Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Jericho

Nobody Opinion: It’s not such a Good Friday…

“Joshua fit the battle of Jericho, and the walls came tumbling down”

I remember singing that song over and over when I was a kid, and I loved it. In my mind I envisioned this great warrior (all dressed up in sandals and a skirt, of course) coming to the gates of a city whose walls were so big, they were at least ten-stories high. It was said in the song that no army could ever penetrate it. Jericho was a city so huge and so fortified, it could not be conquered. The walls were just too thick.

But Joshua came to attack Jericho with a big army, and he had God talking right in his left shoulder, telling him the city was his for the taking. And take it he must.

Don’t worry, said God--- Do as I say and it will be yours---piece of cake.

In my little five-year-old mind, I pictured this dark-haired man marching up to the gates of Jericho and standing with his vast army of…really spiffy looking trumpet players. The actual soldiers just stood around and looked good.

I imagined the trumpets of Jericho being extremely long, gold, and very loud. They were so loud in fact, that the roar of the trumpets, just blasted the big impenetrable walls from the sheer reverberation of the low notes, with one mighty blast---


Then Jericho and all its city inhabitants were very nicely taken over…so scared were they of the army of God, and those weapons of mass destructing trumpets! What a mess they had to clean up...oh…and they lived happily ever after with their new benevolent king.

Hey--- that’s how the Sunday school teacher presented it to the little kids, who were sent to sit in “Sunday” school while their parents sat in the big house listening to the real Sunday school sermon, which was usually about drinking and adultery. Back then, most adults actually thought about kids and what they should hear.

Yeah--- really.

I must admit…I haven’t given the battle of Jericho a thought until this Good Friday afternoon. I tuned into the History Cable Channel, and that’s when I heard military experts explain what really happened. I got the adult version. The one where Joshua and his men not only captured the town of Jericho, but ruthlessly kill every single man, woman, child, baby, donkey, dog, and chicken in the famous walled city, and then burned it all to the ground.

A bit of a waste I’d say, but then again, Joshua was trying to make a point…

Joshua had a very well thought out plan. He put on a grand show for seven whole days. He marched his soldiers in perfect battle form, around and around the walls of Jericho, all the while having his trumpeters blasting.

The military man explains…this was a very clever diversion.

While the people were carefully watching this braggadocio of Joshua showing off scary troops… secretly many of Joshua men were climbing up a rope put down by a prostitute and going inside the walls. It took about seven days to get enough guys inside, and they just hid.

And then, on the seventh day, the final trumpet signal came. That was the cue for the men inside to lead the attack from inside the walls of Jericho.

And that’s the point. Joshua won against the biggest fortress around, and he took it down because he had men helping him on the inside.

If you apply this very simple tactic to today---the United States, the modern Jericho, is not too big to “fail”…I mean fall.

A mighty attack caused the crashing of the walls of the World Trade Center on 9/11; The enemies had been inside, planning...waiting. Our government sent special planes to pick up the relatives of bin Laden, and give them free passage away, while all other planes were grounded--- a that's when MY first trumpet went off.
Then, when President Bush started begging the American people to let the good people of Dubai guard our ports. I felt like the enemy was already here and holding our President hostage...a second trumpet.
Crazy, I know...but I wasn't the only one shocked.

When I saw a picture of Obama, refusing to salute the American flag…a third trumpet sounded loud in my American, finely-tuned ear. But, he realized his mistake, and we never saw him without a flag behind him after that.

When it was reported that the pastor that he had listened to for over twenty years, actually hated America, as did many of his long-time friends, the fourth trumpet went off. His wife wasn’t particularly fond of the place either.

A fifth trumpet came when we watched Obama's silence when many wanted to hear him give proof of his American citizenship. The great walls of WALL STREET crashed around the world.

As President, he has done nothing but destroy our economy with lighting speed, and he is always appeasing the Muslim nations and the rest of the world with grand apologies of how bad America was, and still is.

The sixth trumpet sounded when he bowed to the Saudi King, probably even kissing his hand.

In the meantime, on the outside of our walls, we have witnessed a great parade of military threats; the almost ungodly panorama of the thousands of Chinese people, showing off in frightening dancing military exactness, at the opening of the Chinese Olympics; the marching warriors of North Korea; and just this week, the Iranian nuclear parades.

And here we sit, watching the outside world flaunting their jingoism from all sides, our attention diverted, while on our inside, a rope put down by prostitutes of political global ambitions are filling up our cities with enemies--- who are waiting for a signal.

The last signal.

I can’t help but wonder…when will we hear the seventh trumpet call?

Ahmadinejad wants to destroy all America. It is the jihadist’s way that all infidels must be completely destroyed. His god demands it. His God is saying to him…

It’s okay--- piece of cake.

Whatever you many think about the existence of God---having the belief that there is a god on your side, can make all the psychological difference between victory and defeat.

It wasn’t just the trumpets at Jericho that helped Joshua out.

People need to know they are dying for a reason, and that someone will protect them. Right now, I’d say that Islam has the psychological advantage over the Christian god…because; religion in our country is being erased.

Enemies within…are working hard at that, lead by our own President Barack Hessian Obama, who can't find a church before Easter, even though he claims to be a Christian.
But sometime in our future, we might have to choose sides and find the eneimies within... and defeat them.

So…I suggest the God of our founders…Washington, Adams, Jefferson...that God served us well...
That God is waiting to be resurrected.

It’s time the American people sound some trumpets of their own.



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