturday morning, thinking of all the chores ahead of me that should have been taken care of five years ago, and on C-Span I heard these words…

“It’s just too %$& much work.”

This was the answer given to the question: “Are you going to write anymore books?” The answerer was Lt. Gen. Hal Moore, the man who Mel Gibson portrayed in “We Were Solders.”

And I thought to myself, well there you go. If THAT man finds writing everyday incredible time-consuming, why in the world are YOU feeling guilty about it?

In the first place: I’m a horrible speller.

In the second place: it takes me an hour, just to erase my spam in my e-mails. Many days, I don’t even get to it, so if I don’t get to my e-mails, I can’t learn about the computer because I don’t have time. And you have to know how to do all the fancy things on computer to even compete.

In the third place: I rely on facts from Drudge, Newsmax, and various pundits that I read every day, and sometimes, believe it or not, they even get it wrong. And I must admit, while they all are excellent writers, they all say pretty much the same thing. It’s like eating various meatloaves. All are them are good, but its still meatloaf.

In the fourth place: to do the research I really must do in order to be taken seriously, I would have to devote at least eight hours a day to it, and unless I’m getting paid, (and my chances of that happening is about as good as Bill Clinton going away any time soon) it’s really a stupid move on my part.

In the fifth and most important place: my husband is very sick, and our lives are in danger mode at the moment.

BUT---in the famous words of Henry Kissinger “Having said that” I cannot stop putting my two to four cents in of my Nobody’s Opinions.

And I want to have some fun, while I do it, which means, I don’t want to care about what all the others are doing…because…well, I’m just the odd man out. If I want to use a different font, then I will.

So, I’m still going to post, I’m just going to have more fun at it, and I’m going to quit trying to be like everybody else. I really don’t care about it. I’m just going to try to make myself feel better, and hopefully find other people who think the world is just as crazy as I do.

I remember and appreciate every single comment ever giving and love them all. more essays…just random thoughts, and mostly opinions on all the absurdities going on.

If and WHEN, I decide to get going again...actually sticking to one subject and trying to make it in to something…respectable…I will be more organized. I will have my library built, (yes, that’s a goal this summer) and I will be able to find that piece of information that I remember reading…and be able to back up what I say, because let’s face it…I’m always saying “I remember reading” but have no clue where.

Anyway, there…that’s out of my system. So now, the few of you who visit here: don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Beware the nobody monster let loose.



Blogger Kathy said...

I only have one thing to say....You Go girl!! This is your blog and you write when, what and however much you wish on any subject you wish!!! the rest of us nobodys will keep reading, laughing, and loving every min of it. =)

1:53 PM  
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