Thursday, March 05, 2009

Nobody Flashes on a Thursday: Paris Hilton and Pink

Nobody Flashes on a Thursday!

Leave it to Paris Hilton to show Obama just what she thinks of all the bailouts...

She has just ordered a $250,490 diamond encrusted dashboard to be installed in her very hot pink Bentley.

This is, she admitted, more than the car is worth, but that's the point. I would have gotten ruby studded hub-cabs to match, but that's me.

Paris, we need to talk.

Anyway, poor Paris will have to wait for her diamond dashboard to be installed, because due to the economy, it's going to be awhile before the factory that makes the diamond-studded dashboards can get going...showing that it's really is true that the rich are suffering along with the rest of us.

Hey, it happens.

This might be a good thing, because if you have seen the way Paris drives, especially her habit of hitting parked cars in parking lots, some poor jock might want to think about just how upset Paris will be if his head hits the dashboard when she happens to hit a parked car, and therefore, some of those diamonds end up embedded in the, like his head.

I wouldn't want to cross Paris Hilton and her diamonds, would you?

In the end, a girl who once said with all sincerity-- "I never knew sausage was made out of strings of slimy pig intestines that look like condoms" certainly can't be all bad.

So, if you happen to run into Paris, and she gives you a ride in her Bentley guys, do NOT bring out the condoms too soon.

I suggest you get her drunk on a few bottles of Jack Daniels, served in a pink diamond-studded cup of course---just to be safe.



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