Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nobody Knows: What's Going On?

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Nobody Knows: What's going on?

We go from one bailout, to a TARP, to another bailout, to billions of dollars worth of pork, to bailing out car companies, to bailing out their suppliers, to bailing out newspapers, to bailing out bonuses for big CEO's, to deficits of trillions that if stretched out in one-hundred dollar bills would stretch outside the Milky Way, to suggested Obama brown-shirts , to instigation of class warfare, to everyone losing their pensions, to major retail stores shutting down, to drug wars on our borders, to a possible WWIII starting in the middle East, and our boys right in the middle of it, to China threatening to toss out the dollar, with the help of Great Britain and France, to Sweden becoming a Muslim nation, to a made-up green revolution to control our every habit, to a President grabbing control of all private industry and banks, to sweet words to ruthless dictators with dreams of Holocaust, to snotty remarks about the disabled, to millions being laid off, to vacant homes, to a new plane for the down and out Nancy Pelosi....and the "green" revolution tells us that England must reduce it's population to just 30 million...

And NOBODY goes after the guy who says it?


Is it because they want ALL people to die off, not just the Jews?

Is it because it's an equal opportunity extermination that makes it all so...respectable?

And tonight, the President of the "free" country of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, came out and "permitted" the people on his picked list to ask him very staged questions, while he looked at a big screen, like the puppet he is, and delivered the same old, reassuring messages that he has been saying over and over for weeks.

If you listened to him, everything in the world was going to be just fine...children.

"No...you are just going into the shower...it's a shower after you're long trip. Men and boys to the right...women and girls to the left, leave all your jewelry and luggage outside the door, they will be giving back to you when you come out of the shower...in line now...be quiet please...you then will be served lunch. "

They played a program about the ten biggest crimes in history tonight on the cable channels, but they left off the biggest one ever committed. The trillions of dollars stolen from the American People, right out from under their nose. But don't worry if you have to work till you die...you will be paid a decent "volunteer" salary and never lack for food stamps.

I was watching this David Icke post tonight...and as crazy as it seems, the fact that so many of our leaders have been telling us for years what they are going to do, and we have just thought that the "New World Order" was just a nice phrase like "Shower the people with love" because we just can't believe how a small amount of elite men and women could take control of billions of lives...or even want to for that matter.

After the Holocaust, who would do such a thing?

And will they insist on chipping us? Well, not too long ago I would have been shocked to see camera's go up everywhere. Not too long ago I was shocked to learn that I could no longer deposit my own husband's paycheck, a bank who had known me for over thirty years.. without him near.

So, if even a little of this new "chipped" society comes about there IS only one thing to do...

Don't riot, but unit, and simply, do not comply.

The President of Princeton recently said that the intelligent design theory had no proof whatsoever. I suggest she pray on that. This time, it will be more than Americans at the tea parties...

They might be having them all over the world.

They want globalization? Well...they might get it, and that's when billions of people on the earth might say...

What have we got to fear, but fear itself?



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