Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Playboy Mansion: Up for Sale!

Nobody Cares: You know America is going down to its last capitalistic gasp when the famous Playboy mansion goes up for sale. Give Hef about 27 million, and it's yours.
I bet there is nowhere else in the world where the best kept secrets in all the world have been guarded in dire secrecy. In fact, no one knows but the ones who have been to his famous parties who did who...and that in itself is amazing.
Most of us have known a bunny or two in their lifetime, but even the bunnies were hushed, as if they were guarding Los Alamos secrets...Just think how many lives would be destroyed if any of it got out?
So, who will buy this "wonderland of sex" which probably still has famous DNA strands on the walls. Who will give the tours?
"And THIS is where BC and AIG spent eight hours one night!"
"Over here! This is where there was a wild goat bet and Nancy Pelosi WON!"
The famous "grotto" is probably so contaminated that it's got a bio-hazard virus evolving in the water right this minute...just waiting to jump out at the next owner...who will probably be...
Barney Franks.
Imagine: the famous mansion, where the quintessence of hedonistic heterosexual orgies went on almost every night of the week, being sold to a famous homosexual couple. I can't think of a better way for the new change administration to promote their plan of population control... of "having sex without fear of having babies" than selling to a gay man or woman, can you? Frankly, I will be surprised if it doesn't happen.
Maybe a Saudi King will buy it.
What about Chevez? He could move in with his buddy Sean.
And where will Hugh Hefner go? Will he retire to a penthouse in Las Vegas, like Howard Hughes? Will they stuff him in his famous housecoat, and put his body in the lobby of the Mirage when he passes to whip up some business?
Frankly, I don't know why Hef hasn't ask for a bailout. I bet if we only knew how many politicians have been seen walking around naked in his house, we could make even Bill Clinton blush. I see no reason for him to keep his silence at this moment in time...
With what he knows, he might be able to save the country!
Okay, after all the horrible news today, nobody cares about the Playboy Mansion...
and that's the whole point.
The real house of prostitution is now in Washington DC...watch where you step.



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