Sunday, February 08, 2009

Obama, Grammy's, and Pregnant Bees

Nobody’s Opinion: Guess what? Did you ever go through some old papers and find a real gem? Something that brought back a memory that was forgotten because it was so, well---typical?

While I was watching the Grammy’s tonight, and trying to clean up my office, I ran across this picture of me, drawn by a really fabulous and talented guitar player named Glenn Fink, in the year 1977. I had a big crush on Glenn at the time, but Glenn looked on me more like a real buddy.

I was the drummer in a five-piece band at the time. Glenn played guitar, just like Jeff Beck. He was also the reason I became a better drummer.

That man could play. He was also…gay. (At least that’s what my dad thought.) He loved low voices on women…he always talked about it. I don’t know---men and women didn’t talk about their sexual proclivities at the time.

We had something called privacy back then, which meant, you respected each person you worked with enough not to ask about what he did with his “private” life. That made everything so much easier, for both gays and straights, or so I thought.

Anyway, our little band was on the road at the time, and this was drawn in my hotel room, somewhere in the Midwest. I was lying on the bed watching, as you can sort of make out, the Nixon-Frost interviews on T.V. Like most kids of my generation, I hated Nixon.

As you can see, not only was Glenn a great guitar player, but he was a decent artist as well. A good artist can capture emotions, and character, and boy, did he capture my essence in just a few seconds. I walk around most of the time with that look on my face… in disbelief of the absurdity of almost everything that happens.

It’s not that I’m surprised…it’s just that...I can’t stop being amazed!

I swear, if Glenn was at my house tonight he would have found this very same exact look on my face while I was watching some girl on the Grammy’s sing, “I kissed a Girl and I Liked It!” All the while, she was dancing around big blown up Strawberries and Banana’s (What the heck did THAT mean?) while really sexy women dressed up in white tuxes were dancing around her. I couldn’t figure out that if she was a lesbian, why in the heck was she dressed up just like a yodel-maiden from some Swiss alpine town, her boobs being all exposed? It was a puzzle.

I was having trouble believing that she really wanted to kiss a girl, because she looked just like some guy’s wet dream out of Playboy---you know the “three girls kissing each other fantasy and just waiting for the guy to jump in?"

That one kills me.

Yes, to me it looked more like some guy’s wet dream…BUT, as we know, they are really pushing the homosexuality strong. So, just put out a hit for all the young girls to go around singing therefore brainwashing them into thinking kissing girls is so much fun! Try it! You’ll like the cherry taste! many young girls do you think were watching the Grammy’s tonight? With the Jonas Brothers, Justin Timberlake, and Montana making appearances, I can’t help but wonder if I was the only adult with this look on my face?

When the President of the Grammy’s got all goose-pimply about Obama’s having TWO Grammy’s (for his book) I was having a hard time remembering just how good it was to see Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder again. On top of that he wants Obama to invent a cabinet position for the ARTS---no doubt so he can fill it, and be able to sit next to Obama the rest of his life, in some kind of Grammy-induced ecstasy.

That man wanted to kiss Obama, there is NO doubt about it.

Somebody send Obama some cherry lip-gloss.

I also had that look when I saw the RAT PACK RAPPERS dancing with a girl who was dressed up as a big pregnant bee. I wonder what Dean and Frank would have thought?
“Strangers in The Night” just took on a whole new meaning.

That’s also how I look every time Obama says he is going to save the middle class with jobs. Right--- Sure----Oh yeah. Those empty deserted towns all over the United States are just going to come alive, the steal mills are going to start pumping again, the coal mines will be humming…we will be digging for oil…manufacturing is just going to hum….Obama says it’s all coming…just as soon as he gets those trillions, he'll give it to GE and then we will be saved.

Well, it was good to think about Glenn Fink again. I hear he joined the Marines and ended up playing in the band.

And it was good to hear Paul McCartney sing “I Saw Her Standing There” much the same as when he was a kid. Thank God Neil Diamond didn’t dedicate “Sweet Caroline” to Caroline Kennedy…or did he and they just cut it out?

There is only so much of this “social” brainwashing one can take.

Yeah, tonight, it’s 2009---and that’s me watching Obama threatening all of us with the end of America as we know it.

Somebody send him that pregnant Bee girl; he deserves it.

As for Nixon…a few more days of Obama, and he will be redeemed.



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