Monday, March 30, 2009

Peacocks Aren't Perfect

Nobody Perfect: It's official...the Peacocks are here.
Today, for the first time in American History, a President of the United States took over one of our biggest corporations, fired the CEO, and demanded that from now on, all companies and people in the United States will go by HIS command.
Okay, so he didn't exactly get to the rest of us yet, but he will.
So, therefore, Michelle is definitely going to need an upgrade from her "Blood-Stain of the Slaves" nomination dress, to this newest royal cascade fit for a Peacock Queen, married to the Biggest Peacock King ever graced the face of the to Napoleon...made of course from thousands of peacocks feathers.
Peta won't care. Peacocks are not on their list!
Frankly, I can't WAIT to see her in this.
Then, I suggest that for her visit to Africa, she wear this $30 million dollar dress, made up entirely of diamonds, where she can show off her very fine arms and armpits. Show the world that the United States is just fine, thank you very much. And also that she supports the fine efforts that the Africans are doing digging all day the heat...just for her.
Africans need jobs too you know, it's all part of the Obama Peacock plan.
And last, but not least, when she finally gets back to her Kingdom, the citizens request that we get to see her in this very chic, hot off the Paris runway...Vampire dress!
Because, sometimes, you just have to be honest, Michelle. How else are we going to trust you?
I suggest getting the girls matching vampire outfits too, that would be adorable.
As for Dad? Well, a peacock robe...for those special nights on the town!
And as a special gesture of thanks....send that old dress to the CEO's of AIG.
It's the least you can do.
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