Sunday, March 08, 2009

Find the Comode

Nobody's Opinion:
While the news all over the world today is grimmer than bung fodder from Thailand...the bankers of the world are getting together in London that they can be ready to make their pleas at the upcoming G-20 summit.
Yes, the world bank is going to make it's biggest request yet: the WTO wants part of the "stimulus" from you, your children, and your great-great-great grandchildren. They need it...for a global stimulus!
No wonder Obama is telling everyone not to hide their money under their mattresses.
The world bank wants the "wealthy governments" to create a "vulnerability fund" from their own economies for "assisting" poor countries.
I want to know what dweeb thought up that phrase. Someone kick for me.
Hey, I've been "vulnerable" all my life---nobody wanted to "fund" me.!
In other words, whatever they can grab from you, the WORLD BANK wants some of it to "redistribute" to whomever they see fit! Those poor, poor vulnerable countries!
Hey, why not? I say we just have a game on TV called, "SPEND THE MONEY!" And put up pictures of starving people in India. Let everyone make a bid of how to spend a million dollars.
Wait...Oprah did that show, and it flopped. Oh...yeah, I forgot.
Rober Zoellick, (the man who runs the WTO show) also suggested that every single dictator on the planet, and his friends and their friends, also get built into their offices all over the world---these very necessary new digital bathrooms. Only about a thousand are needed at the moment.
Yes, these bathrooms will be necessary, because in many poor places in the world, there ARE no decent bathrooms for the WTO bankers! What's a poor WTO banker to do?
After all, these WTO bankers are going to be working far into the night, trying to decide just what countries are "vulnerable" enough to get the money from the American Taxpayers.
They might have to hire some thugs from the unions to go rough them up a bit.
In the meantime, while all the news is that the world is now and forever more...bankrupt, and nobody has any money, there is a new site on the Internet....just set up.
E-bay for billionaires.
A place where Robert Zoellick will be able to swap a rich country for a poor one.
A place where Al Gore's can swap all his weather charts for underwater scuba gear.
A place where Chevez can swap Bolivia for Cuba...
A place where Wall Street is for sale, but no one is bidding...
A place where Rosie O'Donnel can swap her wedding ring for a new TV show.
And if anybody out there can figure out where the toilet is in this picture...feel free to inform me.
For the life of me, all I see is bung fodder, and a laptop.



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