Friday, March 13, 2009

Send Them Out For Coffee

Nobody Wins: In the mist of the country falling apart, we are now seeing the “differences” among us come together in a way we never dreamed of. The rich are getting hammered too, something that many of us here in the “working” classes of the Midwest never imagined could happened, on such a scale.

The rich stealing from the rich? Now, there’s a juxtaposition that is actually a bit fun to watch from the “cable guys and gals” of the remote forests of fly-over country.

And don’t for a minute let them tell you it’s because of class envy, because it’s not.

As everyone listens to see if the famous robber-baron Bernard Madoff actually goes to jail finally, we are reminded that while (despite what many political pundits may tell you), the common American isn’t always resentful or jealous of the billionaire that makes his money honestly, giving the rest of us jobs. On the contrary, it gives us all hope.

But we ARE really angry at the ones who blatantly steal from the rest of us through fraud, maliciousness and downright criminal greed. We feel that they should adhere to the “rule of law” and go to jail like the rest of us.


As we have seen from all the many Obama appointee cabinet tax-dodgers, it doesn’t actually work that way with our rich. They have a “get out of jail’ card free that really is getting the rest of us pretty fed-up. It’s not about how much money they have, it’s about how they get it, and use it to make the rest of us miserable.

And the rich guys that do this the very best work for us, or SO they say.

Now, we are hearing discussions about how maybe “capitalization” doesn’t work. Not anymore, they say...why, just look what has happened? The greedy rich got even greedier, and they even stole from each other, and now there are fewer billionaires!

What’s a capitalistic country to do? We must change our greedy capitalistic ways and “spread the wealth around” as Obama told Joe the Plumber.

This absurd denouncement of the “rich” comes from the richest mother of them all: our politicians, who have the incombustible nerve to chastise the rich capitalist robber- barons for daring to steal from the rest of us, when compared to their crimes to the average citizen, the biz guys look like amateurs.

It’s like Godzilla vs Barney.

It doesn’t take a genius to see they are all in bed with each other so to speak.

So...may I suggest we keep Guantanamo open and throw the worst lot of them in, and give them a nice life, away from us all. Why waste a good compound?

Capitalism would have been fine, if it hadn’t have gotten into bed with the filth of power hungry politicians whose game in life is social, economic, and political engineering…to benefit themselves and their own vast fortunes and families who almost always come from the breeding grounds of the elite in Harvard and Yale.

The Pirates of the Caribbean hold no candle the Pirates of the IRS.

The East and the West coast rule us anyway it seems, and the Midwest, who get up every day, and try to at least go by the golden rule of capitalism have been shut off.

For instance---this may be neither here nor there, but I was thinking the other day how very seldom it is here in St. Louis that you meet a New Yorker…one that lives here.

But evidently there is one. My husband is working with two women in his office, and one is a New Yorker. Everyone else is from the Midwest, and it seems, this girl is driving everyone crazy.

She comes in, and the first thing she does is go into her office, and drink her coffee. She is the assistant manager. If there are customers, everyone else (including the manager) rushes to take care of them, while she finishes her morning coffee and makes phone calls.

It seems, according to my husband, that no one can stand her because she always complains about every little petty thing, never stays focused on one thing, leaves chaos with every missed order: in other words, she is a lousy communicator.

Nevertheless, she certainly can blame everyone when something is not done.

Now…the manager is a woman. And yet, she can’t get her assistant manager in line.

And here comes the cultural differences. I wonder just now many people in New York go into their offices and right away waste the first hour doing nothing but drinking coffee.

While here in the Midwest, it’s right to work, whatever that is. The coffee is drunk in the car, or at home, before the office. Class differences? Geography?

It could be just a “family” thing. But, as we all know, we still have big cultural differences in this country. Every country on the planet does.
So, what happened here? Did our country’s Puritan work ethic get lost on the speculators of the Wall Street debacle? When you make money out of thin air, something you can do while drinking your morning coffee, the real money making market where capitalists have always worked the best, by physically creating a product, basically gets destroyed.

There was also a story on Fox this morning about a man who split up (I believe it was 9 million dollars) bonuses among his employees. The company was manufacturing wireless components, and the employees had a big incentive to make it work. So the two bosses split the 9 million bonuses with their workers.

While some might say this is socialism, one might argue it's the very philosophy of what Adams Smith was saying…men will work harder if they think they too can become rich. This boss claimed the workers were the ones that made the money so much money, therefore they deserved a slice of it. It was his company---his choice to share in the profits. And the company is doing great. Bill Gates also used this little trick, and look where it got him.

BUT---when only the government becomes rich, and takes over all manufacturing…it isn’t capitalism that has failed…it’s our elected politicians.

I say, we send them all down to Guantanamo. They can have aaaaalllll the morning coffee they want…and we can start over.
We'll even serve them Starbucks.



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