Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nobody's Opinion: Ron Silver..Say It Isn't So...

Nobody's Opinion:

I just heard about Ron Silver, passing away from us at 62, from cancer.

"Say it isn't so Joe, say it isn't so."

I also just found out, that Ron had a Master's degree in Chinese History. He might have liked this garden sculpture on display in Beijing, but really, who knew this Jewish boy had such a great education? Not many Hollywood stars can even think straight.

Who knew he was sick?

One thing you did know: He was an extremely intelligent, caring, human being with an extraordinary presence in all our lives. And yes, we took him for granted.

"Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got till it's gone."

I will miss this man. Whenever he came on screen, whether as a villain or a good guy, I sat up. I listened. I looked into those great big beautiful eyes, and got scared, or marveled at his presence. He was exciting. He was so good at what he did. You believed the story, whatever it was---a true mark of a great actor.

For instance, think of any movie scene that you saw with Ron Silver in it. Now---think of any movie scene that you have seen with Brad Pitt. See what I mean?

Ron Silver was T-Bone steak-- Brad Pitt...Dairy Queen Dip-cone.

And when Ron came out like a lion after 9/11, and supported President George Bush, his education told him, that we WERE in trouble, and all his Hollywood friends were in denial..I wonder if he ever knew how much we Conservatives out here admired him?

Ron Silver stood for America...even though it cost him money...a family man with two kids mind you...millions of us were touched to the heart, by his courage.

We loved it when he spoke out. He was not a Democrat, or a Republican, he was an American. An independent man who loved his country. And who knows how much his peers vilified him?

And thank you GOD for blessing us all with his talent. So much talent. So much logic. So much heart. He was one of a kind....Ron Silver...WE won't forget you.

Ron Silver: More than just an actor, a man of truth.

God, ..such sad, sad news.

"As in a theatre, the eyes of me/After a well-graced actore leaves the stage,

Are idly bent on him that enters next,/Thinking his prattle to be tedious"

---Richard II. V. ii.



Anonymous USpace said...

Nice tribute. God bless Ron Silver, he was a 'Liberal' who came to his senses about Jihadis and brutal Dictators. He knew they would destroy America, and Hollywood if they could. He realized that if America goes down the tubes, then the whole planet is doomed.

You were great Ron! Time Cop, Arrival, Wiseguy, and The West Wing among many were particularly good. Thank you for everything, especially your courage, RIP.
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4:52 PM  
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