Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Who Needs new schools?

Who Needs New Schools?

Nobody Knows: I was watching Charlie Rose the other day, and he was interviewing…the President of Columbia…you know, that famous country that supplies all the Harvard University students with their daily stash of Columbian Clintons?

He was bragging about how he was successfully destroying the drug cartels in his cities. It was easy he said. They simply went into the most drug-infested and poorest neighborhood, with the most dangerous gangs, and built the grandest and most beautiful schools for the kids that you have ever seen.

Schools that was just as good, and just as brand new, as the rich’s people’s. Not only that, but they have been filling them with the best food, books, and teachers they can find.
And guess what?

The gangs are disappearing, and the kids are turning to learning instead of drugs. He was so excited about this common-sense approach that he said that Mexico should try it!

Well hot doggie! Can someone tell me WHY after all the trillions we have spent on education over the last fifty years, that all our city schools still look like some bombed out buildings in the movie "Sniper?"

And I just love it…don’t you?---when politicians from both parties insist that AMERICA should just built the best schools for Iraq and Afghanistan children.
In fact, we should built up the whole world! We must lift people of the world in poverty out of their misery, because it’s poverty that causes the world’s problems.
They all say it. I'm sick of hearing it, frankly.

Would someone tell me, why they just didn’t build beautiful schools for OUR cities all these years…for the poor kids in our cities? They certainly had the money to do it. I wonder how many city school superintendent bought vacation homes in Hawaii?
Here in St. Louis we had a principal insisting on being driven to school by a limo. Of course, the school had to close due to the fact they couldn't met budget....I wonder why.

Just think: If our politicians had taken care to give our kids the best schools in the world, Jesse Jackson would not have gotten rich, and Obama would not be President, because poor black kids would know the difference between a republic, socialism, communism, and just plain dictatorships.

So, who needs new schools? The President of Columbia finally figured that out…too bad he didn’t run for election here.



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