Thursday, February 19, 2009

Somebody Send Holden to Iraq, Where Thousands of "Cowards" Are Protecting His...&%$#

Nobody Wins when the newly appointed Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holden, announces today that he believes we are a "nation of cowards."
All this means is that Obama has sent his "boy" out to start a fight. They need to keep the American people divided so that they can continue with the plan, of nationalizing the banks, giving the blacks even more free things, and going on with the final destruction of our Republic in order to replace it with an updated form of corporate the more anger we can throw at each other and away from THEM the better.
They know a lot of people are started to get really pissed-off, it's a well devised diversion. Hopefully, enough Black Americans will see what they are trying to do, and not fall for it.
I was mad when President Bush called some great American people "vigilantes" for wanting to protect our borders...but I must admit: to hear another highly paid public "servant" call us all cowards is even worse.
What's WITH these people? Leaders who berate and beat up their own people? We have dangerous enemies all over the earth wanting us dead, so does it make sense to beat us up? Do these people even deserve the office?
The answer is: no. But they are on a strict course to destruction, and for a reason: control.
But, in a certain respect, from the white man's point of view, he has a point. The whites, as Michael Savage as pointed out---the WHITES, have been getting the shaft for too many years now. Some of us have sat by and watch our own educations, jobs, cars, and dreams of retirement be forever lost, not due to the stimulus, but to the ever increasing redistributed help for the black man, in the form of affirmative action. Many of us have sat by silently and watched one black man or woman get that job, get free money for college, get free food, while we struggled.
So the fact is there are more middle-class black families than white now. So, we've paid our due...enough is enough.
We have been utter cowards when it comes to defending our constitutional rights, and affirmative action is about as far away from the Constitution as you can get. It gives one race an advantage over another.
Obama loves to pretend he is as great as Abraham Lincoln, but does he know this quote from his first inaugural address. "I take the official oath to-day with no mental reservations, and with no purpose to construe the Constitution or laws by any hypercritical rules."
As far as talking about race...anyone can tell you, if you go anywhere, the blacks will go over and congregate with blacks. I don't care if you are on a college campus, in a bus, or in your own neighborhood. The whites don't tell them too...they just go to their group like ducks to water. They even do this on baseball teams. They have a whole completely different culture.
Tell me, how many white kids took on the rap culture? How many black kids do you know took on the white culture?
I rest my case.
They don't want to be around the whites, not for a minute. The black politicians have kept up this "whites hate blacks" while continuously running hundred-year old images of racial wars on TV...that they are psychologically controlled into mindless idiots about the whole mess.
And the "white" liberal democrats keep their slave race...and the "slaves" never realize how much freedom and the price they pay for all the handouts.
It has been devastating.
But he's right on the other hand. White Americans have stood by like stooges, and watch the Negros (hey, they call themselves Africans when they are Americans...basically saying they aren't even American, but African first. Why not American Africans?
Why not?
SO therefore I think I'll start calling them Negros again, or mulatto's as in the case of Obama and Holden. (okay, I won't, but the absurdity is almost blinding)
I'd prefer to call them patriotic proud Americans...but they just refuse to let me---it's not in their own selfish interest you see. Hey, I think I'll start calling myself African American.
I could get a free, just about everything.
If they don't like it, I certainly don't mind if they call me a "honky whitey" doesn't offend me at all. I beleive in free speech.
In the meantime, I suggest that Mr. Holden lead by example:
Go visit the troops in Iraq Mr. us just how courageous you are.



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