Saturday, March 07, 2009

Chasing Irish Men in Ball Parks

Nobody Flashes with an Irish Tourist on a Saturday night.
Hey, I was trying like the dickens to upload a really cool video I had received in my e-mail. All I got was:
report "error"
call "error on the phone..
"admit error"
"Too many errors!"
"Send this error IN!"
"You REALLY don't want to post this video after all, do you?
Okay, so Microsoft did not say that. I give up...I got directions, and said "ERROR...this will take too long to read."
So instead, I'm posting a picture taken about three years ago of myself and a young Irish man, who was on the same tour that I was one spring day here in St. Louis, of the old Busch Stadium that was being torn down.
Just to show him how friendly Americans were, I INSISTED he take a picture in the soon-to-be destroyed dugout with me.
Poor guy. He was speechless. As you can see, he was worried that my hat might blow off my head, hit him in his Irish face, and he would have to go chasing it down the third base line.
Okay, I would have had to chase it down the third base line.
It was a glorious day! Remember when cheap gold purses were in style girls?
Anyway, the video would have been better. Jennifer..Doug...I don't know how you two do it.



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