Monday, March 09, 2009

Dr. Phil : Pimping Nadyalina

Nobody's Perfect: The subject for today is Dr. Phil.
Uhhhh...what's wrong with this picture?
I was going to stay away from this other side of the female Ted Bundy coin named Nadya Suleman, but when Dr. Phil gave her and her mother a whole hour on his program so they both could smile sweetly and say, "We really need a new five bedroom house, (sigh)...yes we do00."
And when Dr. Phil nodded that yes, they did!
That was just too much. Really, Doc. You are more demented than she is.
Dr. Phil jumped right in on this better than your average baby carrier, as a spectacular pimp, which is exactly what he is doing with this story...pimping his way to the bank.
"Why, this poor woman, whatever her problems, needs OUR help!" he says.
Personally, if she had been born into the Ted Kennedy family, she would have made an excellent Treasury Secretary.
Come on, Dr. Phil. Here is a woman, who notices that she resembles Angelina Jolie, and so she figures out a way to dupe the whole lot of you guys, by getting plastic pumped-up lip surgery.
What a CON!
She speaks so soft and sexy, and she is so innocent, all she had to do was CARRY those eight kids and pick up that welfare check! Nine months in bed? How hard can that be?
Nice work if you can get it...and she did.
The sad new is: she wanted a five-bedroom house, and since Dr. Phil has suckered millions of people to send her their hard earned money...her father got just enough to buy a $564,900 beautiful new home, with only FOUR bedrooms.
Dr. Phil also got her volunteers to take care of all her kids.
Uhhhh...does he realize what he is starting here? I don't think he cares.
Dr. Phil plans to have Nadyalina on again, and again, and AGAIN...and...who knows how much money they can raise for those poor children! And if there are more immigrants coming into the country and getting vitro fertilization in order to really milk us...
Dr. Phil WILL be there!
After all, as Dr. Phil will tell you..."Self Matters." And he is living proof.
Frankly, I don't know which one is worse: The immigrant who figured out a way to get free taxpayer money to pay for the rest of her life...
Or the "psychiatrist" who is helping her.
They both should be in jail. They are using innocent legally steal,
and what's worse, they both know it.



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