Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Teapot Scandal, 2009

Nobody Cares: As soon as Obama signed the SCHIP Bill into law today, giving all illegal children the right to free health care...

A huge shipment of teakettles was investigated, while being unloaded in the port at Los Angeles.

Forty thousand very cute and very happy, illegal babies were found being smuggled into American inside these take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

AND... any baby that broke a few legs during the trip, were quickly taken to the nearest hospital and treated, all expenses paid.

Obama...once again, showing how swift he is at taken care of future catastrophes!

Forty thousand babies, saved from sure death by boiling! Not to mention, severel new green jobs were created because forty thousand tea pots needed to be recylced.

Finally, a man working for the people! Tea pot workers...UNIT!



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