Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Nobody Cares: Upon hearing that his pet Chihuahus went crazy in the Senate Lunch room, and attacked Ted Kennedy's dinner.. Chu- Chu, the Chihuahua had to be shot and killed when Ted Kennedy found out what the dog had done...the Senator who loved and brought Chu-Chu up as his own, was overtaken with grief:
"It's all my fault." He said. "I feed him lobsters every day. He's never had a cheeseburger. "
Someone suggested that Chu-Chu had been inhaling too much funny smoke, hanging out in Barney Frank's Senate rooms...and just went nuts. Barney could not be found for comment.
Of course you know I'm joking...but really..I can't for the life of me figure out why the lead story of a chimp going crazy and attacking a women is in all the papers...even Drudge. Okay. ---so some idiotic, lonely woman, did not have a child, so she got the next best thing...a dog.
I mean, a chimp...complete with diapers, and cute little freakles.
And because of the fact that the chimp acted one day like an animal instead of what he was suppose to be...a child who did not talk or demand new toys...the whole world goes bananas.
Frankly, I wouldn't put it pass some high government official to drug the chimp because they needed a big story to get Obama's big Afganistan "surge" and his brand NEW added billion-dollar spending shopping spree... off the front page.
Obama...loses to a chimp. An African chimp at that!
They CAN do this stuff you know...they have technology to put whole battlefields to sleep for goodness sakes. Somebody from the NSA or FBI, or CIA, or Obama's doorman...could have drugged the animal, in his lobster butter.
So, coincidence? Probably.
Nevertheless, it's pretty pathetic that every single newspaper and editor on the planet considers this story was the biggest thing that has happened since Angelina Jolie was the only women to show up at Davos!
Wait...that wasn't a big story...sorry.
Heads are being cut off by Muslim TV producers, but a chimp gone wild is MUCH more exciting!
I'm waiting for the lady to adopt another one, and the sequel---
CHIMP GONE WILD TWO! Starring: Barbara Streisand, and her husband. (Okay, I'll stop.)



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