Wednesday, March 25, 2009

England's GOOD Men...

Nobody Cares: Here we go: two good stories coming out of England about two amazing men...

One man made some remarkable comments being seen all over the world on Youtube... made to the, at the time, laughing Gordon Brown, by this guy...Daniel Hannon.

A man who not only would make a wonderful future leader for Britain, but also one that shows just how easy it is to speak eloquently without having to use a TelePrompter..something that our President, has failed to figure out. His speech could be given to our Congress and President and fit perfectly.

So...I suggest we put Daniel's speech on TWO giant flat-screen videos, one facing the White House and one facing the Capital. Yes, play Daniel's message 24/7 at the volume of a small rock concert.

Just let it play over and over and over and over...tell they get it.

After all, Janet Reno tortured with blasted music at Waco. I don't see why we can't give them all a reminder that they are really messing up our you? They would consider it torture, but if they snapped and left the government, then it might save some lives.

(Okay, I's a nice Wesnesday thought, isn't it?) If they can suggest that men and their families should be attacked at AIG...they deserve it.

And this other man who works at a zoo in the another uplifting moment.

His name is Tim Rowland, and he has taken over the most important job of nursing this little darling of a girl named Margaret...

Margaret was so tiny at birth, she was having trouble reaching "mum" and as we can see from Margaret's beautiful brown eyes, she is in excellent hands.

This nobody thinks it may be silly and trite, but this is exactly the thing we should do right now..find the good men and women and Praise them with our loudest voices all over the world...

And finding two men in England made my little nobody day... to me!



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