Monday, April 27, 2009

The REAL Swine Already Have the Flu..

Nobody’s Opinion: So…you’re not feeling too well? Got a fever? Maybe the sniffles?

Did you catch the fact that we are now under a US Public Health Emergency Swine Flu Alert even though, out of over 400 million people here in the United States, not one person has died of it?

Can you believe your own eyes and ears?

Over the weekend we had a monkey-house full of politicians, administrators, and Homeland Security pretenders, standing on podiums (almost too excited in my opinion) and telling us that finally, an epidemic of flu has arrived.

Remember when President Bush would talk about the SCARS scare and how we all needed to be aware that somewhere in Alaska, a few people were reported to have come down with it? Then it was the bird flu. Or how about that West Nile Virus that was going to kill us all?

Even on the conservative blogs, and FOX News, the epidemic swine flu is treated as seriously as if we will be attacked by a nuclear weapon.

We don’t have one chicken little-ing us; oh noooooo…we have a whole slew of squawking swine flu birds calling for us all to WATCH OUT. You might just die! Your ever caring and watchful government will now have to tell you what to do and where you can go to be safe, and we can get in a few rounds of golf while we’re telling you.

Okay, what ARE they playing at? Are they (a.) trying to get our minds off the Middle East? (b) getting us ready for a bio-attack, or (c) creating a problem so that they can come in with the solution, creating a convenient mechanism to put more draconian laws of tyranny into just a few global hands? The President has the power to throw out our Constitution in an emergency, so that in itself is scary.

Mexico already has troops prohibiting the “gatherings” of large crowds.

First, we had “global warming is destroying the planet”…we will all die. Then we had “if we don’t bail out the banks” we will all die. Now it’s “if we don’t control the population, we could all die.”

What’s next?

All messages say the same things: We want you all to stay home, and let us continue ahead with our universal health care and mandatory cap and trade energy policies in order to bleed you of even more money, because, frankly, we need to continue our globalization plans. Because…well darn it, you are just not giving in. In fact, you’re holding tea parties, and we knew this was coming, but somehow we just have to get you to give it up. And the fastest way to do this is through good old fashioned fear. Be afraid. Oh, and stay green while you’re at it.

I never thought that in my lifetime I would see such a full-fledged propaganda fear program aimed at controlling people into quietly accepting high taxations for Universal Health Care system along with mandatory restructuring of our whole lives, depriving us of life, property, and the pursuit of happiness.


One school closes in New York City, and the world health organization is busy drawing up plans.

Now, we have one crisis after another: “If we don’t bail out these banks and companies, millions will die. If we don’t bail our failed medical system, millions will die.”

What’s next? If we “don’t stop rationing our water, millions will die?”

Hey, millions will die anyway.

Catching the flu is a yearly nuisance around my neighborhood, and most of us survive if we can stay out of the hospital. More people have died from food poisoning, but they didn’t call it a national emergency did they?

And close the borders to keep the Mexican virus from spreading …NEVER!

The military is controlling the people in Mexico…

So, when will we see the “military” on our streets in the guise of “quarantine?” How about the Fourth of July? You can’t go to a tea party if large gathering are outlawed due to public health now can you?

When are we going to wake up?

One thing is for sure, if we were in any danger at all, the government would be the last entity on this earth to protect you from anything, and the last one to admit that it is as bad as it really looks to you or me.

They fly around in their huge jets, and shake hands with millions. They’re not scared, why should we be?

So, here’s an updated American RED ALERT: The only epidemic we need be fearful of is those spreading the swine flu of tyranny from the top---it’s a sure killer.



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