Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Put On Your Life Jacket...

Nobody Knows; Well…now you know.

As the old saying goes, it’s as plain as the nose on your face.

Here’s what they did:

They printed up a Congressional “budget” book, with so many gargantuan pages to read--- pages that if stretched out would probably equal the length of the wall of China, or if you dropped it on your foot, you’d break both legs---then gave everyone in Congress a little over 24-hours to read it because the President and Nancy Pelosi refused to give anyone any more time to even look at it….even though it was probably the most important document since our Constitution because of the horrible collapse of our whole economic system…

And they did this on purpose to give all the politicians plausible deniability of blame.

No, we didn’t read it, there wasn’t time, but I had to sign it or else the world as we know it would have ended…so said Obama. It’s wasn’t MY fault.”

This of course, now has given every politician in Washington a pass card as the government doles out the final destruction of our financial hopes and dreams.

Not our fault, says Barney Franks, it’s those horrible CEO’s.

Our thugs in Congress have committed the most horrendous crime on the citizens of America, since the country began...and they don’t want you to get mad at them for taxing you and your family into oblivion, so they got a few CEOs to take the blame.

What’s a little heat when at the end of the day you walk home with $44 million dollars?

Today, nobody is screaming about what Obama and his thugs are doing, they are screaming about AIG…and the big bonuses of Wall Street. They’ve taken your every anger cell and directed it away from the main characters.

Gee…most of the money which AIG got from us is going to….Germany? Billions and BILLIONS! (40?) More bailout money is going to Germany and foreign countries than to the United States?

But we are mad about the AIG CEOs getting paid…$163 million?

And this is why they needed the US taxpayer to bail out the banks?

Germany? Will we get free beer?

Obama today said, gee folks, I just learned about these bonuses on Thursday. He was just so busy playing basketball and setting up the next Wednesday night White House party.

Oh…so I guess Obama did not see the article in Vanity Fair…you know, the March issue where he is on the cover and his WHOLE CABINET got their historical pictures taken by the great, but now mansion poor, Annie Leibovitz? Guess not.

And since he did not want to see that picture of himself on the cover, then he missed the article which listed who got bonuses at AIG, and was going to get them.

It was laid out there in plain English.

Oh wait….Obama only reads a teleprompter.

If Vanity Fair had all the statistics, why didn’t the White House? Gee…every single person working for Obama had their picture in that magazine…you would have thought someone in his cabinet would have read the article about Wall Street Bonuses?

I mean, it’s not like CEO’s grabbing big bailout bonuses is anything new.

Today, the CEO of AIG appeared before Congress to say that he will “ask” all the people who got bonuses to give half of the money back. He’ll ask…how nice of him. And somehow bonuses have morphed into salaries.

Just rename them. Ya gotta love it.

And gee, what a coincidence that tonight Obama is appearing on David Letterman? And gee…what a coincidence that for the first time in my knowledge, short of a 9/11 attack, Obama broke into a major news broadcast to show himself speaking live in California, and how adored he is.

Hey, I will take the blame, we must stop all this bickering.” he said standing tall. The applause in the room in California was overwhelming.

What a man---can I throw up now?

Here’s what Obama would have discovered had he read the magazine that he was on the front of: Billions upon billions of taxpayer money has very expediently given and with full Congressional approval (stuck somewhere in page 3,400000. of the budget book that nobody read) to;

Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, AIG, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Well Fargo, J.P. Morgan, Bank of America…all the CEOs, like the rich men running to the first boats of the Titanic, they have been greedily filling their pockets and jumping in, pushing men, women, and children into the water.

AIG is now owned by our government, who will sell it off to the highest foreign bidder.

The CEO of AIG, Mr. Liddy, today also had plausible deniability…”I would not have given out those bonuses had I been here.” he said. Gee…and who put him in charge? Obama’s treasury department---and to make him look more honest, he is working for $1.00 a year.

That’s a nice touch, don’t you think?

His predecessor, Martin Sullivan, got to leave with a $47 million severance package for destroying AIG.

I’d leave too.

You know, I’m getting pretty tired of seeing big financial money people sit around roundtables saying, “I don’t know what happened?”

The average American sees what has happened, and they are plenty mad.

Call it what you will: slight of hand, the great Congress Federal Reserve Ponsi scheme, or just plain raping of the millions of hard working’s beyond enough criminality for a revolution: and they know it.

At least when President Bush “lied” about the war in Iraq, 17 other nations “lied” with him---Obama just found out about the AIG bonus last week, which is a lie that is so transparent that even his own children would know it.

And President Bush says Obama is doing a fine job.

And now you know. They are all in the same boat.

Put on your lifejackets.



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