Thursday, April 09, 2009

Oh...My...God...Obama Bows

Nobody Wins:

"Oh MY GOD...I KNEW IT! I heard that Obama made a deep bow to the Saudi King, but...but...he said he didn't...

BUT I JUST SAW IT! He bowed so deeply, that I thought he was gonna split his pants!

He lied!

And all of us who were suspicious about a man who went by the name of "Barry" all his life: a man who lovingly wrote a book about his Muslim father...why, we were simply ostracized til the CATS (and some of the dogs) came home if we even COMPLAINED about his insistence on being the first President with such an UN-American name...Barack Hussein Obama...I mean, he COULD have gone by just "Barry Obama" just to make us all feel more comfortable and all...Hussein being a major enemy of the United States.. and all...

BUT I SAW IT WITH MY OWN LITTLE KITTY EYES! He bowed to the KING! Which over there means, he is a servant of the man! No President in American History has ever done such a stupid thing!

I would NEVER bow to Skippy!

Our last President just used to kiss the King on the mouth and hold his hand...(I know, what's with these Kings?) That means at least...that he met the King as an equal

But not Obama. I'm surprised that he didn't fall down he bowed so low. I'm surprised he didn't say "I'm at your service great King."

Or did he? Did anyone get a tape? OMG.

He didn't bow to the Queen of England. He treated her about the same as he treated his own grandmother. (Yes, the one who was actually smart enough to be scared of robbers, even if they were black.)

And to Cuba, Obama sent the "Black Caucus" to see Castro. There wasn't a white "Caucus" even allowed on the boat...and they all LOVED the man. They didn't even know he has been known to take small kittens by the neck and throw them against the wall...then eat them whole.

I ought to know. My cousin Tostatitos still lives down there. She is starving...she has to hide from the big rats. Castro has no mercy. He is a dictator. He is EVIL.

And they LOVED him. Oh, my...GOD.

Wait a minute. OMG, I'm a white kitty. What if Castro comes to my neighborhood? Does this mean I have to hide at the gas stations?

Does this mean Obama wants a Communist nation ruled by the Saudi King?

Will I have to share my kitty food with the dog Skippy?

That's it. I'm getting my picture taken on only Persians rugs from now on.

But...oh my God...what's next?

We will all have our medical records online and I will be chipped.

That's what I heard...OMG, this is so cruel. I'm just a kitten! I'm even cute!

How could this be happening?



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