Monday, April 20, 2009

Nobody Absurdities, No..? Torturing the American Patriot

Nobody's Absurdities: Here’s a few absurd thoughts from yesterday:

We now have a President who is hell-bent on destroying our country and it’s whole foundation. He has decided to appease our enemies, who are so upset about us torturing the men sent to bomb, maim, and destroy thousands of us.He has shown what a nice guy and Muslim supporter he is by releasing all the times every single man was tortured by the CIA to get information.

Oh, and by the way, that torture worked, proving only one thing: a country should not ever “elect” a man with the name of it’s very enemies, just to show how nice and tolerant a people we are...just whose side is Obama on?

What is the proximate cause for his insanity? While he talks the American way, he walks the way of Islam, and seeks a government of total centralized, unchecked power.

Our enemy is not only within, he is in control.


Arianna Huffington---you know, the feminist who got her vast fortunes the same way George Washington did (by marrying into it)--- is all upset about the cruelty of torturing people who want to kill us.

She also wants Obama to work harder to outlaw guns.

The problem could be that Arianna has been mentally tortured by just one too many hair colorings.

The very first argument all the liberals give to support the abolition of torture is the argument that if we torture them, then our enemies will then of course, torture our military men and women prisoners.

I don’t know where Arianna gets her information, but Arabs don’t torture, they just slit your throat. I guess that’s where she gets mixed up. Death is fine…but not torture.

By this reasoning, Al Franken could have a different future.

This entire torture subject has been on the front page since Abu Ghraib, the vast “conservative” conspiracy to make prisoners porn pictures just so Rumsfeld and Bush could get their torture jollies off, according to the New York Times and Boston Globe, who, may I add, are having a hard time staying afloat.

So..if no one else will say it, I will: Abu Ghraib, looks more in retrospect, like a set-up by the democratic liberal party hired CIA operatives, in order to influence the next election and personally hurt President Bush. The few people involved were right out of the Clinton military playbook. Every time you saw a mess-up in the military situation, 99% of the time, those people had been appointed or got their jobs from Bill Clinton and his idealistic liberalization military policies.

Abu Ghraib was nothing compared to what John McCain went through. It was mostly meant to embarrass and incite rage in the press. Come on…who wants to take pictures that stuff?

A man, who was going to really torture, would not…I repeat would not take pictures.

I’d say that what Obama did today is just more proof that Abu Grave was staged. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some pictures of our “torture” methods soon on the front page of Time.

THAT should give them some extra weeks of survival!

From the Brigadier General, Janis Karpinski, who ran the place, and who said it was Donald Rumsfeld who made the mess… right down to the douche-bag girl and guy who took all the pictures…it looked manipulated for the effect it was meant to cause…world outrage.

As we have witnessed from the hundreds of sex scandals beefed up by the different political hags…everything and every kind of scandal is fair game. It’s been part of our political system ever since Jefferson paid a man to write scandals and lies about John Adams so he could be elected.

And then the same man Jefferson paid to blacken Adams name, turned around and printed Jefferson’s affair with his slave Sally because Jefferson didn’t want to pay him.

Nothing much has changed but the degree of power and money involved.

So---even though it helped win a democratic majority in Congress, it was our finest soldiers who paid the price with their lives.

Arianna, by going against torture, thinks she is actually saving American military lives. She probably thinks this profound thought while having her nails done, so concerned is she about Islamic prisoners.

Arianna… go take a bubble bath and leave the heavy thinking to Ann or Michelle.

Why don’t these liberals go live in Saudi Arabia, where they can mouth off and leave us alone?…wait-- Arianna would be instantly killed in Saudi Arabia for speaking her mind.
But, she would not be tortured, and that's a good thing. We wouldn't have to read about it.

I suggest, as an alternative to water torture. To make Arianna feel better, why don’t we take the men from Guantanamo, put them in a plane, and push them out into the deserts of Africa. We’ll even give them a parachute and all the water they can carry. And if Arianna is so worried about their welfare, let her pay for their passage home.

What an idiot.

The real torture is for the American patriots who are now being lead by the most dangerous bunch of idiots in the world---a world where they stay in control forever and torture the rest of us who have to watch our own demise.
Where's my water-board?



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