Monday, February 09, 2009

Nobody's Perfect: Alex Rodriguez

Nobody's Perfect:
Alex Rodriguez.

I just love Nobody's Perfect Day...there is ALWAYS someone who is caught messing up their careers by lying or cheating, or being a criminal...or...just being a show off.
And despite the cesspool of lies that came out of Obama's mouth today (Lies like---there is NO pork in this stimulus bill! We will all be doomed forever if we do not let it pass. There are no set-up questions in this town hall meeting...) it was Alex Rodriguez's non-perfect day, and I for one, don't want to deprive him of it.
Alex had to finally admit, because of some pesky woman reporter who, according to HIM, stalked him until she got the scoop...that he has been lying, and yes, he has done steroids. He just doesn't remember which ones, or what year...but he's SURE it's not when he got MVP!
Yes, he's sure, even though he lied to Katie Couric, because he didn't see that he had tested positive until well, just now...many years later!
This man has the markings of a true politician! And for that, he is our Nobody's Perfect candidate for today!
Why did he do it? Texas is just too hot. (suggesting that global warming is causing baseball players to cheat) and also, he didn't have the problem UNTIL he signed on with Texas.
"In Texas, I felt an enormous amount of pressure."
Aren't you surprised he didn't blame President Bush? Well---once again, remember...he's not perfect.
He also blamed a common "culture" along with coaches, doctors, etc.
BUT...mmmm...let's think about this.
Here he is with his wife. I'd say she has some nice muscles there. Those bi-ceps alone would win her a job on a Universal stunt team!
And let's not forget the queen of POP-steroids, Madonna, who just left her husband for A-Rod the Mexican A-Hunk, and has so much in common with him she wants to move back to the US!
Frankly, I might forgive him for the steroids, but bringing Madonna back into the country is going to take me some time to get over.
No Alex, made a big mistake. He should have put the blame on his WOMEN! It's because of them that he got hooked on the stuff!
Recently, Madonna said she met A-Rod through her husband, (thereby claiming innocence and blame on her poor x-husband, who should have never tempted her, I guess.)
So, what does a good buddy (body) do? A-Rod STOLE Madonna away from her husband, who, as everyone knows, does NOT due steroids.
And personally, I think they make a darling couple. I can't wait for the Madonna/Alex baby...who will no doubt be raised in the Mojave Desert, where he will crave steroids just to keep alive.
That baby will have to look no further than it's mothers...milk.
Somewhere, Guy Richie, is having the last laugh.
There is another story in this, about DNA, and steroidal attractions, but...enough already. We have more important things to think about, don't we? When Alex lied, he just hurt himself.
When Obama lies, he hurts the whole country.



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