Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How Stupid Are We?

Nobody Knows:
Just how stupid are we?
America: A country where all the doctors, life-saving pills, surgeries, hospital stays, are so expensive that if not for health insurance, only the super, super rich could afford to get treatment.
And due to the high cost of even a bandage used in our medical system, it is reported that our companies cannot compete with all the other countries on the earth DUE to our companies having to pay for the high cost of medical insurance, therefore, our jobs go overseas.
America: A country where higher education is so far beyond the reach of the average "working class" American family, that only the very rich, can afford to go to our best universities, therefore we are ruled by rich kids from Harvard, Yale, and Rockefeller's Chicago University. We are controlled by an oligarchy by the rich and for the rich, who are not any smarter than the lower classes but, have a definite advantage due to birth.
And if you have millions, you can do what Goldie Hawn does on a yearly basis...regenerate.
So, here's the question this nobody wants to know: Was this the result of a free market? Is this what everyone is expressing when they say America is the being the best country in the world?
Now: before you think I approve the Universal Health Care system that Obama and the Marxists in Congress have just push down our throats to further control and destroy America with...remember, how tyrants have always ruled...with fear, and that good old simple formula--
...Cause the problem, then come in with the solution.
We do not have a FREE market system NOW...there is very little "competition..the big international banks and companies own just about everything...therefore...the problem."
When people are fearful, lose their jobs, and feel overwhelmed with no hope...they will follow any well speaking tyrant with a sweet tongue, spouting wonderful platitudes of "hope" anywhere.
Years of evolution have NOT solved this problem. The masses and remain half-full.
Yes, break the system, and then come in with a fix...but the "fix" comes with a price and that horrible price we have already witnessed, when NO one in the last administration came to the rescue of Terri Shiavo. Which told us then: If the government wants you to die at the age of sixty, then you will. Or if you're "disabled" you will be taken off life support.
The price of Universal Health care is that now, the government will decide who lives, and who dies. And all three BUSHES, Daddy, Bushie, and Jeb, stood by and watched.
Just like a bunch of Henry the VIII's.
Let us remember this day. This was the day that Tom the Dastardly Daschle said "Seniors should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age instead of treating them."
You're not frightened? In the words of Yoda..."You SHOULD BE...you should be."
Right...had a stroke? Wait, we have an illegal having five babies in the next room...you die. Sorry. Need heart surgery? You're 67? Sorry, no can do. What? You're blood pressure medicine is too expensive? You have a home? Sell it and get free pills. You will have to leave everything you worked you're entire life for...but hey...you're ALIVE!
Where.....is the outrage? Are we too busy thinking about steroids again?
Are you starting to understand why that story is in the news right now?
Like I said....how stupid are we?
Today, Obama weaved his webs of promises and nebulous lies about getting everyone a job, at the exact, let me repeat, the EXACT same time that Rush Limbaugh came on the radio to tell everyone about the universal health care being put into the stimulus bill.
So...don't you think they break out these scandals to get your mind off the fact that our country is taking away all your freedoms, your money, and downsizing America into one big fat McDonald's Farm FOREVER!
In business as in politics...timing is everything.
You are looking at their right hand, and they are stealing your very souls away with their left.
You think they have no control over this? Once they get you on their Google electrical grid, they will control all your energy uses, or you WILL pay highly. And jobs?
BUT...did it ever occur to anyone, have you heard any reporter ask...if this new technology that you will HAVE to put in your home...YOU will have to pay for? On top of all the debt that you now owe?
You think charging that pitiful electric car is going to be cheap?
Like I said---How stupid are we?
Nancy wants to kill the babies...Tom wants to kill the old. The middle class will just die of food poisoning.
We have now a whole leadership of Stalins and Lenins.
It's all to save the great tax-base that they have already destroyed. And when they say: "Well, it's not going to be pain free," you'd better believe it. The only ones that will not suffer are the rich, the powerful, and our politicians.
If you are a baby boomer, take your number, and get in line. Smile because you will be eliminated waaaaaaay before your time under universal "electronic" health care.
Think I'm nuts? Frankly, after these last two days of listening to the plan that Obama has for us all...and the years I've spent watching this very attitude in various hospitals already, I'm counting my blessing every single day, because I know, what's coming. I've seen it with my own eyes. I'm living it now.
The good news? Goldie Hawn will ALWAYS have the money for plastic surgery, thank goodness, because, I am a big fan of Kirk Russell.
And that's the only good news I could find today.....tomorrow HAS to be better.



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