Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Beat Goes On...

Remember that Sonny and Cher song?
The Beat Goes On…
The Beat Goes On…
Drums keep pounding Rhythms to the brain…
Ya de da de de…, Ya de da de da….

Nobody Knows: Here we are going into March, and the winds of “Listen to what I say are the facts, not what you think are the facts.” are being bombarded at us from every communications device ever invented.

If dogs could talk, I’m sure they’d find a way to get to them too.

It’s a springtime Monday and Obama just got off drumming his breakfast plate of, “Here is what we are going to do, and you are going to be happy about it” golden curtain moments of social engineering, in front of a admiring crowd of “educators.”

Obama--- just can’t seem to get away from those gold curtains---somebody help us.

Anyway, here are some nobody thoughts, that if taken apart, mean nothing, but like a big puzzle, put together, might again mean---nothing, but that’s not stopping me from speculating!

The Beat goes on….the beat goes on….

Nobody Knows: Obama said this morning that the reason we are so behind other countries in our educational system is because our kids need to get into state schools earlier than kindergarten. To Obama, fresh out of the cloned womb would be nice, but until that time, he is planning on setting up MORE educational schools for the babies. After all, mom’s need to work and somebody has got to take care of all those kids.

Getting kids before kindergarten, he said, is the only way to assure that those babies will grow up to go onto college. Well-trained nannies called “nurses” will take these “mostly Latino” babies and take good care of them, in order to train them for the future.

It’s important that your nine-month old learn how to recycle his diapers.

As Hillary so dolorously reported in her book, “It Take a Village,” France, that leading country of education and innovation, puts their kids into schools at one-year or younger! Too bad Hillary’s parents didn’t get her to France in time.

Obama also said parents will be rewarded for cooperating with his “program”, and teachers should never ever be laid off. BUT… bad teachers shouldn't be allowed to teach, and since he can’t lay them off, they should stop teaching and be given a job giving out loans for Fannie and Freddie; a place where they can use their talents in a more productive way.

Drums keep a pounding rhythms to the brain…

Nobody Knows: Hillary gives Russia a red button to push as a “joke”? I don’t know about you, but any fool that would give Russia even the slightest hint of pushing a red button, should be fired immediately and sent to France to teach children.

Ya da a da de….ya da da da daaaaa….

Nobody Knows: Last night, on 24, the woman President took time out to beg the viewers to please help save our planet from melting down with global warming. This happened right after she was almost killed by a black man who’s was the leader of one country she was trying to save. Jack saved her life, but she didn’t bother to thank him, which is, as everyone knows, is beneath a President dignity.

And last week, Jack Bauer, took time out to give us the same message.

Pretty soon, every single sit-com star is going to be doing a “special” message for the government in order to sell this new global taxation in the name of saving the world.

I expect Tom Hanks will have his come-out any day now.

So, who is going to give the message on 24 next week? I suggest…Prince Charles. He is now saying we have only 100 days before Jack Bauer can save the world, and I say we let Jack torture him, now.

After all, I don’t think the planet is going to survive Ted Kennedy being knighted.

The Beat Goes On…the beat goes on…

Nobody Knows: Believe it or not, I don’t believe that the poor Australians are suffering from climate change. I think the earth wobbled a bit a few years ago, which affected the whole planets’ sea and wind patterns, and we are due for an ice age, which is always preceded by warm and sometimes nasty weather…and our “leaders” know this fact, and are just taking advangtage of it.

The scabs!

So lots of people are having lots of fun going around starting fires, to further promote the “cause” of we need to develop new technology so that a GE and Ford Motor Companies can start up their new global product lines.

Hey, I have a right to speculate like a Wall Street kamikaze! And I have facts too! Show me a Sunspot and I will show you a desert!

Drums keep pounding rhythms to the brain…

Nobody Knows: why it takes me such a long time to find the perfect picture for my kitchen wall. That right there should tell you why 4 million economic experts can’t decide what to do about anything.

La da a da deee, La de da de daaaaa…

Nobody Knows: This idea of letting New York and Los Angeles just go their own way, and the rest of the country succeeding and going back to basics…is being kicked around more than I thought it would be. Chuck Norris wants to be President of Texas, and I say, we let him.

Yes, America is waking up and smelling the bar-be-que!

I suspect that’s why they are doing a special series coming up on Television called “Kings”, where one powerful man rules the United States. They want to convince Americans that this tyrannical government of a thousand Czars that we have now, is something we should be grateful for!

Clever buggers.

And the Beat Goes On...

Nobody Knows: Last night on the TV show “Medium” we were taught that we should all rush down to our local hardware store and buy survival backpacks. Obama is on Jeopardy. Next thing you know, a man from India will win American Idol.

I say we elect a Polar Bear for President. That should make them feel better.

And the social engineering beating drums of the masses goes on, and on, and on....

Ya da a da de….ya de da de da…….



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