Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Smoke Is In Your Obama Bong Eyes

Nobody Wins: He made a joke about it…Obama. He joked about it at his “fake” town hall meeting. It was the perfect set-up…so he could deny what he really wants to do…what he plans to do…and very shortly. George Soros be proud.

The joke is not a joke…legalizing marijuana is not a joke. Not to me. Not to the millions of people who have lost children, husbands, and dear friends to the horrible habit of smoking “grass.”

Ask my neighbor down the street whose son was shot in the head in downtown St. Louis, last year because he wanted a bag.

Ask my neighbor across the street, whose son who smokes every single day and can’t keep a job.
Grass is not a joke.

Of course, Hillary set the stage…perfectly. Americans have an “insatiable demand for drugs.” said the woman who, if witnesses are to believed, shared many a joint with her future ruler and partner in crime, Bill Clinton. while they were in college.

Once again, it’s OUR fault that the drug lords are killing and cutting off heads.


Our great unionized public schools let the kids sell drugs in the hallway. The teachers all watch. They look away. How do I know this? Because the teachers have told me.

Obama’s town hall set up the discussion, so that he could laugh and deny… so that the rest of the day, on CNN, on all the news networks we could “talk” about how we really should legalize drugs. it's the only way...
I’m really getting sick of this “media” brainwashing…done to make you think…that it’s the people that want this, it’s a clever ploy.

They have the whole day planned out, who will say what, and when, and how. Obama will say this, Hillary will go to Mexico… it will come out on the same day. And the night before a very special program on M-13 will be shown to scare us all.

Not a coincidence. Hollywood be proud. My goodness, another crisis to be used to further the programs, how timely. How wonderfully convenient.

Once again, Hillary set the stage…”neither interdiction of drugs nor reducing demand has been successful”

What else is there? Legalization!

Well, according to my local mayor, marijuana is not as bad as alcohol.

Tell that to Michael, my first love. My first boyfriend. We were engaged. His family said he should grow up first and go serve in Vietnam before we got married.

So…off he went. He joined. He came back, barely able to speak a decent sentence. A young man who loved to read, who loved to think, had smoked so much grass over there that his brain was literally damaged beyond repair.

Grass is a despicable drug. I know---I was a musician who worked with too many stoned musicians for years. It makes you really, really, stupid.

Alcohol, can be addicting, that’s true. But it doesn’t destroy as many frontal lobe cells as grass.

Did legalizing alcohol get rid of alcoholics? No…do the numbers.

But most people aren’t alcoholics; they can drink on the weekends, and still get up and function on Monday.

But with grass….no. The people I know who started smoking never got off the stuff. They do it every day of their lives; they say it “relaxes” them. And because grass relaxes, they went on to coke, or crack.
Well, what about drunk drivers? there a test for stoners driving? Nope.

Anyway...if I were a government trying to introduce a corporate/fascist/state to the most successful democracy in history, I’d want them “relaxed” too.

So, will legalizing drugs stop the violence? Will M-13 stop killing people? Why do these people sell drugs? Legalize grass…they will just sell heroin and cocaine...

No, there will be just a lot more people so stoned they won’t know what’s going on. Not to mention the tax revenue they will get off of it.

Obama laughed.

The laughing messenger…of a slow and painful George Soros planned socialistic death.

Close the border. Expel the kids who sell drugs in the hallways. Ban cell phones from all prisons and schools. Put some Vietnam Vets on TV and let them tell how drugs ruined their lives. Bring men back into being married and fathers. Stop this “single mothers” promotion…put the kids in state-controlled schools where the state can control their every thought, crap.

I broke up with Michael. It broke my heart to see his brain destroyed. He tried to get me into his drug world…I walked into a room where Michael and his friends were all shooting up one day, just by chance, and knew he was lost.

I’m lucky those guys were too stoned to catch me.

I have no idea what happened to that gentle good soul.

And Obama laughed.

Well, Obama smokes cigarettes, and by his low weight, I’d say he smokes a good two packs a day.

I wonder what else he’s smoking?
Go ahead and legalize it Obama. It might finally wake people up to what you are doing.
(Sorry, somethings just don't make me laugh, and this is one of them.)



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