Sunday, February 01, 2009

MVP...Abigail the Beagle

Nobody Reports on a Monday: I TRIED to watch the Superbowl Game...really, I did .

But I must admit, during the first half of the game, I found myself engaged heavily in the PuppyBowl, an action-filled game of puppy football on Animal Planet.... where the action and commentary was actually, from a very independent mind...much, MUCH...more exciting.

And believe me, I was pressing the "recall" button every few minutes, hoping to see something worth getting excited about in the real Superbowl played by men.

BUT...the dogs won out...UNTILL...Arizonia took the lead...

Finally, a couple of men actually did something more exciting than a spunky beagle.

The beginning of the game wasn't too bad. We heard Faith Hill, then some other singer who I believe was on Saturday Night Live the night before...then Kurt Warner came out and accepted an award for working with Jimmy Carter, then a General threw a coin, then the planes went over..that was all fun...but I just couldn't keep my eyes off those adorable and exciting pups.

Half-time was...forgive me...I'm really tired of Bruce Springsteen. Sure he had a couple of hits, a loooooooooooog time ago, but once you've heard a song a million times, one more time, even with millions of dollars worth of fireworks behind it, doesn't make the song any better.

He did flip his guitar around and around his neck...that was different. If he made another one of his boring political comments, I missed it due to Kitty half-time.

Okay...even I must admit..the last quarter of the game, finally got a bit more..upbeat. But to listen to all the commentators speaking right now...this was the best game ever any time in history.

Surely they do drugs.

I beg to differ. If you took a survey, I'd BET you'd find that at least half of the viewers last night, were watching...something else.

Now, let's talk class. Kurt Warner is talking about the game right now, and is commending the other team, and basically, being just the class act that he is.

On the other side of the isle, I watched the coach of the other team, after the final win, walk through the crowd, and literally push hard... a camera man, out of his way. There was no reason for it, it was just an act of a bully.

In his big acceptance speech, it was clear, that the coach of the Steelers was...not exactly a man I'd want to know, winning Superbowl coach or not.

I don't know his name, nor do I care what it is. That one act of "violence" to a camera man who was NOT in his face, showed why his football team played like big bullies. A clue was given to their behavior when the owner thanked Obama, as if Obama had everything to do with the win, and seeing what little I did of the game, I would say the Steelers played just like Obama plays--if you don't like someone, just push them down, and out of the way.....illegally.

That's life you say? That's FOOTBALL baby!

Well, maybe so, but that's also why I will always remember Abigail the beagle, and could care less about that winning coach who showed such low class.

And if you think this is just the opinion of a woman, let me say, that my husband, went to bed early because he got tired of me switching back and forth to the game.

In fact he was downright mad about it. He wanted to see if Abigail got MVP of the night.

Sorry honey.



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