Saturday, May 02, 2009

Sometimes, All it Takes is a Pun

Dear Readers:
Nobody's E-Mail: It's Saturday night, and I've been pretty down lately.
So, when I opened up an e-mail tonight from the most elegant and intelligent Mr. Earl Jent...well, I needed a good laugh, and his e-mails never fail to deliver those moments.
Thanks Earl...
Earl has a simply wonderful blog that you can find here...he always has the best writers and mixes it up with his own special interests...give it a will go back again and again.
Anyway...there were many more pictures in this joke, but it was these two pictures seen above, of the BLOB fish, and the spider mole, that reminded me of the left-wing moron the most.
If only the left-wing moron would evolve into a blob fish, the world would be better off.
Yeah, I'm in a funk...please bear with me. If it gets too bad, I promise, I'll take off awhile.
In the meantime, stay opinionated and remember, swine on!



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