Monday, February 23, 2009

The Constitutional Right to Cable TV

Nobody's Perfect: Here in St. Louis, all the talk has been about some old guy in "Web City" who just wanted to watch his cable TV programs, but due to the crisis in our economy, his service was turned off. So he got a gun, and just shot the TV set.

His poor wife had to call the police once again, because the man was found standing on his porch, gun in hand, looking for the cableman.

When the President, Obama heard of the great distress caused to this retired "minority" man, because of his lack of "stimulus" he quickly sent this brand new TV Drehtrum. (Made by Skloib)

As you can see, on one side is a TV, on the other is a fireplace.

Now, his wife won't have to call the police anymore. Next time her husband reaches for the gun, she can just give a push to the pole, and get him to relax in front of a nice warm fireplace, and snuggle up and forget about watching TV.

Obama: seeing to it that no citizen be denied their right to state propaganda.

Saving the Union...uniting us all!

Now, where's my gun?



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