Saturday, April 04, 2009

Nobody Gives Thought to MND On a Saturday Night

Nobody's E-Mails on a Saturday Night:

-unless you're a nobody like me.

And since, due to politicians that should be sent out to sit on a lake while better men and women clean up their messes ( fat chance), I am like many Americans at the moment..."economically challenged" which means I can't afford a secretary to go through my e-mail.

Anyway...LAST Saturday night, I decided, by talking to myself, that Saturday nights were a good night not to blog anything...

Instead...I would put up a favorite e-mail from the week, just to share a thought or two.

This one was probably written by a man at MND...because I have to agree...women talk too waaaaaay too much. (Yes, it's a short joke about women talking too much.) Now, because I talk too much, I've spoiled the joke, which is why I can't tell jokes.

Anyway men...we can't help it. We are, as you know, wired that way.

I find the simple thoughts contained in this joke's philosophy, and millions of men all over the world I'm sure would agree, a basic problem...that I must admit, being a women, I have a LOT of trouble with, because I talk too much, I'm a typical women.

It pays to know your weaknesses. I read that somewhere, and it's never done me any good.

For women like seems the only cure, is for the man to something, else for awhile.

Hey, it works.

Anyway...have you noticed I can't stop talking? Has it dawned on my readers that that I just can't shut up? Why does this happen? Someone...pull my finger...go tell me.

There is always the 90/10 percent rule...sooner or later something really special will come out. There is that ten percent chance...sometimes, you never know...What's bad is that you have to sit through the 90 percent before you get to the good stuff.

For instance, today I was talking so much that my husband and I kept going over and over something that had happened in the store..."you walked over THERE, and I walked over HERE"

"Yeah, I just said that"

"I KNOW you just said that. I agree that you just said that.'

"You're not listening to me."

"That's because you're missing the whole point!"

"Remember, we just said that!?"

" I went left, and then you went right."

" I know, we just said that...this happened before you went right!"

"I went to look for a flashlight bulb"

"Well, how was I to know what you were doing. Did you say, "Hey, maybe I can find a flashlight bulb?"

"I can't read your mind."

"Well, it's always my fault. "

" No it's MY fault."

So...if this sounds familiar, give yourself a beer, because it's been going on since Cleopatra told Anthony to park the boats on the right, and the whole fleet was burned. Leaving her to die in some old tomb by snakebite.

Frankly, I don't believe that story, but there you go.

Okay FINALLY...the e-mail:

Ole and Sven are quietly sitting in a boat fishing, drinking beer, when suddenly Sven says, 'I think I'm gonna divorce my wife - she ain't spoke to me in over 2 months.'Ole sips his beer and says,

'Better think it over... ........women like that are hard to find.'

And there I go...I ruined it for you...a man would have just posted the picture and got on with his life...

Let this be a lesson.

Nobody Says: Don't sweat the small talk.
When a woman stops talking, THEN you're in trouble.

But then, you already knew that....yaya, ya da da da....



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