Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pass the Salt...


Nobody Cares: The grab for government money is getting so bad, that our politicians are having to get real creative about things to tax, since everything we do is taxed now...

What's a politician to do?

Why, tax salt, of course.

The King of New York (who is posing as the mayor) Mr. Bloomberg, wants to impose a tax on, something that all humans on the planet need: salt.


He's hoping this catches on and the whole world decides its a darn good idea. Just think how much money they could raise?

They could pass the "sea salt" tax, for anyone who floats a boat. A good way to finally pass that sucker at the United Nations.

They could pass the "road salt" tax, for all cities to pay for upcoming global-warming ice storms.

Martha Stewart would finally go out of business.

But, what they REALLY want to do, is tax margaritas, because everyone knows, nothing gets a woman drunker quicker, than a couple of margaritas dosed in salt. And it's no secret that they are concerned about the population...this move would be another way to stop babies from being born due to too many margaritas.

MEN? Are you going to take this lying down?

I should hope so.



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