Friday, February 06, 2009

Nobody Flashes: The Eagles Are Meeting

Nobody Flashes: Finding out that Obama and the 111st Congress, had plans to end, at midnight, the great country called America by financially putting the country into the dark ages with the final passage of another trillion-dollar "stimulus" passage...

The leader of the great American Bald Eagles called a meeting to discuss where to move to.

The old and respected eagle, Patriot, said: "Well, we are not sure yet, but, it looks pretty bad. I know we don't want to leave, but America is being destroyed. We may not have our jobs much longer. There is talk of being replaced by the peacock. We must now pray very hard... that brave American men and women will fight very hard to help us keep our jobs alive. "

"I don't care boss," said one very old bird, "I'll go anywhere but Washington D.C."

Patriot looked at the young eagle, fluffed his feathers, and said, "Well, we'll stay here for now. I don't want to go there either, we are not exactly welcomed there at the moment. But the minute I hear any of you guys speaking in any other language than English, or hanging out with can hunt your own fish!"



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