Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Hybrid Nurse

Nobody Flashes on a Thursday:

In the deep hours of this cold February night, the 111st Congress is busy at work, putting in some very much needed money to stimulate, well, anyone who is liberal, and is in need of stimulation, which is all of them.

In fact, so much stimulation is going on in the halls of Congress tonight, that tomorrow, Congress is expected to be up-graded to an XXXXXXX rating.

You will be advised to watch at your own discretion.

Somewhere in-between the millions for the brand new "green" electric golf carts, (p. 23-24) and the new "green" million-dollar face lift for Nancy Pelosi, (p. 569-2000)the House has passed another eight trillion dollars for the new "green, computer nurses" (p. 566-567) These darlings will on batteries, and can go for a good two hours before being recharged!

Yes, these cool energy-efficient little green nurses will cut Medicare expenses in half, according to Draggle-tail Daschle, and in order to save money for the Universal Health Care of the future...we must first build the newly ordered two-million mechanical robot nurses. Harry Reid has suggested for a tax to be put on every hamburger sold in the US, in order to raise the money to pay back our banks, and our Congress, and the CEO's and China, and Japan, and Larry King's hair stylist.

Basically, everyone that has a governmental job.

These things don't happen overnight. After all, these mechanical nurses will be replacing many good jobs, millions of nurses will be laid off. This will take time says Obama, so they will probably be finished and set to go, in the last years of Obama's second term.

Yep, all you will have to do is just plug them up to the electrical grid! They come with a remote control so that you can even have them in your home, thereby saving that call for 911! Congress is working hard on a law, that by the year 2012, all hospitals must be equiped with nothing but "green robot nurses."

There is still time, for the hosptals to upgrade their electrical grids, and the morgues to get ready for the rush.

One small step for Obama...One giant step for paying off the national debt.



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