Monday, March 02, 2009

Nobody's Perfect: Unless You're Rush Limbaugh

Nobody’s Perfect: Unless you’re Rush Limbaugh of course! It seems the lovable Rush has gotten the liberal press all a “twitter” today because he took a whole precious Saturday afternoon away from the Obama express.

You would have thought he water-boarded Nancy Pelosi while smoking a cigar, and not only admitted he did it, but sold the DVD rights to the FOX News Channel, the way they are all acting.

He was such a major success at the CPAC convention that all the democratic pundits just couldn't make up their lame spin and lies fast enough about what a failure he was! They were on spin-cycle all weekend!

Frankly, if I was Rush, I’d get myself another television program just to drive the liberals nuts. A show like Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly...the Rush Limbaugh Show.
Heck, just do a weekend show.
He needs to go on full attack right now, because radio really is going to be put in the “fairness” drawer. If they can do all this financial globalization destruction, destroying Rush on the radio, surprising as it seems, will not be all that hard for them. It's at the top of their list.
They want to try to put all the radio stations on the the "new" progressive way. An improved way to listen to radio. That way we will have to pay to listen, and so his following will just disappear...or so they hope.
I really enjoyed the show...Rush was funny, and annoying at the convention and just plain full of himself, which is why we love him. He also made some pretty good points. Can you imagine if he was on TV every day?

They’d lose it. He be sitting on Obama like a bull-dog, and we’d all love it.

Even though sometimes, Rush ignores the “globalization” of the Republican Party, and the horrible damage it has done...all in all, Rush is a natural leader, and we need generals right now.

Rush…the Patton of the Bull-dogs attacks…General Rush-Bo, please...go ahead and come back to TV...the timing is perfect.

So…attention! Mr. Murdoch? Are YOU listening?
After all...American Idol needs a rest.



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